Nice Gladius case opening, you brawlin' yet?

in Splinterlands2 months ago


Some time ago I didn't quite understand brawls. What was the point if you couldn't sell the Gladius cards? But now it's become one of the most enjoyable aspects of Splinterlands, not only because we're getting SPS rewards through brawls, but also because it's cool to do some teamwork with the guild. Also, it's nice to have a chance to try out different strategies that aren't available in regular gameplay.

This time I got three rares and a gold foil. Didn't even know there were gold foils in the Gladius deck. Pretty cool since I hadn't been able to level up any cards yet and this one comes at level 2 already.

Good stuff, if you aren't brawling, go join a guild already and get to it!

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