Alpha Starter Creature Evolutions

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Been a while since we've revealed new creatures, we've also yet to reveal the names we chose for the starter creatures so we'll do both in this post! We picked out two names that the community suggested in our contest post and sent out Hive to the winners in the comments (although it seems the gift display isn't working on peakd at the moment). Either way, the winners were @miniature-tiger and @basilmarples.

Here are the official names of the Alpha Starters!









The main way to get the Alpha Starters will be from Alpha Energy which will be enclosed in a vial and can be kept closed to be opened later. While there's no cap on Alpha Energy, it will stop being sold when the next wave of new creatures and starters arrives, these will be called Beta Energy. This way the community, i.e. demand will set the supply of the Alpha Starters to avoid cornering the market or big accounts buying up the total supply before everyone has a chance to.

In the Beta Energy vials you will be able to open up Alpha Starters but they will be much rarer and have lower odds of good stats compared to Alpha Energy vials. These Alpha Starters in the Beta Vial will also be in Beta Cards compared to the Alpha vial. While you may be able to re-use Alpha and Beta cards, releasing the creatures means they're gone forever, meaning you won't be able to place Alpha creatures from Beta Cards into Alpha Cards.

Now since we have the Alpha starters in a nice list above...

Here are the evolutions

wolf evo.png


Infurno evolves into Infurnal, a majestic fiery wolf that's quick and can learn many fire-type moves to deal a lot of damage. Aside from fire moves it can also learn normal type moves such as bite and tackle. His passive ability is quite dangerous as well as enemies attacking it may catch on fire and take burn damage.

Racoon evo.png


Wrackoo evolves into Wrackdoom. Wrackdoom might not be fast but it comes with some powerful attacks. What you should be the most worried about, though, is its tail. Being the grass-type it can learn a lot of powerful status change moves that'll affect enemies and turn the battles in its favor. Let's just say it also likes to swing that tail around quite often and it is not made out of feathers!

Whale evo.png


Waller evolves from Walle, he's here to stand in the way of upcoming attacks and let the healer regenerate mana or go for a coffee break. Aside from having a lot of Health Points compared to its starter friends, it is also able to learn water-type moves and maybe you can ride it in the ocean if you've been a nice healer, make sure to ask first!



Zappity evolves from Zappit. He's quick and has higher agility than most other starters, meaning when it hits you there's a higher chance you're down for the count. While its specialty are kicks which is normal for a rabbit, its punches are no joke either on top of it all it can give a mean slap with those ears. He's an all-round damage machine with many attacks also coming at you with an electric-type charge that'll leave other creatures shocked.

Let us know what you think about the Alpha Starter Evolutions!

Which one's your favorite?

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These turned out super cool! I was curious about the Alphas. It's probably already been discussed but even though they will be more rare later on... will they still be relevant?

In splinterlands a lot of the value of the alpha and beta cards are in the rarity but eventually they will mostly be phased out of gameplay or less lucrative to use within gameplay to earn as you play.

I am curious if there is any way to assure the usability or the 'value' of the early creatures as the game and it's content has it's 'evolutions'...
(hopefully that question made sense)

Zappity caught the most of my attention...
but i thought i would try to generate a few renditions of Infurnal.


We will definitely try, the goal (which is very difficult and something most games struggle with) is to keep them balanced and give unique passive abilities to all creatures, meaning that they all can be used in competitive high-end gameplay. Now of course this isn't completely realistic and some will always be left out but we believe it'll be more of a patch-based rotation. For instance, some of these starters here may not be great in a certain time period but once more creatures, healers, items, come in or changes occur within those things they may see a comeback in how required they are and demanded by competitive players.

In most games it's usually a very small percentage that gets used at high-end levels, but with the way rarity works and how extremely rare it could be to get a max stat creature we may see some higher stat creatures that may not be great at even stats but still end up being surprisingly strong due to the luck of draw of players having encountered and caught them with high stats.

We do also have different restrictions for different ladders planned, like for instance at some point with more expansions released there could be a ladder where only alpha creatures are allowed to participate in.

Thanks for the awesome answer. You answered more questions i had by explaining some of the thoughts behind what direction things will most likely go. Sounds like the planning behind the rollout is being very well done with much foresight. Really looking forward to seeing this all come together! The possibilities are endless!

They look great! I really like Wrackdoom, it's my favorite of the evolutions and the initial ones too, I love it!

Without a doubt my favorite has been Wrackdoom! It is spectacular. Although I find Waller so interesting too. I'm definitely loving the evolutions!

Holozing Up!

Wrackoo!!!. These Starter creatures are just cha-cha! But I like wrackoo and the way evolve to wrackdoom

I just love the fierce looking nature of wrackoo and zappit, these are my favorites and their prowess are awesome can't wait....

Woa!!! looks really really good!!

I can't wait and I already made a fanart of WRACKDOOM. The design and name were perfect, my favorite because of the moments they have created.
really good designs of these new evolutions, really excellent


I’ve just come across this wrackdoom looks awesome he’s my favourite

The name really fits them well and the evolved form design is really genius IMHO

Those look awesome. From a cuteness perspective, I think I like Infurno and Infurnal. Zappity's design is interesting as well.

How nice they look, I liked Wrackdoom and Waller 😊

Zappit is my favorite. I love its evolution of zappity. I can't wait to enter the contest.

Wrackdoom is an instant favourite.

Woww,the evolutions look cool😍

Didn't you create them? Your comment makes me think that someone else made these designs 😂.

