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With Splinterlands you can get NFTs by completing a Quest and Play to Earn DEC at the same Time.
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The entire gaming industry is changing. Splinterlands offers a more immersive experience than traditional games and has the potential to change the way we play games. Combine it with NFTs which are revolutionizing the collection department of this era.

The more you collect these playing cards the more you create lasting playing cards as asset which you can then sell, rent it out, delegate or play with.
With the price ranging from cents to thousand dollar who knows when you get legendaries that may bring joy to your wallet or collections.

The blockchain technology allows for a more inclusive and diverse gaming environment by allowing players to trade their digital assets with others on the same platform. It also reduces the amount of time needed to purchase these items from other players because there are available markets that you can choose from.

This asset has a community using it, the gamers, the enthusiasts, the hive bloggers on splintertalk, the believers that this assets will increase its value in the long run, you name it there is a chance they got it. Splinterlands have been around for quite some time now, compared to similar games.



NFTs are a type of digital asset that has revolutionize the value of collectors items.
Items such as cards, photographs, arts, and many more.

As more and more people are entering the digital world, there's a need to have your certificate or proof of ownership for your collected cards. This is done through the blockchain technology. With the uniqueness of each card and the numbers of cards being controlled, there will be scarcity that will create the value in the long term for this assets.

Most regular games out there, have items you can buy, to use in your game. But if that item was an NFT like Splinterlands cards you could get back your money by selling it or renting it out, whenever you want it. You might even make a profit if that items value increases.

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Note : The content of this blog is for information and entertainment, not to be taken as financial advise.

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