[Contest] Name the Holozing Starters!

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Hey everyone, welcome to the first official Holozing contest!

Since Holozing is a community-funded project and we hope in the future with the help of everyone it'll be more community-driven where opinions and discussions will help us on improving the game further, we wanted to invite everyone to help us name the 4 starters!

First let us go through each and specify what type and creature it is. We'll also share some pics with you of the starters we've only shared in the Discord before!

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#1 Fire Wolf

dog transparent (1).png

#2 Grass Raccoon

raccoon transparent.png

#3 Water Whale

Whale transparent.png

#4 Electric Rabbit

rabbit transparent (1).png

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General Guidelines

We're looking for some names that are unique, at least to the genre of the game, and at the same time fitting to the creatures and their type. You can imagine for instance synonyms for their type (Fire/Grass/Water/Electric) and their animal origin and mixed in some clever ways that both sound good, are somewhat short and concise and make sense for the creature and its potential 1-2 evolutions that follow.

Needless to say, the names shouldn't contain any profanity and googling them shouldn't point to games/genres similar to the one we're working on (like Pokemon, Digimon, etc) or have any popular nsfw/bad meanings.

Please also describe the thought process and meaning of the words you've submitted and to which creature they belong to in the comment section.

We will be considering all applications and rewarding everyone with Liquid Hive tips (generated from this post) for effort along with some prizes for the ones we think were really good and accepted to be the official names of the creatures! Others can also feel free to use their votes to upvote the comments with suggestions they like.

(Any attempts to try and game the comment voting won't count towards the prizes/tips)


We'll be awarding the Winners with 200 POSH each for a total of 800 POSH (currently worth around 250 Hive) which of course, if held, also allows you to continuously earn Zing through the claimdrop on holozing.com!

This posts post rewards distributed through tips on the comments.

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We're very curious to see what people come up with, feel free to join the Discord to chitchat about it as well! Info below.

Good luck!

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There are 2 pages

In reverse order...

4: Electric Rabbit:
Electric switches and tumbling rabbit

3: Water Whale:
Water and size

2: Grass Raccoon:
Sniping from the grass - always in trouble

1: Fire Wolf:
In-fur-no inferno

Haha the last one is really good!

A tip for having suggested a name we've decided to use on the starter creatures. More info to come soon!

For the grass raccoon, I'll give him the name, Warccoon. .... War plus Raccoon

Why? He may look as green as innocence but players who chose him should be ruthless while hiding under the cover of that innocence.

First, I love how grass is associated with abundance. Green. You understand? I'm sure you do.

But in reality to finally get to the period where the grass grows and yields that abundance you will go through a lot of famine, pressure, and heat.

Anyone who intends to survive all those harsh conditions has to be ruthless, brave, and a no-nonsense individual.

They should be able to give war to those who want war and peace to those who want peace.

They should be able to play with appearances, wearing a bag of many tricks. By doing so, they will be able to lose a lot of heaviness that may weigh them down during the game.

Going back to where I mentioned grass, I hope they will also know that waiting for the grass to grow to bring abundance will require Patience.

This Warccoon will teach them to master their emotions and always understand that everything good will come if they give it time and see several steps ahead of their opponents. That includes winning!!!

#1 - Sparky: the name comes from the first impression I had when I saw Fire Wolf. It has a splendid light, flame effect and flaming eyebrows and at the same time it is a name that goes well with a fire puppy 🔥

#2 - Bazoo: it is actually a name that I created for a fictional character in one of my stories, which was never finished, and had similar features to the character Grass Raccoon. The name is also phonetic ☺️

#3 - Speedish: it is the union of two words Speed and Fish, a name invented at the moment to try to combine two words that represent Water Whale at its best 😁

#4 - Voltbit: here too I tried to combine the Volt, an instrument for measuring electricity, and the ending Bit from Rabbit!

I hope the names can inspire other users too 🤟🤟🤟

For the Water Whale, I'll suggest Splashfins

Why? I have always loved the ideology around water/fluid being formless and able to move without being obstructed by anything.

It will send a direct message to the players to always remember mobility is important in the game of life.

This way, their opponent will not be able to find them easily enough to attack them. After all, it is said that you can't attack what you can't see.

Also, accepting to take up a form means opening yourself up to be attacked. But if they are as formless as water, the long-term disaster that comes with inflexibility will be far from them.

