Splinterlands Art Contest week - 194 || My Art "SILENT SHA-VI" for this week

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My dear readers,

I hope everyone is well and good and I am fine too. I come up with another picture of this -art-contest-week-193 just like the other week. Today I draw a picture. The name of the picture is "SILENT SHA-VI". This time I bring you something completely different from what has been presented so far, we will move away from the anime style and try to create a more realistic version of one of my favorite characters of splinterlands "SILENT SHA-VI", I will apply techniques for traditional drawing and combine them with digital tools, without more to add let's start .... OH before the face was completely inspired by the letter, I tried to imagine how it would look like if she was more.

What tools I use for this art.

  • Sketchbook app
  • Mobile Phone

First, I complete of its sketch of its with pencil. I was thinking of showing more in detail the first steps, but I still don't have a support for the mobile to be able to record better, even so here is a small sample, for the realistic sketch I use a method very similar to the Infinity design.


Secondly, I do color on its with red color pencil. I draw nose, mouth, ear, eyes and lips, they are not the definitive ones but they give me a good idea of how the complete design will look like.


There are many ways to draw lips, personally this is one of the ones I use most often. I complite face art in the stage.


Than I draw of her hair and face. Next I draw his some body part.Than drawing of his body and complete body art.. Next I drawing of her two hand. Complete his fingers art.


Than complete drawing hands with finger. Draw some hair. Drow some cloths of his body.


Next I drow of this art photo footer part with some fire. Here fire is burning. I do of its body part with some colors.


After completing line art start coloring his art. First I color her face with red color.

Then color of her eye with light red and lips pink. Than color his cloth green. I color of his body with red and yellow color.


Next, I color of his heir another color with blue yellow green and red gray.


Applying stronger and stronger shadows, the face is taking shape, I must momentarily hide the lines of the sketch to check how it is shaping up.


To finish, I corrected several shadows on the skin and clothes, added much more detail in the hair and a black background gives good contrast with the drawing.

I complete painted the picture. I hope you like my drawing please follow me. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

Thank you.
Splinterlands art contest here.
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Ohh nice! I love snakes!!!

Oh nice work !i really love it !