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1980 _ Blues Brothers _ Glue

The results are in for the poll I set up a couple weeks ago. Essentially it's a question of appropriate glue. I needed to find out the best way to stick a metal plaque back onto a monument. My fellow Hivers and DIYers did not disappoint.


Thanks to all those who voted and shared great advice in the comments. The poll is still open for a little bit so feel free to follow the link above to dpoll and leave your vote if you feel so inclined.

Monument Poll Results

The construction adhesive is the clear winner with 7 votes so far. The 2-part epoxy comes in runner up with a single vote while the silicone sealant didn't even get a look in!
So that's that: definitely going to use the construction adhesive. That'll be a future post.

Araldite billboard

I was doing a bit of research about the 3 different adhesives when I ended up on the Araldite Wikipedia page. Araldite is the brand name for the 2-part epoxy. A link at the bottom of that article lead me to the image above, and I thought I'd share.

Araldite billboard 2

This was in 1983 in London and was done in three parts. First up the yellow Ford Cortina was stuck to the billboard with the 2-part epoxy, then later on another Cortina, red this time, was placed on top. Finally, both cars were removed, leaving a big hole and the question "How did we pull it off?"

Pretty strong stuff!

Personally I think billboards are a scourge on the world and shouldn't exist, but I have to admit this one's pretty clever.

Speaking of insanely strong glues, I just want to take a moment to thank @abbak7 specifically, who commented on the poll about a glue called JB Weld Epoxy

JB Weld Epoxy

This stuff is so unbelievably strong that it held an engine block together for over a year, and probably would have continued doing so were it not for the vehicle unfortunately being in an accident and getting written off.

Definitely going to try get hold of some of this stuff to keep on hand as I'm certain it will come in very handy one day.


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