Hive Infographic Contest Winner Announcement

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Hello #Hive ❤️

The Contest

What a #contest! It has been 5 weeks of craziness and #fun. Even though the CBRS team went full overdrive with this one, we had a great time and wore big smiles on our faces. Thanks to all of you, our #community is growing strong and our #twitter is more alive than ever. We really appreciate your support 😘

The #contest started on 21st of October and many registered on the first day. Our #article got lots of attention and we are really happy with the results. We were hoping that about 40 of you would join, and that was exactly what happened.

Contest Prizes

We had no idea how long it would take us to review all your hard work and how difficult it would be to choose 3 #winners. But, after many hours of reading, discussing and falling asleep, we finally chose our #winners.

Let's remember our #prizes.

First place wins 1,000 HIVE and a beautiful 1st Place CBRS Contest badge made by @hivebuzz (thank you @arcange and please thank your designer).

Second place wins 350 HIVE and a beautiful 2nd Place CBRS Contest badge.

3rd place wins 150 HIVE and a beautiful 3rd Place CBRS Contest badge.

Hive Infographic Contest Winners

Without further ado, here are the winners!

📢 3rd place winner is @dray91eu! Congratulations!
Here is his entry:


📢 2nd place winner is @shahzad-ansari! Congratulations
Here is his entry:

📢And finally the 1st Place and the Grand Prize goes to @rubencress! Congratulations!
Here is his entry:

THANK YOU to all who participated and put in time and effort in your #designs. For you to take part shows love ❤️ for #Hive, as well as passion, creativity, skills and knowledge. This is definitely not the last contest for there will be more coming.

Gleam Giveaway

We also had our 250 HIVE #Giveaway Gleam Campaign and thanks to @jongolson we were able to get 5 winners winning 50 HIVE each. Congratulations to @gr33nm4ster, @hiveone22, @heartofdarkness and @ga8ox35.

We are still waiting on reply from our 5th #winner 😁

Cryptobrewmaster NFTs Giveaway

Our last giveaway was sponsored by #cryptobrewmaster who gave away 10 great In-Game NFTs. And the winners are...

Common Brewery winners

Moderate Brewery winners

Rare Brewery winners

We are still waiting for two #winners to reply on their winning. Else we will have to give it away to someone else.

What’s next?

We will be using the winning #submission (and even some of the others) to help inspire official #CBRS #infographics. These will be used to #promote Hive in future #marketing endeavors as we strive to continue to grow this beautiful chain of ours.

Also, keep an eye out for more ways to win amazing #Hive prizes, such as upcoming #Lottery and HIVE and #NFT #Giveaways.

#ColdBeetRootSoup is just getting started. We’ll keep you cozy during crypto winter and get a fire in your belly roaring for when the buzz returns ;)


Thank you to our Sponsors

Without all our sponsors we wouldn't be able to have this great #contest and so many #giveaways. Thank you for your love and support.


Big thank you to our friends and sponsors @ecency, @hivebuzz, @risingstargame, @nftshowroom, @cryptobrewmaster, and @HiQ

Besides our sponsors, we got some crazy support from @acidyo, @melinda010100, @arcange, @beeber, @rollie1212, @tibfox, @smooms, @quekery, @mary-me, @kvinna, @manncpt, @tengolotodo, @chaosmagic23, @stickupboys, @mypathtofire, @crimsonclad, @guiltyparties.

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DAMN!!!! I WON!! I have to get some cool sunglasses now, so I can look at that @hivebuzz badge as well. Congrats to @shahzad-ansari and @dray91eu (love your design man) as well!

@coldbeetrootsoup; I love the way how you guys approached and hosted this contest. Let's meet up in 2023!

Congrats @rubencress 🎉

Thank you! And thank you for the 1st place badge! Appreciate the effort and One-of-a-kind badge, I didn't know they were customized, so that was a nice surprise.

Awesome job man. Your design skills are so cool.

Thanks man! We can finally hang out now, right? I mean you make winner stuff as well. Hehe.

I’m not as cool as you.

You saying you're cooler?

No. You are way cooler.

You make an excelent work here!

