Love The Clouds Entry #199 - The Angry Clouds

Have a wonderful Tuesday morning my dear hivers! How's your sleep and your wake up. Do you recognized the presence of God in your life? The breath alone is enough for us to say thank you Lord for the new day of life surviving the aftermath of struggles along the way.

I saw the clouds and it likes falling but the atmosphere was too humid. I couldn't understand how to describe the heat and warm while the clouds was so dark wants to bursts. Then there was no rain, it was gone like nothing happens.

Looking seriously focus on the clouds above, there's a little bit happy imagination like angels dancing or like a dwarf who teased me. I smile alone and remember my kids. I hope that the guide of an angel of God will be in our side.



In the ends, there's I saw the angry clouds who want to burst but it wasn't. The wind blews away and it doesn't give rain to make the surrounding cold.

This is my entry to @tobetada's cloud hunting challenge. And thank you for the prize.

My life, my forever joy.

To God To be Glory!

Hive To The Moon!

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@cdaveboyles23, a father of two beautiful daughters, living in Panabo City of North Davao,Philippines


Hermoso cielo compartido.

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