Splinterlands | Stonesplitter Orc Challenge

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This week a beta set card from the Earth Summoner is highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the StoneSpitter Orc!

The Stonesplitter Orc is a card I have at level 4 but I never ever use it as there are so few scenarios where it really fits in the narrative. I have been looking for an Earth summoner card with Armor to make use of the repair ability of the Centauri Mage. The conflict there is that the Stonesplitter Orc is very vulnerable to Magic Damage with only 5 health for 6 mana. So only when Game rules don't allow magic attack monsters to be played it is viable making it impossible to combine with the Centauri Mage.

The game rules did not allow magic damage and gave all monsters 2 extra armor. I played nearly exclusively Melee cards buffing them with 2 extra Attack from the Daria Dragonscale Summoner and the Brownie which also gave all cards extra speed. The Flesh Golem has some self-healing followed by the Manticore having reach and the Dragon Jumper which had the opportunity ability. The Fire Spitter gave some solid ranged damage and I put the Stonesplitter Orc last with the idea that it possibly do some retaliate damage on sneak monsters from the opponent. I got quite lucky not to be affected by the Magic reflect ability from the opponent his summoner and the fact that he played 4 Ranged attack cards which could not attack from the first position.

The Fly ability of some of my monsters also really helped to win this matchup despite the Stonesplitter Orc being totally useless in the last position

Full Battle Replay

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Looks like quite a fight, I like the orc quite a bit, depends on the rules though.

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