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An epic Untamed collection card from the Death summoner is highlighted in this week's Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Soulstrorm

I only had 1 single Soulstorm card in my collection and had never used it up until this point. The main problem I see is the high mana with low health which makes it very vulnerable to the opportunity ability. I guess at level 4 it's quite ok with the headwind ability. With a single card costing 0.25$ that would add up to a 5$ price for a Level 4 Soulstorm which requires 20 single cards. It by no means is a card I have any priority on adding it to my collection for now.

Regardless, I did have fun testing this card out and I'm happy to continue holding it in my collection as I haven't sold a single card so far this year and aim to keep it that way.

The combination of Earthquake and Extra Armor game rules made this card quite useful in this battle. The Daria Dragonscale summoner always is on top of my list for the many monsters with Fly ability for these battles. The Chain Golem as often was my choice for a 1st-row tank ad it's hard to kill and only takes 1 damage at the start of each round with the shield ability. The Manticore is an obligated choice for 2nd place as it has both reach and profits from the summoner boost. Since it was a 44 mana match, the Phantom Soldier was quite useful and I placed the Soulstorm in 4th spot followed by the Diamond Dragon & the Fire Spitter

Full Battle Replay

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Thank you for your Battle challenge.



Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Guess what costanza! I also had only 1 bcx of soulstorm XD but later I think to t least make it level 2 and thus bought 3 more from the market. This card is indeed a needy one because of its flying ability and high speed.

Great post! keep playing splinterlands and make awesome blogs!