Holozing Creature Background Contest!

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Hello future healers!

Welcome to the second official Holozing contest!
In the previous contest, we asked you, the community, to help us name the starter creatures, and the community delivered! Almost 50 unique entries were made on the contest post, not counting the many amazing suggestions on our discord channel. Holozing is a community-funded project, but we also want the project to be driven by and fully involve the community in as many aspects of the game as possible.

This contest is another opportunity for us to have you play an even more integral part in the project, and possibly join the HOLOZING team. We invite you to take part in the starter background contest!

holozing contest.jpg



The 4 starter creatures need a background. At the moment, they are simply lingering in the void, without an environment or background. In this contest, we would like you to create a background with any one of the starter creature in the centre, that not only fits the type of the starter creature but would also be a perfect backdrop for the starter creature on their card. The 4 types of creatures that are currently released are electric rabbit, grass raccoon, fire wolf, and water whale in the correct order in the examples below.

Think of what kind of environment the starter creature would look best in. Think of how you could create an environment that would also be a perfect backdrop for the starter creature in its card.






The transparent png creatures can be found in this google drive link and also in the #resources channel in our Discord server.



  • Create a background for 1 starter creature with the starter in the centre of the image.
  • The image should be in portrait mode.
  • Background/environment should correspond to the type of creature you have selected.
  • Use your imagination and skills. NO AI. NO STOCK IMAGES. NO COPYRIGHTED CONTENT.
  • Make a post in the HOLOZING community showing your creative process. Show the final background with the starter creature in the centre and also without it.
  • Enter your submissions before the payout of this post.
  • One submission per person.


There will be 3 winners selected. We will be actively looking through all the valid entries and curating them based on effort and quality.

The top 3 entries will receive:

  • Rewards generated from this post.
  • There is a chance HOLOZING could purchase your winning entry at a reasonable price in HIVE and possibly hire you for the other starters and future creatures if it is really impressive.
  • 1000 POSH reward pool- 500 POSH for the 1st, 300 for the 2nd, and 200 for the 3rd place winner.
  • 10000 ZING reward pool- 5000 for the 1st, 3000 for the 2nd, and 2000 for the 3rd place.

Holding POSH and staking ZING will generate more ZING for you through the claimdrop on holozing.com!
@poshtoken is sponsoring the ZING rewards so these aren't coming from the inflation pool.

We are very excited to see your entries and all the creative imagination you have. We are expecting excellent entries and looking forward to having more opportunities to get the community involved as the project grows.

Best of luck!

Feel free to ask in the comment section if there's anything you're unsure of!

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It looks like it will be a good competition. I will not be able to participate because I am not skilled in this matter. But there are very talented friends in Hive. I expect a great performance from them.

That is awesome that you are tapping into the community for these things. Not only will you have a lot to choose from, but it will be cool for players to see their work in the game they play. Are you going to do character names/design offers similar to SPL in the future? Seeing the cards that are attributed to the OG and big contributor players are amazing.

This is fantastic. A great chance for artists. Let's see how it goes.

I have never met a project that has its community very much in mind ❤️.
I accept the challenge to participate! Here we go!!!

Oh my gosh this will be great. I already wanted to see the entry of so many artists, because my art is different I don't draw, but I will love to enjoy the work of others. I will continue creating from my knowledge and what I handle with love and especially for you. May the successes continue @holozing @acidyo

Woooohooo, how I wish I was a good artist then this would have been something I would have jumped on in a sec ahah, but there is surely a right man for this job, where are you @shrazi, @rosecane, I think you all might be willing to participate in this contest, rush over and take a slot…

Thanks Foxie, I am busy and missing all these new game rewarding opportunities.

Not sure but I will try for it

thank you for the tag, I will surely try to do something for this contest

Amazing! Do we have to draw background for all the starter creatures?

Check this out @solumviz @emanate-artworx @ishketch @bananzell @splintercell-01 @japex1226 🥳

ohhh that's gonna be cute but i can't digi 🥲

Just one, if we then want to hire you we'd discuss the others further!

Thanks for this, Jiji! You're so thoughtful 🥹.

Thanks jiji! I might join hehe

ahahaha na tag pala ako salamat2 sa tag, These are amazing creatures I will try to submit too😁

Thanks for the tag, madam! I'll try to create, too.

Wow, another amazing content from Holozing, I wish I had good artistic skills to enter this content, but let me ping some of my hive artist friends and let them know about this mega contest!

Wow! I will love my participation!
I love how this great project is being built.

again it's tome your creative with art, excited for the participation,will make my entry soon....

#holozing #contest

This is a great way to get the community involved in the game. I'm so looking forward to what those creative minds will create.

Such a wonderful initiative, I'll try my best to work with one of the creature and hopefully design something amazing for it background.

Kudos to the team and thanks for all you do.

