It is Fun to Win

in Splinterlands2 years ago

It is fun to win games at the same time earn.


Games can improve your mood and reduce stress levels.
Of course, it usually happens when you win.

Otherwise, it can bring stress to you if you do not like to loose
But then if you lose then try to learn
which I believe can greatly help.

I am not a health expert
but in my experience playing games and some sports
Improves my mood and reduces my stress level, especially these times

What I feel some of the benefits of gaming which I have also been reading through
is that

  • it improves cognitive skills
  • it improved some of your skills
  • better reaction times and hand-eye coordination
  • it improved spatial awareness and problem-solving skills
  • it helps provide some competitive skills and creativity
  • the list may go on for other enthusiasts
  • you may share some more...

But what I feel good about what I m doing now is that for some time ahead
the future of gaming especially Slinterlands is huge.
With NFTs, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies
I am happy to be here.

Greetings to everyone
Hope you have a wonderful day.

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I think you are game lover and researcher right

Yes, I am fond of reading and learning

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