Thanks, man! Really happy that I won! The other two designs are also pretty damn cool.

Yeah and I love mine too
Because DinoPuku it's My favorite own desing lol

Congrats 🎉 you did an awesome job 👍

You too man 🎉🎉! Very well deserved!

Congrats buddy for you great work, you get a great reward! Looking forward to see you IRL ;)

Oh dang! I'm so happy! Thank you so much for hosting this AWESOME contest! THIS is exactly how contests should look on Hive IMO. Here's where the real power lies beneath. A platform that offers a stage for those who want to show off their skills (Im not saying this because I won, but so many people joined the contest and shared their ideas and designs). This is fully utilizing the whole blockchain with engagement. Look at all the submitted designs and ideas! That's priceless. Not even to speak of all the people talking about Hive on Twitter with the length of the contest.

Congrats, @rubencress,

I have a question:
What means:


Here in your post

Here are the
Contest Rules from @coldbeetrootsoup :

  1. You may only use:
    Creative Commons 0 Licensed (CC0) work
    Your own work

cheers with !BEER 🤠

CC0 licensed work = Work that is available in the public domain
Own work = Work that you create yourself, thus the copyright icon under my design.

You can read more about copyright at my old alt account @xposed, where I did a full page about the basics of copyright, if you'd like to learn more about copyright that is...

Since I am the creator of the work, I hold all the copyright, which is defaulted to me by the copyright law and should (always) be stated. This way, I have the ability to-, and the guarantee to provide CBRS with the right license to use the concept/design (guaranteeing them to fully utilize the design without getting into legal (copyright) trouble). Since it is unclear when you participate if you win, all (freelance) creators of all sorts of content should have built-in a safety mechanism, they always should remain to be the owner of what they make, unless they are on a payroll. For example, 2nd place winner @shahzad-ansari's design got partially used by someone else in terms of color, style, and even some elements. The user who used his design got disqualified due to copyright violation #2 (since Shazad's work is copyrighted by default (if he did not use any copyrighted material)). Both cases refer to the 2nd rule.

I can use my own work, but others can't.


Thank you for your answer!

lg !PGM with much more !invest_vote 🤠

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Congrats to @rubencress @shahzad-ansari and
Well deserved! The first pace was in fact the one I saw and my first thought was, wow this could be the winner.
It was great to join the contest, learned a lot. Thank you CBRS

Thanks Beeber! You should do crypto charts because you can look in the future! :p

Youre welcome :-) haha, no I gave up those trading things because the Charts ALWAYS do the oposite of what I thought :-)

wow amazing work there!! congrats @rubencress @shahzad-ansari @dray91eu
awesome feeling to see my brother @shahzad-ansari on 2nd position HURRAYYY!!!! its party time!!! We need a party big BROOOOOO...
Special thanks to the team who works real hard for all this to happen in such a nice way @coldbeetrootsoup and the sponsors. THUMBS UP!!!!

Congrats to @rubencress @shahzad-ansari and @dray91eu

And congrats to @cbrs for all the effort you put into this contest!

Thank you so much 🥰
I am so happy that I got the 2nd position in @coldbeetrootsoup infographic contest, because it was my first time entering a competition like this. It was really fun to participate and also very rewarding to know I just won something.

That's really great! You are very talented and I hope we see more from you!

I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! I'm always trying to learn new things and improve myself, so I'll definitely try my best to get involved in more activities like this. Thank you again for your support!

There are more great contests for you to enter in the Ecency Discord!

Thank you thank you! Really put in a lot of time in this contest because Hive is a big part of my life (and has changed my view on how to use social media by a lot), CBRS did a great job and spend a lot of time putting this contest together. Chapeau!

That was a well deserved win! ♥️

Followed the contests till the very end. Everyone has done a great job with their infographics. Congratulations to @rubencress, @dry91eu and to pappa @shahzad-ansari for their hardowork, it is a deserved podium finish.

Congrats @rubencress, well deserved!

