Monumental Integrity Issues

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Selfless Sundays

So I've got this little idea going where I try to do something selfless and local once a week. It doesn't always work out but that's alright, because...

A goal is not always meant to be reached,
it often serves simply as something to aim at.

- Joseph Joubert; Bruce Lee

I was taking a walk around town recently when I discovered this stone monument:


It greets visitors at the entrance to the local sporting facility. Although, as you can see, there's some integrity issues. The plaque's fallen off...

Monument front view

Plaque back

Apart from that it seems in good condition, for a cut stone...

Plaque front

Centenary of Federation
125 Years of Spalding Township
October 14th 2001

A cut stone with 21-year-old plaque, at time of writing!

What material is the plaque made of? I'm wondering. Brass maybe?

Well anyway, should be easy enough to fix

Plaque holes

Just need to clean up the holes, throw some heavy-duty adhesive on those plaque bolts, stick her back together and voila!

Good as new...


And this is where I need your advice!

O' wiser Hivers
Experienced in DIY
Dispense forth your wisdom
What adhesive, shall I?

I have three options for sticking this problem back together, and I'd like to know which will work best. Durability is front of mind; what will last the longest? It's outdoors, exposed to the elements. Daily thermal expansion and contraction is a factor. The materials to join are stone — likely slate, and a metal — possibly brass. And my options are these:

Silicone Sealant, 2-Part Epoxy, Construction Adhesive

On the left in the white tube we have a standard silicone sealant. A pH neutral siloxane polymer designed for sealing wet areas in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, etc

In the middle, in the dual-chamber syringe we have a standard 2-part epoxy. A bit harder to work with in this case as the resin and hardener need thorough mixing right before use, but a solid contender nonetheless

And of course, on the right in the green and gold we have a standard construction adhesive, commonly sold under the brand name Liquid Nails. I believe this stuff is composed of a synthetic rubber.

So, what do you think?

Which is the best option for gluing a plaque and a rock back together? What will last the longest in the heat, the cold, the rain and everything else nature throws its way?

Your opinions, your knowledge, your thoughts are what I'm after. I need your help! Let me know what you reckon in the comments below, so I can get this monument back standing proud, for another 21 years!

And in the meantime, look after yourself!


Hola, nose si te sirva mi opinion pero hace un tiempo tuve un espejo pegado en la pared del frente de mi casa el cual recibía bastante sol, lluvia, etc. y no se caia hasta que unos niños traviesos me lo quebraron y tuve que quitarlo obligado y te digo, me costó mucho despegarlo, el estaba pegado a la pared con silicone blanco el que usan para pegar vidrios, mi única recomendación es que limpies bien ambas superficies para que la adhesion sea mejor.

  • Hello, I don't know if my opinion is useful to you but a while ago I had a mirror attached to the wall in front of my house which received a lot of sun, rain, etc. And it didn't fall off until some naughty children broke it and I had to remove it and I tell you, I had a hard time taking it off, it was glued to the wall with white silicone, the one they use to glue glass, my only recommendation is that you clean both well surfaces for better adhesion.

Gracias marlynmont, es muy útil

Thankyou marlynmont, that is very helpful

Construction adhesive and 2-part epoxy could both work here potentially, as both are strong and resistant to varying temperatures and moisture, though construction adhesive is generally stronger. For this purpose I'd say go with construction adhesive. 😁🙏💚✨

This is very thoughtful of you, I hope you get all help needed to keep it standing for more years..

#Regards 💯

Thank you, that's very kind

You are welcome.☺☺

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I know literally nothing else about you or your history on this platform, except for what you write in this comment string and the other.

It will stay that way.

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Take care!

I bet you felt really clever writing that.

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