Pendant inspired by MIU. Fanart Collection

Greetings my dear community of @holozing again sharing with you my fanart collection of accessories inspired by the characters of this new hive game, this time I bring you a cute earring of Miu using for its design moldable foami, a material with which we can do many things. This adorable kitty looks very cute and it is ideal to make this kind of garments.

  • Moldable Foami
  • acrylic paints
  • brush
  • white glue
  • Costume jewelry ring
  • Chain
  • Costume jewelry nails

We start with this new project for my fanart collection where I bring you a great idea as it is to make with moldable foami a pendant of this cute character of the new holozing game as it is the kitty Miu. First we take the moldable dough and begin to make all the pieces to form this kitty like the head, ears, body, legs and tail. After we have everything ready we let it dry very well.

Now we insert the costume jewelry nails in the cat's tail and another in the lower part of the body as well as glue the front legs to the body as well as the ears on top of the head, after having this ready we are ready to paint all the pieces in gray color, we apply the layers that are necessary to cover.

Finally we join the tail to the body with a chain and glue the hind legs to the lower part of the body and with a wire we will join the head to the body, leaving the ring in the middle to simulate that the kitten is hanging from it. Having all these details ready we proceed to paint the eyes, mouth and nose as well as the center of the ears we apply pink color and on the hind legs we mark its little paws.

Ready in this way we finish with this new project for my collection of fanart accessories inspired by the characters of new hive holozing game, I hope you like it and see you in a next opportunity to continue creating and making art inspired by these cute characters.

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The photos and content are my own.
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Te quedo muy bonito amiga, me gusta ese diseño de miu en el llavero

Gracias amiga me alegra que te haya gustado ya tengo casi mi colección completa. Saludos y bendiciones 🙂

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