Hi, as I know that you are into sports betting, you might be interested in taking part in my HIVE Bundesliga Soccer Competition.

This prediction game is getting the more interesting and exciting the more Hiveians participate!

If you know other soccer fans, it would be very kind to inform them as well. :)

Thanks for letting me know @jaki01, I'd love to join if it wasn't for a complete lack in time at the moment. Both the Belgian League is going at full force again with lots of things happening in the crypto markets. I already had to cut down on my Splinterlands time leaving my Capture rate at 100% most of the time.

I'll see if I can pass on the message to some that might be interested though.

Good Luck!

Sure, I understand that real betting requires hard work ... on the other hand my competition is for free so that you don't risk anything, and even if not fully focused you still might be the lucky matchday winner from time to time. :)

Thanks for your Battle Challenge!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Fantastic battle and strategy.
It seems your team didn't show even little mercy on the opponent team.