The Clouds On My Way Home (Love the Clouds Contest #158)

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I love taking pictures, but the only thing I have is my phone. It's still fun, though. Whenever I see some interesting subjects, I tend to take out my phone and click... click... click!

One of the subjects I love taking pictures of is the sky, particularly the clouds. I like looking at their shapes and imagine different things out of them. Though mostly, they're like a giant cotton candy that I'd like to munch on.

Yesterday, I had to run some errands. It was such a fine day and the sky was so beautiful that I couldn't stop from taking a bunch of pictures. And since the subjects are the sky and the clouds, I decided to participate in LOVE THE CLOUD's Contest.

I was riding a tricycle when I took these photos, so basically, I was moving. hahaha I believe I was still able to take some great shots. Let's start!

There are some buildings and residences in the area, so it was quite difficult to take photos from a moving vehicle. Since I know the place, I am also familiar as to when and where to take some shots in particular... meaning less buildings and a much better view.

I took a lot of shots while we were crossing the highway because the view expands further and you can see more cloud formations in the distance. These are some of my decent shots. hahaha

Pardon the wiring, but don't you think these cloud formations are cute? I could picture out a bunny and bone or a dumbbell? I don't know how, but my mama said she could picture out a horse in this cloud formation. ^^

Because of these lovely clouds, my way home wasn't as boring and tiring. It was too hot and I was quite tired, but looking at them made me more relaxed and happy.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of the sky and the clouds I took yesterday. I took pictures of other subjects (streets and buildings) as well, but will share it in another post.

Thanks for dropping by! <3 See you around! (^^,)/

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Nice captures of the fluffy clouds, Glad seeing the clouds was relaxing.

Thanks... It was pretty fun capturing their fluffiness .. 😂🥰🥰🥰 Glad you like them... ❤️☁️

Me encanta esos colores tan bonito en el cielo @tegoshei

Thanks!!! Glad you like it... The colors were indeed so beautiful ❤️😍

The cottons were scattered up in the sky! It's a fluffy day.

True... It was indeed a fluffy day... 😁😁😁