Yes, other artists created the creatures. I'm responsible for designing the healers and some of the items. 😄

Oh I see. I thought you were the only artist haha. My mistake 😬.

They all look so amazing, but Infurno might be my favorite.

I loved Wrackdoom and I hope the water holomon are very powerful.
I'm really looking forward to this game as a pokemon fan. By the way, palworld, a game very similar to pokemon, was recently released on web2 and it has been very successful.

I hope holozing is a great project and they take care of the economy in #hive so it will be beneficial for everyone.

Wow, every evolution looks super cool. My favourite one is Wrackdoom🤩. He looks so fierce now.

Woow! Superb I love the evolutions, good artworks kudos to our creative people.

Wow, the evolutions of the creatures look great. They are like going from a baby state to adolescence. Plus the descriptions of their abilities, reveal what they are capable of: inflicting a lot of damage depending on the elements they wield. Flame, vegetable tail strikes, and punches, precise and fast, are skills that well used, and can make a difference in combat.

Congratulations, I like what I see.

Boom! What a great evolution! I was sensing a badass vibe with Wrackdoom! Love him!😍

My favorite is Wrackdoom! 🥰 Looks powerful! 💪🏻

Infurno and zappity


The name's funny to say but the design is no joke😍
She looks like a boxer 😂😂

I think Wrackoo is my favorite, can we expect something nasty and gritty later on, or do they stick more to the sweet cuddly line?


We have poison type planned for the beta but haven't gotten to them yet, currently working on an ice-type and electric-type.

I love every evolution 😍 but Definitely infurno is my favorite. Great artwork, congratulations 👏👏

I love them! They keep the key features of the starters but look much stronger and "adult": very well done!

Love these evolutions😍😍

I've always been a fan of the fire element, but I must admit that Wrackdoom's design completely won me over, it imposes a lot and that's important in a team.

As expected, Fire is just the coolest.

My initial favorite is Infurno, but seeing the evolutions of each one changes things a bit. First of all the 4 are spectacular, however my tastes have changed, Zappity now occupies the first place, Wrackdoom the second, Waller the third and Infurnal the last, I find his evolution very calm and peaceful, I expected him to be a little more aggressive 😅

Wow this is getting more interesting, I can't wait to see what the holozing game would look like, I know it's going to be fun cause I have seen the wonderful creature already they are all beautiful. Nice work team

wait i thought we would get to see the final evolution as well. dont tease us like this

There's only 1 evolution planned for the starters, i.e. this is the final. Who knows maybe more later but we don't plan on having too high levels in the beta.

wait what O.O i thought we would see two evolutions for them. ok i didnt expect that. then i guess didnt really miss anything

They all too good, wrackdoom is badass. That's my favorite!

Wow..looks strong this evolution, is amazing😱🥰😘

Hehe I am always inclined to Water because blue is such a peaceful colour. So Walle and Waller are gonna be my favourites!

I actually can't pick a favourite, im split between Zappity & Infurnal.

Obviously stats are variable, but there seems to be a really good balance between the 4, nice job team!!!

Wao the evolution of these creatures of @holozing game looks really interesting and creative as:
A fire wolf is:
Infurnal here and can damage to enemies with this power of burning.
And Rackdoom ,waller and zayppit are also with creative evolutions.

Characters look amazing! But do you have any plans to implement some creatures skins like it has been done in spl?

How's it done there?

We will also have "Radiant" versions of creatures and if you get lucky enough to get creatures close to max stats they'll give off a holo-colored hue. I posted about that here, and the variations for Infurno are in the #resource channel in our Discord as well.

Shame on me looks I missed something important.

no worries we haven't shared such info on an official account yet as we thought it's better if some get lucky and pull them in the opening it's a better "surprise".

Ohh ok! Let it be a small inside from the team ;)

The earth one looks the best but I’d definitely pick my favourite one based on the gameplay ;)

It’s like when choosing a pet. You should stick with the one that fits your lifestyle, not the cutest fur ball you’ve ever seen :)

The change in their appearance and the slight differences in their names are nice. I can't wait to see and open the packages.

OMGG!!!! His designs never disappoint, each one of them look awesome! although I must admit Infurnal is my favorite, he has a fantastic design, he looks so adorable and his look is so captivating, he still gives that feeling that with one attack he destroys your life haha, I loved it!😍

I wonder if Wrackdoom will have any power or poisonous attack in its tail, being a plant type it is a possibility and would be great.😍

It may be early to say this but I already have a favorite, and it is Infunal, I think the burn damage will become handy in battle.

Greetings friend, these evolutions of the creatures are very good, where every detail and the way they designed them, allow them to be very striking and a great level. This game is going in a good way.

This is great, I definitely like the rabbit because it has more attack options, let the opponents beware, because it feels pure electric charge in every hit.

I think they are great creatures. My favorite is Waller.


Thank you so much dear @holozing for sharing all these novel creature evolutions Alpha Starter!.

Sending you my warmest regards!

wow thats cool! there is even a evolution. i hope some have 3 evolution form.

Really great transition between the creatures and their second evolution. It really shows that they have grown stronger. It's also nice to have a general idea on what the creatures can do. Will promise to be a good healer in order to get a ride on Whaller's back.

damn! its getting me excited. when can we play???

We hope very soon!

Wow! Which one will be my favorite? Difficult to answer. As a figure I love Infernal but as an attack I like Zappity with those kicks, punches and ears. Regards

All these things are looking very beautiful and interesting and the way this game is getting updates we will see that within the next time it will be very popular all over the world and people will love to play it.

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