By accepting and embracing formless, they will be able to make sure that when they attack their opponents, they won't be able to get away.

I used to have studied Latin in Secondary school, maybe I finally find a cause for it 😄

Fire: Luping (Lupus + ing) / Incending ( Incendium + ing)
Grass: Graming (Gramen + ing)
Water: Aquing (Aqua + ing)
Electric: Fulging (Fulgur + ing)

Ofcourse there doesn't really have to be a link between the type they are and their name but I think it's always nice to have a (hidden, not obvious) link. As not many people understand Latin, it's not that obvious at all, except maybe the water one, so I think I chose names in line with my reasoning.

As they are all starters, I think it would be great to have a link between them all in their names instead of 4 random names. Ofcourse here again, there doesn't have to be a link, but for me personally it connects them in a certain way besides all 4 being starters. What better way to connect them using the last part of the name of the project?

Feel free to adapt these names further or use them in your own process of thought, together we'll find the most appropriate and original names! #teamwork

My suggestions would be:

  • Fire Wolf: HoloWolz
  • Grass Raccoon: HoloRacz
  • Water Whale: HoloWhalz
  • Electric Rabbit: HoloRabz

I noticed most of the suggestions are about word plays and substituting similar words, e.g. aqua for water, etc. Not saying that this is bad, but I just wanted to offer something different to the table in this brainstorming session. :)

So I thought of suggesting names where HoloZing is featured. One, because HoloZing is the name of the game and these are the first starters of this game. Two, this would give some unique-ness to the names or it might just sound like any other Pokemon naming nomenclature, if you get what I mean.

Have shared more thoughts in this post: https://peakd.com/hive-131131/@relf87/how-would-i-name-the-holozing-starters



These are some Sanskrit names I made up according to these characters.

  1. AGNISARA: fire wolf Agni=fire and sara=essence or transformation. essence of fire/transforming fire/energy.
  2. BHUMICHAR: grass raccoon bhumi= Earth, char=creature who most likes the ground/earth
  3. JALVIHARI: water whale Jal= water Vihari = wandering, One who wanders in water.
  4. VIDDHUTVAHAK: electric rabbit viddhut= electric, vahak=carrier, electric carrier.
    I hope those creatures bring good luck to the community. :)

Submission for #1 Fire Wolf

Name: Howlburn

Thoughts process: A name that capture's one of the actions of a wolf "Howling" and reflects its elements type "Burn" for fire.

Meaning: The Fire Wolf has a piercing howl attack and a burning flame attack.

Description: The Howlburn may look cuddly, but it has a mean howl and an even meaner flame attack.

Good luck to all the other participants! 😊

I like this one!


1 Fire Wolf


a wolf + fury (emotion related to fire) +“ion” is an ending of dragon (creature connected to fire) names in Game of Thrones - Balerion, Tessarion, Viserion.

2 Grass Raccoon


roots tearing a victim apart is a type of destructive nature magic power.

3 Water Whale


4 Electric Rabbit


a thumper + thunderbolt

Hotstuff or Hotdog (the Fire Wolf) self-explanatory

Dextrus or Dexter (the Grass Raccoon) refers to the raccoon's characteristic trait of being very dexterous with its front paws. the origin of the word raccoon derives from its ability to use its paws as hands.

Amplehop (the Electric Rabbit) self-explanatory with a play on amp/ ample

Willfreed or Willyfreed or Wilfreed (the Water Whale) refers to the popular movie Free Willy

i would also suggest Dick Moby if that passes the nsfw test. it may not as it would seem to be a suitable screen name for a well-endowed male adult movie star. i thought i should suggest it anyway because at least in the english speaking world Moby Dick is undoubtedly the most famous whale of all.

