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I’ve been aware of the new Land Functionality being developed for Splinterlands but I generally don’t like to invest in Vaporware so haven’t really looked deeply into it previously. However, the functionality has been coming out recently and there is a lot of chatter in my Guild and HIVE Community so thought I better check it out. As such, I’ve started a new experiment. The question I am asking is – "What is the Land Experience like for a Newbie to the Ecosystem?"

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Of course, I am not a newbie to the Splinterlands game generally. I have some battle experience and am familiar with a lot of the Legacy features of the game, but I am pretty ignorant with regards to Land stuff so for this experiment I probably don’t really need to pretend to be a Newbie...I pretty much AM one. The first thing I did was read up The Secret to Praetoria Whitepaper and there is a lot there to digest. That can be a little daunting but I picked up some basics. The Getting Started Guide within the game was also fairly helpful.

I decided I wasn’t going to buy a PLOT on Hive-Engine and go through the Claim / Survey process. I started looking for the cheapest land on the Internal Market because that’s what a Newbie would do and my own experience suggests that the Secondary Market is often where the value is. The cheapest land I could find was at $39 USD and after trawling through some Regions near my friends (I have no idea whether Proximity will ever play a part in the game) I settled on a plot of Common Swamp which I picked up for $40. I thought the extra $1 was worth the +10% Bonus for Water and Death workers on the Swamp. I paid another 5000 DEC for a Power Core and assigned a few spare monsters that weren’t Fire or Life so that I could avoid the -50% penalty on those.

Next up I Staked 10754 DEC to get my Production going at 100% and selected a Grain Farm – which I figured would be the common starting point for Newbies since Grain is an important resource. The game then told me that I need to wait just over 12 Days until my Grain Farm is built. All up I’ve invested less than 60,000 DEC, or about 162 HIVE, or just under $60 US if you prefer. My Production is currently quoted as 5,104 per Hour.

So for now I guess I’ll just wait until that Grain starts coming in. I’ve been warned that if I change my lineup I’ll trigger a Harvest and that’ll cost me 1 DEC / Grain to pay my workers so I don’t want to do that. That little feature sounds like a trap for Newbies and no doubt I have made some other mistakes that might cost me. If so, I’d be keen to hear about it because that’s part of the experiment. How about you? Have you experimented with the new Land functionality? Did you make any mistakes and are you happy with your progress? If you have any tips then I'd love to hear those too!


Sent you some grain to get started, so you don't need to buy any.

Thanks! Really appreciate it.

I decided to dip a toe into land a few months back and bought two plots, just so I'd have some skin in the game as it were. Well, since then I've been bitten by the bug and ended up with 10 plots. The secondary market kept throwing up bargains :-)

I do however need to temper my enthusiasm, as getting the plots up and running is costing a lot more than the initial purchase price.

Initially , I bought two plots because I have two Runi, so I ignored the DEC staking requirement and went for max lvl GF commons to fill the slots as a good compromise between card price and decent PP. Now that I need to stake DEC to the remainder of the plots, that card strategy is not attractive as each plot will need 50,000 DEC or $50 in staked value. OK it's staked, not spent, but still it's a lot and I'd rather not tie up $450 in the remaining 8 plots ( plus another $45 for power cores which I must spend anyway)

So, my card strategy now is GF Epics and add them into the plots gradually, The cards cost more, but they are nice GF Epics and I think they will keep their value well. Each card gives 600 PP ( 660 with bonuses) and only costs 1,000 staked DEC to outfit.

So, slowly on the road to outfitting my land, it will take time and currently my strategy is Grain heavy. I have one plot to SPS giving 0.65 SPS/hr and another giving 700 grain/hr, these are the only two I spent Time crystals on to speed up, the others are under construction and will be mostly Grain


Thanks for sharing your experience. I can see it is very easy to "get the bug" and spend a lot of money here, but I also just wanted to explore the entry level. I think it is possible to get going relatively cheaply by grabbing the land and gradually upgrading the workers.

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You do need several in the same tract to get anything going. It was stated long ago that one would not be enough. There's a lot of pitfalls to watch for, I would take some time to read about all this.

Thanks for the word of caution. I am doing my best to catch up but there is always pitfalls to be wary of so I'm just going slowly.

awesome. Yeah you will need to get yourself 15K grain from the P2P market to feed your workers for building your grain farm. you dont need that for 12 days. Just make sure you have it in your region when you go to "finish your build" or if you want to add or change another worker.
i'm sure you can hit up a guildie for market price grain rather than trusting a stranger on the forum.

so far i have put workers in 12 plots i think? and another 11 or so to go.

grain is a good start.

have fun!

Ok. Another great tip. I thought I was going to be able to start producing grain and then pay back the workers afterwards. You're saying I need the grain to finish the build before I can produce? Will have to look into that. Thanks!

yes you will need to have 15K grain in the bank... i will have some ready in a few days... but im still a bit tight on mine. I have a plot coming live tomorrow i need 15K for... but you have 12 days right?

could maybe hit up Matt for a P2P. I'm not keen on trusting a random

if you can wait till your plot is ready i can help out.

I sent him some.

awwwwwwww thats great! as each of mine come online i snowball. just have tiny amounts till more plots online. lol awesome Matt!

It's good to do some experiments with land and share your experience after some time. Land has created more excitement in the game and SPS is on rise.

That seem to be like a good strategy
I have not begun to play Splinterlands though. I heard I need about $2k to start
Is that true?

Cool article, I'm fairly new to it all and don't have a lot of anything, but interesting to hear how getting into the land grab is possible with a relatively low amount of DEC. Nice job!

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