My Splinterlands' battle of the week: Plating with Equializer Ruleset!

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Hello everyone!

This week @splinterlands choose a rule to the battle of the week: EQUALIZER so this will be fun baceause we can use any spliter and any monster, just have to set aour strategy to defeat the enemy.

Equalizer description says:

The initial health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base health

So all monster will have the same health from the start. Lets find a match with this ruleset (and the winner is😄):


Think fast! I will need a bunch of meele Monsters and a healer so why not both? I gonna play with Earth Splinter.


Since ruleset contains Meele Mayhem, this new guy will give me an extra attack with Thorns

First Card

I want a solid tank with shield to resist the enemy attacks

Second Card

After the other guy dies, this Monster will keep restoring it health

Third Card

This guy will go after the last Monster instead the first

Fourth Card

A distraction to those attackers looking for no attack, magic o ranged and maybe a tank too

Fifth Card

To keep my first guy healty 😄

Sixth Card

To attack always the Monster with lowest health

Here's is the battlefield with the enemy's choice team: Who do you think will win? How many rounds will have this battle? Just click here to see the batle

See you in a next challenge 👍


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice battle.
I'd suggest you work more on your post for getting bigger rewards.
Keep on playing.

Thanks a lot. I Will take your suggest.