For Electric Rabbit , I'll suggest :

  • Voltra - A combination of the words "voltaic" and "rabbit", suggesting a creature that is powered by electricity and is as agile and quick as a rabbit.
  • Amperbunny - A combination of the words "ampere" and "bunny", suggesting a creature that is a living embodiment of electricity and is as cute and playful as a bunny.
  • Wattzap - A combination of the words "watt" and "zap", suggesting a creature that can generate powerful electric shocks.
  • Sparkhop - A combination of the words "spark" and "hop", suggesting a creature that is full of energy and can move at lightning speed.
  • Energizer - A combination of the words "energy" and "rabbit", suggesting a creature that is a boundless source of energy and can keep going forever.
  • Voltbolt - A combination of the words "volt" and "bolt", suggesting a creature that can generate powerful electric bolts.
  • Shocksprite - A combination of the words "shock" and "sprite", suggesting a small and mischievous creature that can deliver electric shocks.
  • Surgebun - A combination of the words "surge" and "bun", suggesting a creature that can generate sudden and powerful bursts of electricity.
  • Teslacoil - A combination of the words "Tesla coil" and "rabbit", suggesting a creature that is powered by electricity and can generate powerful electromagnetic fields.
  • Buzztail - A combination of the words "buzz" and "tail", suggesting a creature that is constantly buzzing with electricity.
  • Staticfur - A combination of the words "static" and "fur", suggesting a creature that is covered in static electricity.

For starters, let's contribute to the pot a bit !LOLZ

@tipu curate

Some suggestions for the names will come later. There should be a thought process involved, as you've said :)

Good luck with the game and community around it.


I love the designs of them all. They are freakin cute but in a real good way. Probs to the illustrator.

I have only one name suggestion for #1 Fire Wolf:



The Cartel will collect them all!

Coming up with a creative and unique name is not going to be easy, but I'll give it some thought, my friend. I hope I can be chosen for at least 1 of them. Since I love Pokemon so much, whatever I think of comes to my mind, I'll try to get out of it :)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @acidyo ) sharing the post on Reddit as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

#1 Fire Wolf


#2 Grass Raccoon


#3 Water Whale


#4 Electric Rabbit



is amazing, how would you evolve it?

Bunjolto ➡️ Voltobun ➡️ Bunmegabolt



For the fire wolf, I'll name him Flarewolf

Why? Fire never commits to any side, it maintains its independence in a way that once it flares up, there will be no stopping it.

A player who chooses Flarewolf will learn to make their opponent pursue them frantically, wearing themselves out in the process. Flarewolf's opponents once worn out with frustration will give way to being defeated

Fire - Charzol
Water - Namoathan

The others I'm drawing a blank on for names


Let's start with the image here, since you are a plant man I will focus on the name of my favorite animal that best fits my personality, the Grass raccoon. For it, I choose the name
a term composed of two words. The first is strong or tough, as I have seen this innocent and noble creature break the strongest metal trap with its nails and teeth very easily, as well as chew any crustacean shell that will be its source of food without much effort. Now, the word clean goes with its similarity to cleanliness, as this is one of the cleanest animals on the planet even though it feeds on waste. One of its characteristics is its ability to wash its food and hands before eating, which is why we usually find it near rivers. That's why I chose this name. Good luck in the contest.


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hello my suggestions 😀

#1 Fire Wolf is Venus gutter

#2 Grass Raccoon is vitavia

#3 Water Whale is Humpback

#4 Electric Rabbit is SunGrow



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Man should've included this context on my latest post
I got a couple of names on my mind:
Wolf: Ashen-Wol
Electric Rabbit: Thunder-abbit



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I like water whale the most from this list and I think many people in crypto like whales too :D


Name N1

Fulglof: after spending some time thinking it seems to me that this is the best name for a fire wolf.

Name N2

Lincolinco: This one doesn't have much to do with its Spanish name but I really like this name it is quite catchy.

Name N3

Begua: I think it's a pretty strong name for a water whale.

Name N4

Triconectico: This one was created by joining the words conejo electrico in Spanish.

  • Fire wolf = Faiwuf
    Fai = Faiya (Japanese people when they say "fire"),
    Wuf = Wurufu (Japanese people when they say "Wolf")

  • Grass Racoons = Gurazoo / Goorazu / Kusagoon / Gozakun / Gozaku
    Gurazoo/Goorazu = Gurasu (Japanese people when they say "Grass / Glass") + "oo" from Racoon
    Kusagoon/Gozakun/Gozaku = Kusa ("grass" in Japanese), Kusago ("after the grass" in Japanese) + oon / kun from Racoon
    (I thought that this character would be suitable when making "Goo" sounds in a deep voice)

  • Water Whale = Whaburu / Whaburu /Whaburu / Whable / Wabel
    It means Whale + Bubble (or Baburu In Japanese)

  • Electric Rabbit = Uzapi

It Means "Usagi" ("Rabbit" in Japanese) + Zap

All the ideas come from Google Translate

Fire Wolf - Sinder (Cinder)
Grass Raccoon - Twiggo (Twig)
Water Whale - Frily (Free Willy)
Electric Rabbit - Arcquilla (Arc, I guess.)

