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A summary of my notes:

When I was at university, I used to review video games, while I studied Art.

For a time, I worked for a video game publisher, and worked in community management for a video game called World in Conflict.

Then my dad died when I was 19, and this got me (more) interested in death, because I was always a goth from the first time I heard "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence.

After I finished studying, I travelled the world and went to Europe in pursuit of heavy metal bands, but ended up in museums and galleries, because I'm a nerd.

I then came back to Australia after living in the US for a while, and then got a full time job in 2012. I've done so many different things in that job since then, and that's also where I first met Matt Clarke, and he introduced me to bitcoin, crypto, and told me about this "internet computer" thing called Ethereum. BitCoin was cheaper than a few drinks and a dinner; and still I didn't buy any.

Not too long after this, Matt told me about Steem, and knowing my creative history, told me about it. I created an account, made a post, then gave up.

Then I had the creative itch (and the desire) to play games and review them again, without the threat of an overarching editor. I could do game reviews for myself, and they would be immutable for the blockchain.

I started to post my photography, my writing, and generally just screamed out into the void.

Then along came a haunted spider, known as Steemmonsters. Alpha packs cost $2, and you could buy them with Paypal, Steem, BTC, and SBD (which was HBD at the time, pre-Hive) - and I got a bunch of packs. I took part in the kickstarter, and got some packs.

I remember sitting in mattclarke's living room when he decided that he wanted to own as many of a common card as possible. I remember that he selected a flesh golem, before the stats were even revealed, and before there was any gameplay.

The only thing we could do initially was buy packs. It was quite some time before they could even be opened. And then, there wasn't any stats.

It took a while for stats to be a thing, and then what was probably an eternity thereafter, for battles to be released.


So once we look back on the timeline and the progress, you can see that I've been here a long time. I wrote about this, a lot.

I'm going to read those posts now for completeness.

So where am I going next?

Not very far. I'll still try to stream on my personal twitch channel once a week. Maybe more. Maybe less. It depends on how much free time I have, and what new things I spend all my new found time on.

I'll still post on HVIE
I'll still hodl SPS.

If I sell SPS, I will do it silently, and without comment. You'll know that is the time I've lost complete faith.

But the underlying reason for me leaving this place, this station, and this game, is that the game, to me, is no longer fun.


Until next time...

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Thanks as always for your time!


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I been thinking of selling a chunk of my assets as well. It's been a long handful of years with holding for all us OG's. Sooner or later we all have to take that plunge (at least to some degree). Recently I been hitting the poker tables again and been having some bad luck. I been thinking about selling a few thousand worth of cards to seed my bankroll. I'll wait and see what land brings first. Good luck in your future investments. I think holding SPS until the bitter end is a wise decision. I'll likely go down with that ship if need be.

Yeah, I started by doing that initially, once I figured out everything that I would need for land a few... months (almost a year?) or longer? ago, and just sat on the feelings for too long.

I feel incredibly liberated and sleep much better knowing that I had a thought and acted on it.

Probably an emotional decision, possibly a mid life crisis, but I won't be buying any sports cars.

If I sell SPS, I will do it silently, and without comment. You'll know that is the time I've lost complete faith.

I don't think so time will come for this. Splinterlands will boost in the coming months.

I agree, not the time to sell, but I think the boost may be a little further away than a few months.

It can be tempting to sell when there does not seem to be much point in the near future, but I believe that is always how it feels during a lull. To me if you no longer enjoy the game, it just is not worth playing, but you can still hold tokens as an investment with the hope it will continue to grow, and their value will improve.

Either way, good luck in your journey!

I've "collecting everything" Splinterlands stuff for a while. Sometimes you have too much cake, and you just want a tiny cupcake. The SPS I will continue to hold will be a bunch of cupcakes.

Over the next few months we will see a lot of people turning to this game as its prices increase.

Well, as @aggroed said on a recent town hall "It is my job to make people who sell their Splinterlands assets regret that decision as much as possible".

(Not an exact quote)

I hope he can do that job, and I hope he can make me regret my choice. But I'll hold my SPS as the "hedge" to that regret. :)