Battle Mage Secrets : AIMLESS | Attacks Are Unpredictable But Dangerous.

Hello there my Splinterlands friends,
I hope you all are doing great with battling on Splinterlands.

With retiring the Share Your Battle weekly challenge, the Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge is live. I must say, this challenge is much more competitive and challenging because it's about a specific ruleset and not about a card. It's fun though.
I surely will miss the old Share Your Battle challenge.

This is the 2nd of this challenge and this week's Battle Mage Secrets challenge is about the Aimless ruleset.

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In this blog, I'll discuss about the 'aimless' ruleset and share the best battle playing with this ruleset.
So, read on...

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A Few Words About The Aimless Ruleset

Aimless is the very new ruleset that was added to the daily battles in Splinterlands. In this ruleset, all monsters have the 'scattershot' ability and attacks hit a random enemy target.
'Taunt' ability is non-working while 'scattershot' is active.
The 'aimless' ruleset is mostly useful for magic and ranged attack monsters.


Now I'm sharing my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won while the Aimless ruleset is active.



Mana Cap: 20
Ruleset :-
Briar Patch: All monsters have the Thorns ability.
Aimless: All monsters have the Scattershot ability.
Active Splinter: Fire, Water, Earth, Death.

My Strategy and Team Setup




Obsidian is the preferred monster because I intended to use a magic attack-based team as one of the rulesets was 'briar patch'.

Team Setup

Team Setup.png

The thing I like about the Earth splinter is that it has the most efficient mid-mana-cost magic attack monsters. These are the monsters I frequently use while playing a mid-mana-cap battle using the Earth splinter.
This team is equally efficient for defending a mid-mana-cap magic attack opponent team.
So, in the 1st position, there's Failed Summoner to counter any magic attack. Fungus Fiend is in the 2nd position as a filler card.
Two main attackers, the Regal Peryton and the Mushroom Sheer are in the 3rd and 4th positions. Queen Mycelia is in the 5th position and provides +2 armor and increases the magic reflect of the Failed Summoner as it has the 'amplify' ability.
In the 6th position, there's the Furious Chicken, another filler card to safeguard from any sneak attack.

Now that the team is ready, let the battle begin...

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Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02 / 03

Round 02 03.gif

Round 04 / 05

Round 04 05.gif

Watch the full battle in real-time -

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Key Points Of This Battle

Choosing the right cards was the key to winning this battle. The Failed Summoner, Mushroom Sheer, and Queen Mycelia played vital roles in the victory.
The Failed Summoner did a few countermagic attacks, while Queen Mycelia increased the magic reflection and the Mushroom Sheer decreased the magic attack of the enemy team.
Thanks to the 'scattershot' my monsters eliminated the enemy's Coral Wraith before the Djinn Oshannus. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to win this battle because my backline monsters were exposed and could be eliminated by the Coral Wraith.
Last, but not least, my enemy had low-level summoner and monsters. Therefore, I was on the winning side from the beginning.
Overall, it was a good strategy that brings me a winning.

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And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

I'm happy to share with you the strategy, and team combination as well as the gameplay of the good battles every week.
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Until next time,
Akash Kumar.

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