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Hello #Hive❤️

Hi there #Hivians! As you already know, we have been going wild with all kinds of #contests and #giveaways. In our last video @minigunner and @artakush told everyone that #CBRS will use all their HIVE rewards for Giveaways. We really hope that we will have enough to continue these giveaways and keep you guys entertained and give some of that fun and positive vibes that the world is missing right now. So, don't forget to #upvote our posts so we can share with the rest.


StickUpBoys NFTs Giveaway

This weeks main #giveaway was sponsored by @risingstargame and @stickupboys. Not one...not two...but 10 NFTs were given away to our beautiful #community!

1️⃣ NFT number #1 #GoingOut 5X

2️⃣ NFT number #2 #Getaway 5X

Here is the video of Spinning Wheel #giveaway winners reveal. Congratulations to @cryptonarios, @lumkela, @bitandi, @etorobong, @cescajove for winning #GoingOut NFT and @statico, @cryptoace33, @monsterbuster, @johnuko, @myanmarkoko for winning #Getaway NFT.


HiveBuzz Badges

A very big THANK YOU to our next sponsor @hivebuzz & @arcange❤️ Tell your Designer that we are very happy with the #badges.

So, all our #sponsors got a CBRC Sponsor badge, all our #Infographic #Contest participants got a badge as well and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will also get a special #badge, but we will not show that to you just yet.


@Ecency Points Giveaway

To give a bit more extra to our followers we decided to give out some #Ecencypoints thanks to @melinda010100. She helped us out a lot for the past few weeks.

Here are all Hivians who will receive 20 Ecency Points each: @adedayoolumide, @agreste, @alicia2022, @ansoe, @bechibenner, @beeber, @blessedkid-121, @burnsurface, @cajiro, @cescajove, @cheeamaka, @cryptoace33, @cryptonarios, @darahclem, @elizacheng, @emeka4, @esbat, @etorobong, @euphyca, @geelocks, @gr33nm4ster, @hardaeborla, @healjoal, @henruc, @hiq.redaktion, @hively, @hopestylist, @jmis101, @johnbenn, @johnuko, @jomancub, @josuerr29, @joydukeson, @kaiggue, @ketsuma, @lightbruce17, @lofone, @lorddiablo, @mary-me, @melinda010100, @merit.ahama, @monsterbuster, @mosesessien, @mosho-o, @mypathtofire, @nahupuku, @nikoleondas, @nkemakonam89, @omosefe, @orah14, @pero82, @pravesh0, @quduus1, @ramisey, @rimurutempest, @risingstargame, @seki1, @solymi, @statico, @stekene, @tengolotodo, @theey, @thunderjack, @treasuree, @voidd, @ydaiznfts, @yourwhisper.

Thank you all for sharing our NFTs Giveaway Article with Hive.


10 HIVE Retweet Giveaway

To give our main #NFT #giveaway a little push we decided to add a small extra. Each person who would retweet our Giveaway would get a chance to win extra 10 HIVE. Thank you all who helped us and congratulations to @dewabrata for winning the #prize.



250 HIVE Giveaway

Calling all Hivians to participate in our 250 HIVE #Giveaway! This is a big giveaway guys, so share this with everyone❤️ All you have to do is click on the button below.




Infographic Contest Updates & Feedback

After patently waiting we finally have two more entries for our #Infographic #contest. Here is some of the #feedback we would like to share with you guys and hope you will make some changes.

The first entry is from @valeriavalentina. Even if the #hexagon #design is a bit old it is still a beautiful way to explain hive #aspects. At the end it is not only about the #design. You explained your idea pretty well @valeriavalentina, but there are some minor mistakes.

For example VIDEO: You can add any content using video related Dapps even if they are not original. You won't get far with non original #content but you can still add it.

Social: When you read the #Infographic Contest document you can see what not to say about #Hive. Please stop saying you get paid for your content, but instead use the word #rewarded.

Games: Maybe try not to use the word "earn" and still be able to explain that you get rewarded for playing.

Thank you so much for your entry!

Then we have one more entry by @ydaiznfts. Thank you for putting the time and effort to your #design. Let's get started with the #feedback.

So we think that your #infographic is a bit all over the place. You got too much going on and no focus on just one #aspect. If your idea was to show Hive #Ecosystem then you have to make people understand that that's what it is.

  1. You should explain in your design it is about #Hive #ecosystem.
  2. Separate Hive ecosystem in to categories.
  3. Explain what each category represents.
  4. Explain why you should join Hive #Ecosystem.

For a person who doesn't understand what Hive is, it is important that we don't make the person dizzy with loads of distracting information. People don't have to know all the names of the #dapps (that will come later) as long as they understand what kind of #dapps there are and what they represent.

