Are there some Swiss people on Hive?

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Yes there are some!

  • Here we can find us and post as this is the Swiss Hive!

Welcome and #hivefive!

We are looking for more active swiss hivians!

miri post hive114.jpg Please view in full screen.

Hallo, ich bin Sandy aus Zürich und willkommen im Swiss Hive!

  • Hier können wir uns finden und posten.

Wir sind immernoch auf der Suche nach aktiven schweizer Hiveianer und Hivianerinnen!

Some of them just stardet posting so give them some love please.

And a few I found that haven`t stardet posting yet but maybe they will soon 😄

All images are photographs produced by @sandymeyer

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Art helps to communicate and understand without words.

In a world where words are no longer valued as desirable, images speak clearly.

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Hey that sounds great. The Swiss bare good with money after all. That's where all the elites keep their bank accounts.
➕🚩 $$$$


Hey ich bi us Züri :)

Yes ich au 🍻🏅 hahaha so guet, bis jetzt sind mines wüssens züri und s tessin vertrette, mal luege wer mer no findend 🇨🇭🍀⚡
Freut mich dich kenne z lerne und join üs doch im swiss hive, s discord wird gad ihgrichted.
Lets unite switzerland in this corona times!

I know few active users from Switzerland!
Check out @steemitri @carolineschell and @kus-knee if you don't already know them!
They are simply great!😀

Awsome, thank you verry much! @dexpartacus 🍻🏅🍀

You're welcome!😉🍻

Cool, als Zürcherin joini natürli au :)

Yes! Hahaha t zürcher sind di erste uf de hive blockchain! Wie cool isch das denn 🏅🍻

Beautiful 👌
Like fire in the sky

Thank you verry much, the colour in this image was like this because of the manual white balance 🍀⚡⏳
Greez 🇨🇭

I'm glad that there is! 😊 Try to introduce this HIVE blog to the others especially during this quarantine...

Yes, thank you. Our goal is to connect here on the Hive blockchain, esecialy in this isolating times. 🍀 All the best @kennyroy 💽

What a golden look

Cheers, thank you 🍀🍻


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

very beautiful...

Thank you verry much 🍻🏅🇨🇭

I like both the photo and the knowledge that a Swiss community is being created on HIVE.

Awsome, thank you so much, apprecuate you having a look and commenting 🏅⚡🍻
Greetings and all the best 🌐


Thank you 🏅🍀🍻

What is amazing?

I like both the photo and the knowledge that a Swiss community is being created on HIVE.

The look is impressive. Is it morning or evening?

It is in the evening shortly before sunset, the red is so intence besauce of the custom white balance 🏅🍀🔥⚡
Greetings from 🇨🇭

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 4 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

The best thank you for the beer! Cheers @pixresteemer

Kinda, it is recognicabel but yes, a flag would be better I guess,
still my goal is to encourage people to post their own content so...
It is building up 🍻

Does the picture you posted related to the Swiss people?

You are literally wasting your voting power. Just saying. Your vote does not even worth a single cent, but you upvote your own one question comment. Even if it would worth $0.01, you still would not get anything, because the payout threshold is $0.02. If you would have upvoted a post or a comment with a pending payout of more than $0.02, then at least you could earn some curation rewards.

Why do people have to be so selfish?

Danke fürs rehiven @gunnarheilemann 🍀🏅🍻
Sharing is caring 🌐⚡⭐

Yeah thank you fir the rehive! @teenagecrypto 🍀🎸🍻 sharing is caring 🏅🇨🇭🌐