New Contest: 〰️ Wire World 〰️ Winners of the previous contest.

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Greetings, welcome craft lovers.

Welcome one more week to the contests of our great community.

Dear friends, we had a week off to recover our health, we are back with all our spirits.

Today we give you the opportunity to exploit all your creativity sharing with us in another fun contest, it's about involving wire in your crafts, show us what you can do with it, the theme is free, just show where you used it, you can cover it, hide it, just use the material, we are sure you know many tricks, maybe you will show us some.

Let's meet the winners of our previous contest ✂️ Felt World ✂️, whose publications were wonderful.


First Place: Prize: 10 Hive for @carolinacardoza

She taught us how to make a wonderful and sweet snowman to decorate our homes for Christmas, it is a tenderness that inspires us to hug a lot.


Kicking off the Christmas crafts with this beautiful snowman.


Second place: 5 hive for @elmundodebetty

She taught us how to recreate the patchwork technique without limiting ourselves to using thread, sewing machine, she shows us that we can do it with a lot of ingenuity and it can be very beautiful.


Children's Decorative Painting


Third place: 3 Hive for @aurodivys

An adorable, furry bookmark that can give us the function of not only knowing where we left our reading, but while reading we can relax by touching the soft texture of the book. Who said cacti have thorns?


Decorated bookmarks


Special Award: 3 Hive for



She taught us how to make a cute pincushion, she used very nice colors and the motif of the design is so adorable that if it were edible it would make you want to eat it, besides that, the love she shows in her process, the warmth of home, reminds us of our mommies and grandmothers. Let's make a pincushion!

Cute Pincushion Cupcakes made with felt / Concurso Mundo de Fieltro


It was a very nice week full of beautiful publications, we are happy to see so much talent and teach us to make so many beautiful and useful things.

From today, new contest, remember to read the rules, "Wire World", it's on.

We have rules, try to read them well if you want to opt for the prizes and possible curation of your content.

Thank you creative community, thank you to all participants.

New contest!

〰️ Wire World 〰️

Use this material in your creations and show us how to do it.


Cómo pintar cabello semi realista Chibi- Kawaii (7).png

This contest will be under the moderation of @marybellrg

You should only use wire in your craft, or teach us tricks of the trade. Be sure to show it well where you use it.

It can be any type of wire and your creation to your taste and comfort.

Iron wire, copper wire, brass wire, silver wire, jewelry wire, floral wire or aluminum wire.

Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules!

〰️ You can use any type of wire.

〰️ the theme is free, you can do whatever you want.

〰️ Your publication should be tutorial mode with good pictures.

〰️ Explain your step by step.

〰️ Show us where you used the material.

〰️ Invite a friend to participate, vote and reblog this post.

〰️ Post the link to your participation in this post.

〰️ Detail the rest of the materials and tools you used.

〰️ If you use resources you must indicate it correctly.

〰️ No plagiarism, no spam, no repost.

〰️ The title of your post must include: "Wire World" and you must say that you are participating in the contest.

〰️ Subscribe and post from our HiveDiy community.

〰️ Post in English or bilingual (Esp/Eng).

〰️ Your publication should be a tutorial to teach us how to do it ourselves.

The use of sources for inspiration is valid, any resource that you use that is not of your authorship must respect the copyright and give credit to whom it corresponds, therefore, you must state very well at the end of your publication, the sources you used. Plagiarism is punishable and no one overlooks it. Do not recycle your content either.

Don't wait until the last day to participate. Remember that the contests close every Monday and the winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Curation criteria : presentation of your craft, trick or idea. Presentation of your step by step tutorial, photos must be of good quality, understandable. Creativity and originality

Awards to be distributed:

1st place: 10 hive
2nd place: 5 hive.
3rd place: 3 hive.


Our Discord:

Subscribe to the great community of do-it-yourselfers:

Contest valid until October 04, 2021 (1:00 Pm - Time zone Venezuela)


Thank you OCD for accepting our community in the incubation program.



Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.


Source 1- Source 2- Source 3 - Source 4

Source 5 - Source 6

Cover - Canva

GIF - Filmora Wondershare



Do you have a craft to teach?

This is your community.

Do you know any trick to show us to make our life easier?

This is your community.

Do you want to teach everyone to do things by themselves?

This is your community.

Do you have knowledge about sewing, embroidery, modeling, cold pasta, ceramics, painting on fabric, among others?

Share your tutorials here.

Crafts for children and adults, men and women, is the community of all and for all.


Our Discord:

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Buen día!
Quiero agradecer a la @hive-130560 por la premiación a mi publicación en este Concurso, también quiero felicitar a todos los participantes y ganadores, por tan lindos trabajos.
@hive-130560 Una ventana abierta para todos!
Saludos, bendiciones!

Estupendo y creativo. @josemoncada17

Gracias, Saludos.

Saludos, querida comunidad de manos creativas, por acá dejo el link de mi participación para el concurso de esta semana, como siempre complacida de crear para compartir con ustedes.

Mi entrada: Anillo de Cobre Trenzado + Tips


Está muy lindo tu anillo amigo @randomproject123, parece de joyería.

Hola aca mi participacion

Hola amigos ,feliz dia,en la mañana de hoy vi una excelente publicacion de un...

Que bonita tu guitarra de cobre, se ve estupenda @moisesrojas

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Muchísimas gracias, en verdad que hay gente maravillosa haciendo grandes cosas aquí, Dios les bendiga por siempre y felicidades a todos los que participaron.

Me alegra que estés recuperada y de vuelta. Espero que todo siga marchando bien, mi querida. Muchas gracias por el premioo (inserte muñequita bailando) jajaja. Me hace feliz participar. Hermosos trabajos los seleccionados, felicitaciones para @carolinacardoza, @elmundodebetty y @dayanaromer. A continuar creando con mucho amor y dedicación, pronto traigo mi participación para esta semana.

Buenas tardes mis adorados amigos, felicidades a los ganadores.... por aqui les dejo mi entrada

Reciban un cordial saludo y felicidades a todos los ganadores del anterior concurso, me encantaron sus publicaciones..!!

A continuación he realizado un tutorial, una delicada pulsera con técnica de alambrismo; espero que sea de ayuda para quienes deseen emprender en el negocio de la bisutería.

Deseo que tengan una excelente semana..!!

Wire- World  Tutorial  @leticiapereira.png

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Feliz domingo para todos esta es mi entrada al concurso. Suerte para todos

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, muy llamativos sus trabajos, es un bonito reto a la creatividad.

Buenos dias y feliz comienzo de semana, aqui dejo mi participación en el concurso.

Feliz y bendecido inicio de semana, me alegro que estén de vuelta y mejor de salud, por acá dejo mi entrada:

Hola queridos amigos, aquí les dejo mi participación para el concurso de Wire World
Saludos y suerte, aunque al participar, creo todos somos ganadores...

Oh, había olvidado colocar mi entrada!!
Espero que aun tenga oportunidad.
Felicitaciones a los ganadores y saludos!
Buenas noche bella comunidad , Aqui mi participación en el concurso de alambre,espero que le guste.

Felixotsciones a los ganadores hicieron un buen trabajo. Por aqui les deji mi entrada al concurso Fuente