XBOT - Day 7 + Token Sale Info

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XBOT just keeps chugging along. For the 7th straight day it gained rating, this time netting me 82 more rating and finishing the session in champion league for the first time. This means tomorrow there will be champion chests!


As the season progresses it's becoming clearer and clearer that XBOT is legit. I honestly didn't expect this from a free service when I first learned of the bot. And the performance has been so good that it's not going to be free for much longer. It was always known that a token would be required down the line, and the time has finally come for the token general sale to begin. According to this post, the token sale will be held on December 1st and will cost $30 each. There will be 100 tokens initially, with more being minted each week. The intention is to eventually mint as many as there is demand for so as not to encourage players to simply buy and flip for a higher price on the secondary market.

The original price was intended to be $20, but the bot simply blew away expectations and has shown to be more valuable than that. I expect an incoming battle between XBOT and Archmage as two public, high end bots compete for a share of the market. Archmage drew harsh criticism when they added a 35% free on earned SPS for using the bot. Despite the pushback, more and more players were drawn to it as there was no other true competitor on the market. I believe XBOT seriously changes that. While I have nowhere near the necessary data to claim which one is superior, I expect this XBOT token sale to move swiftly as players are drawn to a bot that doesn't take a share of their earnings.

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no other true competitor on the market

Well, it depends how you see the competition. There is the bot from Jones, which may have lower winrate but if you only use it wit a few accounts (or only one in my case) it is completely free. There is Splintermate (I'm testing it this month) whith a decent winrate, professional looking UI, and a $1 monthly fee per account (nothing more, nothing less). With multiple accounts it may become coslty, but again, I use it with my only acc and there is enough SPS rewards to keep it going.

I don't consider Splintermate or Jones to be high performance bots. Neither are going to win much at the highest leagues. Splintermate has a lot of other cool features, but the actual battle alogrithm just isn't at that level.

I expect this XBOT token sale to move swiftly as players are drawn to a bot that doesn't take a share of their earnings.

You mean, until they decide to take 34%? 😀

Obviously anything can change, but I do not expect that to be a thing. They've specifically marketed that there are no % fees.

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tried it and it's great!
20$ worth is fair, sadly 30$ is too much for me (consider this bear market...)

Let the Bot Wars begin!