Thanks man! oohh yeahhh

Indeed, his one one of the first that really popped out of every other graphic :)

Congrats to the winners! 💃🏻✨
Rubencress winning 1st place was totally deserved, since i saw his design I know he was going to win 😎! They all did a great job.
Thanks @coldbeetrootsoup for hosting this amazing contest, it was really fun and it created many opportunities (i loved the participation badge💕, cheers to Hivebuzz).

Congrats to @rubencress and other winners.

Thanks Fiery!

I just finished my work and saw so many notifications 🥰, Thank you so much
I absolutely loved @coldbeetrootsoup infographic contest! It was so much fun to see all of the different designs. I think that @rubencress did a great job with his design and I'm glad he won first prize. I also want to give a big shout-out to @dray91eu for his design.

Conggratulations dad @shahzad-ansari i have seen your post witch is for the competision.🥳

Thanks princess ♥️

Congratulations to all winners! Those were really great entries! Well deserved. Thanks for running a great contest guys, it was really good fun! 😎❤️

Thanks @mypathtofire ! It was a long and good one. Let's see what other contest we can start w our community!

Congrats to @rubencress a deserving winner, it's such a slick design.

It's just a pity that a Hive infographic poster features dapps that are active on Stxxm ☹️

Thanks a lot @livinguktaiwan ! Appreciate that coming from you :))

That's a good point, @coldbeetrootsoup is probably aware of that (maybe?/ping ping)

It is what it is, the entry was from a newbie who has no idea of any history .....☹️

Amazing work❤️, i saw all the designs and it was amazing congratulations to all winners @dray91eu @rubencress and specially to my dad @shahzad-ansari i really liked your design.💯🔥

wow!!! all i could say is Omoh ... didn't expect i could even make the top 3 ...congrats to @shahzad-ansari and @rubencress u guys did really great ... A big thank you to @coldbeetrootsoup for the creative contest i really love what you guys are doing cant wait to attend a meet up soon guys

Waow what a great job you all did. Many congratulations to all the winners. It really was not an easy competetion as I have seen the hard work of my husband @shahzad-ansari for this.

Tack min älskning ♥️

Congrats to the winners! They all look great, I can imagine you were having a hard time deciding the winners!

Thank you so much

Congratulations to the winners... I'll try again next time 😊

These are all amazing! Congratulations to the winners 💙

Congrats to all Winners. Well Deserved!

Congrats winners. Well deserved. 💙

Nice graphics, good job everyone! 😎

Well done to everyone on this great project!

I'm very happy to have participated and even more to have won haha. Thank you for the opportunity you gave us and that moved the community so much!


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@rubencress what was this about? you just came and rocked! I wanna know fake alt now hehe! Congratulations on the win!

@shahzad-ansari Thanks for wining, it felt like I won also! :)

Haha, that Tweet was a jump-in on the trending #hive tag (referring to the Hive Social app that went trending). I'm almost 5 years active on the Hive's ledger ;)

After two hours, I understood you were talking about hivesocial xD !LOLZ

I was digging some web2 to web3 conversion data and saw it again and understood it this time xD

What would happen if giant ducks roam the land?

Credit: reddit
@rubencress, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @dlmmqb

Have you tried the !gif !lolz !meme combo? It is a wall of fun!

Credit: cmmemes
Earn Crypto for your Memes @!

Congratulations to all who participated and to the winners.

Thank you for the NFTs.

Amazing infographics there! Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners. :D

Congratulations to all the winners!! 🎉 No doubt people will join this kind of contest. Prizes are engaging. 😍 And those 3 winners all deserve their awards.

Wow, what a great contest, great prizes for great work. Congratulations to the winners, your work is fabulous and thanks for my nft of #cryptobrewmaster, yupiiiiii

Congratulations big time to all winners, awesome entries up there
And kudos to the participators ✌️❤️

Congratulations to the winners

Congratz to all winners
I am really happy to see my brother in between winners 😍

Congrats to the winners


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Great contest and congratulations to everyone who entered.

O.o i won too ty for the giveaway, I appreciate it!!!

niceee, congrats man!

Huge congrats to all! 👏👏👏

Congratulations to the three winners, as well as to all the organizers and those who supported this excellent contest. Greetings from Cuba

Congrats to all the winners, great job on those infographics 👍