I hope this helps and gives you a push to rethink your entry and try to make it one more time. Thank you so much @ydaiznfts for putting in your effort and time in to your #design and competing for 1,000 HIVE.


We had two more deliveries yesterday, but we are going to give some feedback later this week. If you want to see these two new entries then you can follow these links.


CBRS Roadmap

  • WOO Packs Opening
    We will have our @wrestorgonline #WOO packs opening soon. Don't miss out on our video's about that.
  • #DIYhub Giveaway
    Together with @diyhub we will be giving away 50 HIVE... AGAIN! This time we will be giving away 10 HIVE to 5 winners.
  • NFTs giveaway
    This week we will yet again have NFTs giveaway thanks to @cryptobrewmaster and of course @rollie1212

Hive Future

Our children are the future! @minigunner invited his son to to join #Hive and learn about Blockchain and all that crypto world has to offer. He is also a big fan of @splinterland. So, @minigunner decided to give all his #Splinterlands cards to his son @dovycola so can learn how to play, win and earn. He is just 9 years old and a bright future for #Hive.

Check his #intoduction article and show him some love 😍




Big thank you to our friends and sponsors @ecency, @hivebuzz, @risingstargame, @nftshowroom, @cryptobrewmaster, and @HiQ

Besides our sponsors, we got some crazy support from @acidyo, @melinda010100, @arcange, @beeber, @rollie1212, @tibfox, @smooms, @quekery, @mary-me, @kvinna, @manncpt, @tengolotodo, @chaosmagic23, @stickupboys, @mypathtofire, @crimsonclad, @guiltyparties.

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I'm a winner ! Thanks very much and Thank you for all the giveaways - Very kind
retweeted and shared :)

Copying @coldbeetrootsoup I will try to redo it or modify it with your advice, thank you very much for the feedback. 🍃

Fantastic 😍 You are almost there @ydaiznfts 🙌

Shared on Ecency Discord and everywhere else I could think of! ♥️

Thank you for the Retweet Giveaway 🙋

And thank you for retweeting 🙌

Thank you very much for the huge offer ☺️

Your #NFT has been sent to you 🙂

Please where can I access the NFT

Where can I find the NFT I won?
It is not in the NFT showroom.
Greeting from @bitandi

@stickupboys The NFT is in the game right?

So @bitandi You can find the nft in RisingStar game :)

Man I'm totally nervous about this infographic 😂
When's the deadline again @coldbeetrootsoup ?
Also thanks for the ecency points 🤗

The deadline is on the 17th of November 🤪 Little pressure is good for you 😂😁

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Congratulations to the winners. Felicitaciones a los ganadores

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Great to be winner!
Thank you so much for your amazing GIVEAWAY!




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Uuh I won something! Thanks guys! Upvoted and shared :)

Thanks so much for the offer, I really appreciate 🥰

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You are welcome and thank you for your help with retweeting and rebloging 🙃

You're always welcome 😊❤️

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Congratulations to the winners
Thanks so much for the gift
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Thank you for helping us with our giveaways 🙂

Thank you for the Ecency Points, amazing content and contests 😁

big thank you to @melinda010100 for giving us these points for #giveaway :)

Thank you very much for the reward.
I'm really grateful

Likewise 😊 Thank you for being here with us 🙂

Thank you very much ✅☑️

Wow excellent, Thanks for the mention @coldbeetrootsoup and Happy for the NFT Earned... 😃 now the question... How do I charge it or where would it be sent to me?

You can see it in your Hive-engine. You got a transfer from StickUpBoys 🤩

OK, I already saw the received transfer, but not visually the image... excuse my ignorance... 😎

All good brother 🙂


Thank you very much @coldbeetrootsoup for the reward

You are most welcome and thank you for participating ;)

First of all, congratulations to the winners! 🎉💃🏻

Now, excellent feedback, thank you very much, I will make the corresponding changes🧐, but when I finish, where do I put the new edited design? In this post or I edit the comment in the main post? 🤔

You can post a new comment on infographics contest post 🤩

Hi @coldbeetrootsoup , I was just wondering if you had a moment to give me some feedback on my entry? You can leave a comment or write me a small message to let me know what you think of it. I would really appreciate it.Thanks so much. 😊

We will try give feedback as soon as possible. We are running a bit behind with time and our schedule 😊

Thanks for your quick response, Just wanted to know whether I have entered in the contest correctly or not? Take your time 😊

Oh yeah for sure 🙂 your entry was accepted 😊

Count me in

Thanks you very much for the offer.


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Nice, free points!

These giveaways are awesome. keep it up and thanks for the entertainment.