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Hello! This post is for the second entry of Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. For this post, a really interesting battle that I was not expecting to win by just looking at the lineup is featured. We both had different strategies and different elements.



Battle Info

Rank: Modern Novice
Avaliable Type: Fire, Water, Death, Dragon
Mana: 39
Up to Eleven: All units have the Amplify ability.
Heavy Hitters: All units gain the Knock Out ability.
Even Steavens: Only units with even mana costs may be used.

Even Steavens restricts the playable cards again. Up to Eleven and Heavy Hitters is not an interesting unless you try to take advantage of it by stun, thorn, return fire or magic reflect.


My Lineup

Summoner: Thaddius Brood. It gives -1 magic attack and -1 health to all enemy monsters. I chose this summoner since I expected my opponent to use magic attackers.

First positon: Wily Coyotian. After adjusting the mana for other monsters, Wily Coyotian was the front line unit. It is a soulbound card that is currently given out from reward chests. The idea was to delay time until Usut at the second position gets bloodlust and gets stronger.

Second position: Usut. Another reward monster but it is a legendary monster. It has bloodlust ability which is one of the strongest abilities in splinterland. It would get more stronger after it gets some kills.

Third position: Venari Bonesmith. It has life leech so it would gain health for each damage that this unit makes. It would delay the back monster to come to the front position which would be really important in this lineup.

Fourth position: Revealer. Stun works well with Knock Out ruleset. This card is the reason why I chose death element instead of others since it has a stun monster at even mana.

Fifth position: Ravenhood Warden. Another soulbound reward monster here. Protect ability is nice to have in most of the battles. At the end it paid well because of high melee attackers from the enemy.

Last position: Helheim Demon. A taunt monster was placed there so it could direct some of the damage away from the front and therefore trying to make Usut more stronger. It is also 10 mana which is even.


Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_DlSuhznTBwDgjxxT7VIe


Round 1

The enemy monsters were revealed and I was not really delighted to see they used Possibilous and used mostly melee monsters and not heavy magic attackers. The battle started and instantly Wily Coyotian was taken down but Revealer was able to give stun to Diemonshark which resulted Usut to get his kill and get the bloodlust ability and it really changed the tides of the game.


Round 2

Coastal Sentry took the front but it has a low health and after some attacks from our monsters it was taken down. Revealer also gave it stun which wasn't really necessary. Meanwhile our team didn't take much damage.


Round 3

Torrent Fiend was quickly taken down. Revealer gives Deeplurcker Stun again which results it to be taken down this turn and not next turn. At this point the game is basically over now.


Round 4

The more faster monsters are able to take down the remaining monsters.


Thoughts about this battle

The battle ended quickly than I thought, and I was really surprised because of how I won. The enemy did select some high DPS monsters which was a bit dangerous. However they mostly had low health and the Taunt was able to deflect half of the enemies attacker to the backline.


Thanks to all the people that read this post!

If you want to try splinterlands, join Splinterlands HERE

All images are used from Splinterland.


Cool article you presented in the Splinterlands community
Interesting moves on the battlefield, thank you for this strategies
Good Weekend to you

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