Free Willy really shows my age, lol.

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I already saw a lot of really good names. I want to support the game so I'll share some that I came up with:

  1. Embercub

I took the fire and wolf features and mixed them together

  1. Bladecoon

I don't know the evolution paths of a raccoon, so I just did one. I also mixed two of the features together.

  1. Narwhale

I combine Narwhal, Orca, and Blue Wales, to whale related terms.

  1. Sparkare

I don't know the evolution paths of a rabbit so I just did one. I also mixed two of the features together.

1: Fire Wolf: Edison Fang
2: Grass Raccoon: Ben Bin Warrior
3: Water Whale: Maree Doll Phina
4: Electric Rabbit: Thunder Hopper

A Wolf with Hot Paws, this is the combination of [Ember and Paw].

A combination of the word [Grass and Thief], after all a raccoon seems to wear a thief's mask.

A combination of the words [Whale and Jet], in this case a simple jet of water.

The combination of the words of his element [Electric and Zap] as if it were a lightning attack with [Rabbit] at the end.





Cool and rehived :-)

#1 Fire Wolf I would use Creative Fighter
#2 Grass Raccoon I'd use Elements Protector
3 Water whale i would name it Ocean Traveler
#4 Electric Rabbit I'd use Underground Trailblazer

  1. Fireolf (fire + wolf)
  2. Grasscoon (grass + racoon)
  3. Drop Whaley (water drop + whale)
  4. Boltbitt (electric bolt + rabbit)

Not a lot of ideas on my end, just something easy to be remembered based on their powers. 😁

This is my attempt at naming the 4 starters, including the names of their evolutions for fun! 😅

Fyrewolf -> Fyrelupis -> Fyrenox
Furleaf -> Leaflash -> Verdantail
Fire Wolf.png
Grass Raccoon.png
Aquamare -> Hydrolisk -> Leviathide
Shockhare -> Voltabbit -> Electrolop
Water Whale.png
Electric Rabbit.png

Tried to communicate a growing sense of strength with each of their evolution, hope you guys like it! ✌️

So below i will write some names for the current creatures as well as for the next 2 evolutions.

#1 Fire Wolf

Smoky (for a young fire wolf that hasn't yet so many strong fire attacks)
Ignilf (from ignis and wolf)
Pyrofang (for the final evolution of a more strong like fire wolf

#2 Grass Raccoon

GroveBandit (self explanatory as raccoons also called bandits due to appearance)
GroveBlade (in case it has a blade like attack or his tail resembles)
GroveBane (for a more stronger looking raccoon which seem fearless)

#3 Water Whale

Orcy (from Orca)
Orcami (from Orca and Tsunami)
Orcalith or Orcanox (for a stronger looking one)

#4 Electric Rabbit

Volthop (for a jumping electric rabbit)
Electrobit (from electric and rabbit)
Stormhare (from storm and hare which means rabbit as well)

Here's my suggestions

Electric rabbit
3eF - Fiesty Flurry Friend

Grass raccon
Boneyclub - These two objects caught my eye as soon as I saw it

Water whale
Gelfinna - the first thing you notice is its eye which looks like a dot of gel. I've added finna to the end as Gelfin sounds a bit boring

Fire wolf
Eclipsemile - a combination of eclipse (ring of fire) and it's lovely smile

Now I'm going to check what the others have come up with as I avoided reading the comments first


I have some name suggestion for each of the starter type, but I don't know if the names should all be in English or I can mix it with other languages, or ever create some imaginary names.

  1. Fire Wolf
    a. Pyrus Lupus (Latin)
    b. Gurgatsh (Persian)
    c. Lycanjack
    d. Ignidog
    e. Howl Blazer
    f. Hell Wooer


Hi, I made up a few names , since they are starters the names should be easy too follow and somehow a childish since they are like kids.
1: Emberpup (fire + child wolf)
2: Leafycoon (Grass + raccoon)
3; Whaelly (Thought that it sounded kinda cute lol)
4: Alkabbit (Alkaline + rabbit)

There are 2 pages