Antenna galaxy, Some amazing things..!! || wonders of nature (#1)

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This galaxy is a combination of two spiral galaxies that began approaching each other about 900 million years ago and began to interconnect 300 million years ago. But there are different names for them above NGC 4038. NGC 4039 down

This galaxy is located at a distance of about 45 million light years and is located in the constellation Corvus.

Corvus Constellation

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Located in the southern part of the sky, it means crow crow in Latin. It has 4 basic bright stars.

The two arms of stars, gas and dust in it, which resemble the antennae of insects formed by their collision, and hence the name Antenna Galaxy, disappeared about 300 million years ago. They collided with each other and became a galaxy

Starburst Galaxies

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This galaxy is currently in the Starburst phase, which is forming stars much faster than a normal galaxy and is about 33 times more likely to form stars.
When the dust from one galaxy hits the dust from another galaxy, it produces a shock wave that compresses the gas clouds, creating new stars. There is an active area and there is dust and new stars under the curtain like black powder scattered on it.

Many galaxies collide with another galaxy once in a lifetime, such as the Milky Way and Andromeda.