Splinterlands lost another exciting Human Player

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Splinterlands lost another exciting Human Player

I will start by saying this is my blog, and it's not yours. What I say here is my opinion, and not yours. I make choices on who I am, you do the same. If you don't like what I say, so be it. You go ahead and write what you want to write or say at your blog, I don't give a rat's back side on what you think. By the way, this is intended to a particular Mav on SL mav chat. Please pardon my french.

Great, with that out of the way, let us talk about the burnout that is @schnapoon.


No, this is not a book review, go to goodreads if you are so inclined

Yesterday, my scholar writes this post:


This is not a news to me. He has been struggling for a while. I wish him luck, and I am sure that this break will do him good. In fact, I recommended that he takes a break, and find alternate sources of income. He is my friend, and will always be my friend. I am glad he is going to try and find alternative employment, because as a game Splinterlands can not support full-time living expenses for a professional player in any developed country. This is not my scholar's fault, it is our fault as a game economy. We thought we could, but currently we can't. I am sorry schnapoon. We couldn't deliver. This is a fact, and it is undeniable.

Money is tight right now. Economy is tight, so it is hard to make things magically look good now, so I am not going to fake it and try. It is what it is folks. It was Oct 30, 2022.

As a reminder: This is what I wrote when we started the journey with azipoon account.


I hoped that we will be longer lasting with this project. Again I like to point out this is burnout is NOT of schnapoon. This is on US. This is on the community. This is on me. That is what I think, if you don't, look at the meme below, which summarizes my state of mind :)


I really wanted to use this meme as a title image, but blockchain remembers everything

OK, Next

Enough ranting. Where do we go from here? Well I should ask where do I go from here regarding the azipoon account. I don't want to put it on Archmaage or xbot. I can, yes, for more cash in my pocket, but I won't. I wish circumstances are a bit more positive to welcome @demon19! But it is not, and I am sure she is okay with it. It is often difficult to enter a battlefield when all hopes are lost. However, that is where and when poems like The Charge of Light Brigade are written and symbolizes.

I am happy and thankful that @demon19 have accepted the job. She is from Philippines. Cost of living is low and quality of life is high there. So I have high hope, the game can support a professional player there. She is an exciting new player. I am eager to see what she can do. From today, she is in charge of Azipoon account. She will play brawls at our guild SOG. I have already notified the guild and other relevant parties. Please welcome her to our family. We have high hopes from her, and lets see how this new chapter moves forward.



The Splinterlands


Oh, not sure what to say but i am pretty disappointed after reading it. Things are really getting hard for players. If your source of living is splinterlands then I agree. To be fair my mental energy doesn't allow me to play this game anymore. so for the past couple of seasons, I am not playing I only do brawls and tournaments. Since my source of living is not splinterlands so I'm ok with it. But I hope things will get better in future. I am not in favour of quitting but everyone has their own choices. The current bot mafia literally killed human players. I am a big example here

Wow! The princess herself commented!!

How are you, Xawi?!

That comment means a lot to me. You played my account the longest still. If you say something about the game that is significant.

Hehe, I am fine thank you Azir how are you? I am not very active in the hive so i am sorry i am not aware of what is going on. This is what i feared the most because of bots we will lose real players and it's happening. A lot of things are not in favour of players and i know plenty of great players quitting Sl. It is kind of heartbreaking when i see good players leaving the game. Whales are preferring bots instead of hiring scholars. Schnapoon had a great account in the form of Azipoon. So I am pretty much shocked he gave up. We are in a great crypto dip I guess patience is the only key to survival. I still believe Sl will rise and shine again.

Yes, the situation out there is bad for manual players.

What I do not want is a have a situation where all human players quit, then we will have a situation called 'run on the bank'. I am sure @aggroed do not want that. None of us wants that. There is still time. We can fix the bot situation and rescue the game.

Indeed I hope the team is aware of the current situation.

It is not your place to apologize, in my opinion.
You have always cared about me.
I have been taking advantage of that and confusing my belief in Splinterlands with my own weakness of mind and lack of financial resources. And I had given up on everything but the game.
But now this time I must become a professional not in the field of Splinterlands, but in the field of capitalist society.
I will work from now on so that one day I can thank the cheat tools that made me feel like this.
I hope we can play together again then!

I am not apologetic and you shouldn't be either. You take a break. Maybe when you come back you can play as a supplement and not as the sole source of income.

Regardless, Japan and Japanese society is very close to my heart. So I expect this friendship will last forever!

@Schnapoon this one should bring a Smile to Your Face because I Kicked a BOTs Ass in this Battle!

Hang in there Young Man.......


Thank you very much!lol
Try my best!

You can never trust an artist
Theyre super sketchy

Credit: reddit
@schnapoon, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @stokjockey

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Sad to see it, but it is a sign of the times. I understand his decision and wish him all the best.

Best of luck too for Demon19 taking over the account. Welcome to the KoG!

Notice almost all the previous scholars commented, and there is a common tone there.

Yes I did notice. I remain hopeful!

I saw the post as well and have to say that it makes me sad about the state of the game. He's one of the best players and for him to leave it's very net negative. You're right about not putting it on AM or XBOT though - they are symptoms of the problem and going after them would not address the root cause.

It is not about the bots. I have always said that. I am friends with some of the people who wrote these bots, and they are wonderful individuals. I dare say, they even like me, if that is possible.

It is about people. It has always been about people:

  1. Greed
    2, Other's are doing it, why not me
  2. I am frustrated, as I can't beat them, so I join them
  3. Don't have the time, but don't want to sell the assets, don't want assets to sit idle
  4. The game is not fun, I don't want to play, but I want to hold assets for land, lets put them on xbot while I wait

This is in no particular order. Did I miss anything?