It is a great opportunity for the artists around the Hive community and also an amazing engagement activity to bring the outsiders into the Holozing journey. Though I am not good at such a job I wish I could. I wish everyone good luck with your entry, just keep up the good work.
Thanks for arranging such a creative competition.

You have the freedom to do whatever you want but a mistake is always a mistake. I am really sorry to bother you. Have a nice day!

Yeah, sure I will be more careful than ever. Thanks for understanding me.


You can tell it was most likely an accident since they upvoted you first, you retaliating this way however is quite bad mannered and disgusting.

Yeah, I understand, a mistake happens, I didn't want the connection to be trouble and so that happens, I really didn't realize that it would create such incidents as disturbance to all of you. I am really sorry and beg your apologies. I must be more careful as man learns from his mistakes and it takes time to understand the blockchain and its irreversible actions and their impacts.

Honestly you have nothing to worry about, accidents happen, most people would have ignored it, no rewards were even removed with the downvote. The action of retaliation is way more concerning than an odd downvote here and there.

Thank you very much for your time and for letting me know the facts. It is a good lesson and I must be more careful.

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The mistake is that @ecency shows unvotes as downvotes after the initial vote is a downvote by the looks of it, hiveblocks seems to confirm they were unvotes and only one downvote occurred.

I have no interest in continuing this discussion as you clearly seem unstable. Good luck.

Someone downvoted your comment and you instantly retaliated with your own downvote, I don't know what you want from me but explains why I've had you muted.

It will be great to create a design to participate... Count me in

Wow, I missed on the first contest but not on this one. At this point, a lot of people on hive will feel move involved and attached to Holozing.

We are all anticipating the launch, compliment of the season to everyone.

Incredible ideas are sure to come up. I'll be doing my bit for these adorable creatures too.

Contest for backgrounds is great idea. Since cards backgrounds are not vital part of the gameplay we can all jump in and create something interesting, even if we are not professional designers. In the same time it's a good opportunity to connect more with each other and who knows, maybe we see some new talents step forward. Good luck to all.

Dear @holozing, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @hiveborgminer.

This is a really cool initiative and I can't wait to see the entries. I bet there will be plenty good ones as we have a lot of talents in the community.
Oh, the drama is a bonus 😂

I've made a video about promoting Holozing before I stumble into this backround contest, gotta think hard on how to make something cool and original!

Wow, Holozing presents a very amazing contest. I will try to enter as little as I can. thank you @acidyo and @holozing

This is great, I will surely try my best

This sure looks fun!

Tagging @mightpossibly who might want to take a look! :)

Thanks for the tag! Might just give this a go :)

I love how this project is progressing. Involving the community seems to me to be a spectacular initiative. Keep it up, congratulations 🙌

Interesting contest, can't wait to put my design :)

MMMMM, okay i like it, im in C:

this is cool! good luck everyone!

There is a chance HOLOZING could purchase your winning entry at a reasonable price in HIVE and possibly hire you for the other starters and future creatures if it is really impressive.

Wow, this is a great prize. I will definitely be participating, let's see how it goes because I am sure it will be a great contest.

I like the idea of involving the community as much as possible. Excellent

I feel my heart leaping at the sight of this tremendous challenge.
My mind is already starting to create what it wants for one of the creatures. Although I'm not sure if I can type it at the creature's level. I'll give it a try. Awesome! I wish luck to all the adventurous participants.

@grisvisa I don't know why you came to mind. But, I'm sure you would make a very good entry to the contest.

This is really challenging, I want to give it a try though am not that skills,

Wow, this is super cool! 😲

I hope many artists realize this opportunity and decide to participate by creating the best design possible.

Awesome! I missed out on the first contest and now is my time to put on my creative hat to participate in this one. Since Fire Wolf is my favorite Holomon, I'm going to give him a nice fiery background 😅

Good luck to my fellow Healers!

Cool! haven't seen @shinoxl post for a while but maybe he can make some concepts for creature backgrounds.

awww man. I can't draw for my life TT

Can always try and just call it abstract art. ;D

o.o im ok i know my strengths. my art submission would just be a laughing stock ;c

I'll give it a try, I'm sure I'll be in the top 3,

couldn't find any art related posts scrolling through your wall but great confidence!

Confidence is a must

This is an awesome contest for the community!

Anyway here is my entry : https://peakd.com/hive-131131/@julsdraws/my-entry-to-holozing-background-contest-or-grass-racoon-background


This is one of the things I love about holozing game project they always think about their users and ways to get them engaged and this is one of the ways .
I really appreciate this kind gesture 🙏

A little more background on these 4 starter creatures ?

We included their animal likeness above aside from the creature type, what more would you like to know?

electric rabbit, grass raccoon, fire wolf, and water whale

So how these properties empower or qualify them ? e.g. does the rabbit has some special power that can be related to electric ? Similar way for others.

Hey there,
I did my job 😅
here is my entry for this contest


Thank you!

Wow, will there be more fun coming to the game.

Okey lets goooo!!



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oh this is great! will try to participate in this.

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