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This post goes for Qurator's Photo Quest.
This week prompt was: "Technology".
I have a little dirty visual pleasure for you. The photo I took recently at the International Cars exhibition at St.Petersburg. There were a lot of kidz and nice shiny old cars restores... and this part if what have been left of the ones that were dismounted. Beautiful examples of the XX century technology.


location: St.Petersburg, Russia April 2021 lamp lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D 16-35mm 2.8 ex-jpg
f X t 1/40 ISO 640 ---

It seems the said society members are outcasts, a minority, at least here on Hive. Nobody shares their posts to Antique & Vintage community, none of my posts are getting a decent evaluation ... stop, stop, seems I'm starting to whine, and I'd rather not say any more.
I better share another captures and nice example of old technology.


This is a trolleybus chassis. The trolleybus itself was built in 1948, and lost its job in the late 1960s - for 30 years its body, without an engine, served in a secret Soviet military laboratory (served as a test object, hehe). Cannot be restored, the remaining parts were used as donors for the restoration of other old buses. But! The museum workers made a perfect use of what was left: they turned the chassis into an exhibit!

And believe me, I spent several hours next to it (with my camera ofc) - it turned out to be on of the exhibition highlights and most popular spots, always crowdy - there always was a line of children waiting for the opportunity to evaluate this device, sit in the driver's seat, touch a real steering wheel and turn it - thats worth a lot! There was also a brake, but most of the children did not get their feet up to it :) I made a lot of happy children's faces shots, the range of emotions written on them was eye-catching!

Это шасси троллейбуса. Сам троллейбус был построен в 1948 году, и потерял работу в конце 1960-х годов - 30 лет его кузов, без мотора, служил в секретной советской военной лаборатории (служил в качестве тест-объекта, хехе). Восстановлению не подлежит, оставшиеся в наличии части были использованы как доноры для восстановления других старых автобусов. Но! Музейные работники нашли прекрасное применение тому что осталось: они превратили шасси в экспонат!

И поверьте мне, я провел рядом с ним несколько часов (держа камеру в руках) - это был один из самых топовых и популярных экспонатов на выставке, очередь детей, ждущих возможности оценить это устройство, посидеть в кресле водителя, прикоснуться к настоящему рулю и покрутить его - стоит многого! Там был еще и тормоз, но у большинства детей ноги до него не доставали :) Я сделал немало кадров счастливых детских лиц, спектр написанных на них эмоций был вмечатляющий!



A racing car inside. Splendid!


{ You may check my previous post about the cars exhibition here. I didnt dig specifically into the old-timers in that post, its is an account of everything I saw there. }

Now its time to do some other things. Now I gonna use a good old technology of scrambled eggs, a cast-iron pan will be included, too!


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Рай, для любого мальчишки)

эх, если бы! не знаю. думаю что уже нет - теперь все предпочитают телефоны и свой собственный тыкающий палец :(

Ну я сужу по своему детству)
Пусть сейчас и меньше таких детей, но все равно они есть! Я убедился в этом за последний год, работая с детьми... И это очень радует, не все потеряно)😁

так-то да! но современные мальчишки нынеча - это вам не то, что давеча


Это да, но так и наши отцы с дедами говорили) Хотя ты абсолютно прав!

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класс, и мы бы там полазили

I think most of the users on Steem and Hive are not very interested in sharing their hobbies or beautiful collectibles.
Most of them just want to earn money and that is unfortunately difficult with such nice posts.
Most of the votes are made automatically by bots etc.
Much is not read at all.
There were other nice communities too, e.g. one for records. I had made a few posts there, but it didn't work there either. What a shame!

huh.. well, what should we do when our expectations and visions of an ideal world collide with the real world? hehe. this question has no general answer, does it?
(same case in the publishing business, I learned a long time ago: you can't just publish the books you want. publish 9 books "for money", to make money, and one book "for the soul". such is the ratio... )

so, i'll keep doing what I am doing (writing, sharing things, showing photos) what i like, and adding % of posts to make money. (and will suffer each time when my expectations about a cool post or find go to pieces with zero intrest and support, hehe).

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basically it also means, that if we want to keep money and returns from our votes, we have to rely on the auto-voting thing more and more. idk why it takes such a direction...

oh, and not to finish it on a gloomy note: now I can treat you with !PIZZA :))))



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It is exactly like that!
I haven't heard from the hard fork.
Hive is no better than steem either
money-money-money, but only for some people .....
Thanks for the Meal!
(I like blurt...)

blurt? is it alive ?!.. last time i checked i cannot even connect to it.

do you know the name of Leonard Cohen?
( of course you do! you can not ignore this page ?! )
recently I stumbled upon a jewish video interview with him, circa 1988.. he was asked about one of his friends from 1960-es. I didnt understand e'thing he told back, but I got the main idea; so well-said! this man has (had) a sharp visionary mind and he was a thinker. so, he said that ... (apparently)... We had this nice experiment (all of the 60-es), and it had failed. and now we only can have memories about that little thing. the 60-es COLLAPSED. Money won. that was the result of experiment. money occured to be more powerful. my friend totally identified himself with that time - and thus he preferred to collapse with it too.

that's about what he said. i hadn't seen this thought explicitly articulated anywhere before... but for now it stuck in my mind. if you havent payed attention to LC, please do. he's brilliant...

Yes, of course, I know Cohen.
Money won....yes....sad......

I forget...YES! blurt is alive!