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A few day ago I was printing a sexy scupture, I shared the picture above on X and on inleo threads.

It was a sexy scupture with some wood grain design and I was also priting it out with partialy wood filament, I specifically was looking for something that would look cool with this wood filament, and things looked promising, it was a fairly long print at about 15 hours and unfortunately what you see below is what I came to in the morning.


Not only did the print fail but the printer displayed a fatal error signal,
I quickly determained that the heating element for the hot end crapped out.


Luckily I had the part I needed but I ran into some other issues I was not able to loosen a screw to release this broken heat element.

I did not have much choice so I started to take apart the carriage to try and have better access to this part, I was able to pull it out and realized that the part is not necessarily tottaly lost but brining it back to life would be a challange and luckily I had a whole spare hot end assembly, Just needed to solder on the right connector plugged it in.
I tired to heating and everything seemed to be working fine, success right ? Nope not quite since I was just testing it out without fully assembling the printer.

And so I started trying to put it all back togher and in the process I broke one of the plastic parts, That got me fairly upset I was thinking of how I can fix it now, since now I needed a printer to make the part to replace the broken part with no working printer around.


And so I pulled out my only other printer I havent used for months becouse it was broken, I figured if I can fix this one I can print a part to fix my good printer.


I was able to fix up the mechanical issues with it and then I printed a few test prints and changed the setting to get it to print some reasonble quality before I started to print the part for the other printer.


Right below you can see it working on this part and you may notice another one of my repairs, I had to use some hot glue to attach my broken part fan, and also had to use a heat gun to deform it a little as initialy it was crashing into the prints, this is what I had to do just to make it work but now I can print a new fan for this printer.


Right below is the final part, came out reasonable and hopefuly tomorow I can fix my printer and then I will have 2 working printers, I guess sometimes when worst comes to worst its for the best.


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Oh what a shame it didn't work out.. that seems as if it got pretty hot while the error appeared. Glad you managed to get it sorted (so it seems).


Looks like it may have just been a fuse , I got it working, in a sense worth all the hassle my big printer has been broken for a while and this situation forced me to get it going to fix the other 🤣 !BBH

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Sadly not allowed a 3d printer
I'd make little dicks and leave them around at work so missus won't let me have one

Gotta try to frame it like it's for business 🤣!BBH

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Now you're getting into the sex toy business? !LOL


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An atom walks into a bar and says I think I lost an electron in here
Bartender: Are you positive?

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🤣 just testing out this wood filament apparently got wood fibers in it, but be sure I'm gonna make some lewd silver fairly soon !BBH !LOL

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I watched a documentary on Marijuana last night…
…that’s probably how I’ll watch all documentaries from now on.

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Thanks for the price

No problem best of luck next time !BBH

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Why does a Moon rock taste better than an Earth rock?
It's a little meteor

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