Gitcoin Grants: Support Esteem Project 🚀

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Esteem project is on Gitcoin Grants now.

Let's support Esteem and help build a better community!

How to support Esteem?

(you need a Gitcoin account connected to MetaMask)

Go to Gitcoin grants page and "Fund this Grant"

They will accept any token, just type in how much you like to donate and pick a token and "Contribute to Grant"
(any amount will help 🙂)

This will send a request to MetaMask so just click on "Confirm" and that is all.

Gitcoin will match donations so small amount, even 1 DAI will help!


If you don't have any tokens to donate, that is okay too.
Just resteem this post or make a post about the grant :)

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I have a few tokens which is worth nothing. Wish I could support :(
Will resteem it for now until I get enough tokens.