Bot why do they do that?

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Ok ,so a very flammable topic with alot of different opinions and from the discussions i have seen on the Splinterlands Discord servers, some people have very emotional opinions on it.

There are a few different aspects in it, I am not going to come with a one opinion on this as there are many sides to this topic, but more just genereal thoughts regarding why people are running bots, and most importantly, does it really pay off.

Alot of people look at the issues with the Bots in Novice and Bronze leagues. Certainly they do have an effect on new players, going at it with ghost cards with little knowledge to the game and tactics, they do hit a brick wall, and looking at the future for Splinterlands i am at least of the opinion that large increase in active player base is totally beneficial to all and certainly for them who have invested in he game pre Chaos legion fx. Looking at market values over the last weeks with the Public sales and the skydive the Crypto market has taken has seriously shrunken the asset value for most players in splinterlands.


Playing in Silver up to Diamond 3 (My best result to date) i ahve had my fair share of bots, especially in Silver, and stopping up and giving the ruleset and mana cap an extra thought gives a fair amount of chance in pulling a win.

In Bronze and Silver in particular there are huge bot farmers who everyone has come across - The Liang army and STL-Arm to name just a couple :)

I can see the benefit in having those guys grinding 24/7 for the daily rewards, if Splinterlands (Which i belive) will carry on for coming years then the cards we are looking at the market now being sold at $0.030 each like Pelacor Deceiver and Pelacot Bandit - grinding those for a "quick buck" requires i think a HUGE investment in Spellbooks to be profitable in the short run. Please correct me if i am wrong. Running only a few bots would only give minimal return per day if they are to be sold at those market prices today.


But lets say that in 5 years time, introduction to land has benn implemented to the game, we have had 3-4 new card series introduced, it is not unthinkable that those cards could have crawled up a bit in price.

If we look at the cheapest non-Chaos Legion Reward card on the market at the moment the Charlok Minotaur it goes for $0.12 - having been up in $0.42 just 3 months ago.

Comparing this the this is 4x the price of currently the cheapest cards - And thats only looking at Common cards, then all the Rare, Epic and Legendary cards have not been taken into concideration.

Having a handful of bots and selling for "profits" now cant be a viable option - just getting the ROI for the spellbook with the average Chest values according to the chest is only in average $0.112 in liquid value on Silver 3. That is roughly 90 days for the bot to return the $10 investment in the spellbook. And I doubt the bots can run in Sivler 3 on pure pure ghost cards then either further investment in cards or rental for the bot to run is needed (I am uncertain if all of this can be automated).

And i might be totally wrong here but the only gain in above is looking at the long run, collect as many assets and reward cards as possible the keep them for a while until prices soar again and then sell them out to make a buck on it.

Possibly with a huge army of 100+ simultaniously it is profitable, I dont know, I still estiumate the value of my time spent so it needs to give a bit more than $0.112 each before i would commit much time in controlling this.


Above is just a few thought regarding the Bot topic, please feel free to share your 2¢ on the topic.

If you haven´t tried Splinterlands out yet the it is a fantastic and entertaining play to earn game - You are most welcome to sign up by using my Splinterlands Referral Link

Have a great day all, and may the RNG gods smile up on you all.

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I see where you come from, but I cannot follow your math.

If your bot plays on silver 3 and its a good one it will do 2 chests per day. Giving ypu roughly 0.25$ on average. In addition you get the end saeson rewards and more important you get the dec from your battles.

So the daily gain is much higher.

For sure you need to invest a bit. I for myself have currently around 60k in collection power. To much for silver 2 to less for silver 1 but perfect for silver 2 plus a bot with silver 3.

I started it last friday with only a few cards and now upgraded to 15k cp. I am really currious how it will go.

I will blog regularly about it so if you are interested feel free to follow me on peakd.

Hi Kheldar,

True, i did not calculate the Season reward into the equation. That changes the Break even to maybe 60 days instead of 90.

The DEC from the battles i chose not to calculate into it due to most of the bots i am seeing are renting in cards and running for 24 hours every 3-4 days roughly so i think the DEC gain is minimal.

The way you run it is a totally different story compared to most, as you wont the assets on the bot and are not renting the cards in, that makes it of course a totally diffrent thing. There is a certain investment in equipping the bot with 15K CP and the correct setup of cards the bot will use, but that is in my opinion much more viable option due to the fact that if everything else fails, you still own that asset you have delegated/transferred to the bot.

I have followed you and looking forward to see how it develops :)