Posted out of But I do see it on PeakD. I am typing this on PeakD. These days PeakD and are out of sync sometimes...

I guess you got to look here

Okay, I will keep checking but I still do not see it there on my end. I did also notice a little buggy lately there but I will keep trying!

@clove71 -- Haha. Yeah, I learned through experience (having OVER-spent on Orbs in the same way this guy did - nothing wrong with doing it this way, of course) that, for me, it is BEST to obtain new cards/editions in a more ORGANIC way. That is, go slowly, learn about the cards through using them from the lower levels up, etc. I just hit a gold life" Untamed card in a reward pack, and I may convert that to DEC and buy a few packs "for good luck", but may then take the more organic approach. I can also convert any of the remaining seven Untamed airdropped cards to DEC and buy Dice packs. Each person will settle on a strategy which works best for them.