In Colors and Crutches: Navigating Healing Through Artistic Expression.

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In the tranquil confines of my home, as my broken leg keeps me tethered to rest and recovery, I've embarked on a journey of artistry—a pathway to mental rejuvenation amid physical constraints.

The past three weeks have been a montage of frustration, restricted mobility, and a yearning for the outdoor vistas I've temporarily bid farewell to. Yet, within these confines, I discovered a therapeutic escape—artwork, a canvas of creativity and healing!

Once a fervent practitioner of Zen art and line drawings, I decided to revisit this meditative practice.



With a sheet of my old artbook, I envisioned a small house nestled among mountains, kissed by the warmth of the sun, and surrounded by the hues of nature. The initial outline brought a semblance of my imagination to life.



I proceeded to infuse life into the mountains, each receiving its unique shade—light green, deep green, and a touch of yellow. The landscape unfolded, and I found solace in this rhythmic dance of color.



The house, a humble abode in my artistic creation, had its roof painted in a bold red—a pop of color against the serene backdrop. The sun, the source of life in this tranquil setting, received its vibrant aura.

The grass beneath and the sporadic flowers began to bloom, each stroke a testament to my inner healing process. In half an hour, a visual symphony emerged, a testament to the power of art in rejuvenating the spirit.


Yet, despite the colors that adorned my creation, I felt a subtle void. A decision to experiment with tempera colors, limited by my accessibility to art supplies, led me to use a sign pen for intricate detailing.

Mountains, trees, and the sun received a new layer—a dance of lines, patterns, and intricate designs. The landscape transformed into a tapestry of intricacy and vibrancy, a reflection of my inner world finding expression on paper.


Final work

As I marveled at my creation, a sense of accomplishment mingled with a realization—I craved more. Art was not merely a pastime; it was an exploration of resilience, a journey through colors and lines that mirrored my own path to healing. This small act of creation transcended the boundaries of a mere artwork; it became a visual diary of my resilience, a testament to the transformative power of creativity.


Beside me, my son, my greatest cheerleader, embarked on his own artistic odyssey. Inspired by my rural landscape, he crafted a cityscape, a testament to the diversity of imagination within the confines of our home. His creation exuded a youthful exuberance and an innate sense of creativity, reminding me that art knows no age or physical constraints.

As we concluded our art session, the creations now adorned with intricate patterns and vivid colors, a decision was made—to proudly display our artwork on the refrigerator.

In the hues of tempera colors and the dance of sign pen lines, I found not just an escape but a sanctuary—a sanctuary. It would not only be a visual delight but a reminder that healing meets creativity, and the strokes of resilience paint a portrait of inner strength.

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This is really an amazing artwork I must confess. Looking so stunning

Thanks a lot for the inspiring words, it means a lot.

Hello dear friend @rem-steem good morning
I am very sorry for what you are going through, I imagine how you must be missing spending time outdoors in the company of your loved ones.
Without a doubt, making these beautiful works is a way to channel the frustration of not being able to walk around. What beautiful and colorful works, I appreciate that you let us know part of your talent.
Get well soon

Indeed, it's a tough time for me but I'm trying my best to make it to the other good side. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I wish my son will do better :)
Have a good day.

I hope you get better soon. Your posts are usually about trips outside, so I can understand your frustration about feeling cooped up. Painting can be very relaxing, and helps in expressing one's feelings.

I agree, not having the opportunity to go outside feels like a curse. Yet I'm trying to make the best out of this situation.
Have a good day.

Beautiful artwork, you and your son are both creative. I pray your leg heals fast.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
Have a great day.

You are welcome, enjoy the rest of the day day too

Lovely artwork you've made. You found to do something to express how you feel, and your hope.

Yes, it was a stress reliever.
Have a good day.

Get well soon. Take care.


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