Thank you for allowing me to play the azipoon account and welcoming me to the family. I will give my best and hope I can be a great player like Schnapoon

You are welcome Mica. I am sure we can expect great things from you!

Its your blog and your comment section, but I'm just gonna throw it out there that after five years, I think I am done too. Am I part of the problem? I have no idea. I have poured so much passion in and I don't think I have anything left to give.

Or maybe, I just need some real-world medicine to get my brain more of the happy stuff. I used to get that happy stuff from Splinterlands, but I find it less each time I click that battle button.

I'd let people and the team know if I were you. Put it in Mav chat. Write a post. Get the word out there. That's the way we raise the issue.

I don't even know how to articulate what I feel beyond selling and moving on. This isn't an all of sudden thing, it's a nagging thought of the last few months that won't leave.

Give it a try. It’s a snapshot for yourself and not a term paper.

Write freely and send me a link. I can promote it.

Even if I write it in the Splinterlands Memes community I created?

https://peakd.com/c/hive-190145 - No, I won't do that, I'll write it on my blog proper, since it is about me, and not the game as such :D

Write wherever you wish, it all goes to hive blockchain

That right there is the first book in the my whole collection. Even though my collection is a small one, I'm glad that I started with The Subtle Art. It's an interesting read, blunt, just how I like it.

A friend of mine suggested the book at first, and then went ahead and got me a PDF version which I used to read on my little phone back then haha. It's probably the only book so far that I actually had "fun" reading. I finished it quite fast too, usually it takes me 3/4 months to finish a 200/300 page book, sometimes even more.

Later on I did get a hard copy of this one, along with the new book - Everything Is Fucked.

I'll probably give the Subtle Art another read and then switch directly to the new one.

And for the current Splinterlands scene, from one gamer to another, all I'll say is that a break is sometimes necessary.

I've never played any P2E or WEB3 games, I grew up playing the "Pay to Enjoy" or "Pirate to Enjoy" type of games lol, but all of that has now turned into a big Pay to Win sector. Yet, no matter the type, the lifeblood is still the same in the overall gaming sector I'd say.

Whether I pay or don't pay, play competitively or casually, I've made a name for myself in many different games and communities; I've won tournaments, lost a lot more, took A LOT of breaks, and then came back stronger. At the end of the day, tournament or not, money or no money, I was in it for the fun and for my "gamer buddies", because I'm still just a filthy casual. So, the money was just a bonus at the end of every tournament or a game's lifespan.

You have to give it to these professional players who have invested so much time and effort, knowing that the future is uncertain. Yet, they'll still do it, just for the love of the game. This whole competitive gaming industry does have potential, but it isn't that "big" yet, definitely not big enough to support so many talented players from all around the world.

I understand that the scenario is quite different for the WEB3 sector and its players, but everyone in this realm is now struggling. So, as the WEB3 sector grows, hopefully a day will come when the players won't have to look for alternatives. A day when a professional can fully rely on the game and give it their all. Till then, a little break won't hurt I guess.

All the best to you @schnapoon. Hopefully one day you'll be able to come back to Spliterlands, way stronger and better prepared.

From one gamer to another. GGs 💣🔥

Thank you for the detailed comment. I value your opinion as a gamer. I think the break will do schnapoon some good.

Meanwhile I will be playing.

I think the break will do schnapoon some good.

It will for sure. For now he can play casually whenever he gets some free time, to keep up with the game, while also keeping himself sharp.

Meanwhile I will be playing.

Will be on the lookout for some post-match updates then, dada. 🔥

I am glad you like the book. :)

It's one of the best in my collection, sometimes it feels like "the best" as well.

I don't know if I ever said but I won that book in a competition.

The question was to state why you deserved to win the book.

My answer was I don't give a fuck if I win!!

And I won!! I will have to find the post, I was very proud 😀

I don't give a fuck.

Do I win something? 🤣

You win the Top Dawg of the day prize!


Well, I'll take it, and loed it over all and sundry that I won for not giving a fuck. Ok, there was no one else in the contest, but a win is a win.

All of the wins count no matter what!


Rather good book eh?

Yas indeed, I think most people could learn from it!

I have been in the Game since the Beginning and I really enjoy the Game. I have never used a BOT to Play and I must say that the Game is not Fun at All to do Ranked Battles because I know that over 60 to 70% of those Battles my opponent is going to be a BOT. I just put my Head Down and Power through the Best I can and Know my Future lies in LAND once the LAND is fully implemented. Thank you @azircon for not holding back and telling everyone the TRUTH. Many things are completely messed up in our World but I do have Faith that things will get Better in the not too distant Future for all of Humanity........ Grateful that Azircon is a Power House in the Guild that we are Teammates in.


Thank you for your kind words. I try my best.

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Should we stop sharing the battle explorer, if AI do not have data then bot will become clueless.

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There are many things we can do. First is awareness. Make your thinking visible

Schnapoon is one of the best players out there and his streams are always top notch. It's sad that he's taking a break but it's all the more important that he does so for his own wellbeing. Wish you all the best, bro!

On the flipside, having Mica/demon19 be your new scholar is a wonderful opportunity! She's an incredibly good player and playing on a maxed out deck will make her even stronger! I'm very excited to see how well she does!

Yes. It’s a tough to start now but I have high hopes for Mica

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Lately I've seen alot of people pouring out their soul on how hards its difficult to play and earn from splinterland sure i should do some post about this as well.

I totally agree with this, long time ago (2 years) Splinterlands was like half of my income monthly, and not is barely 10%. We are going through some hard times, and people will quit if it is not worth the effort.