The session is over / Die Session ist vorbei (ENG/DE)

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Hello dear @splinterlands gamers

The session is over!

After a long over the day spread, fierce battle I have then unfortunately not reached the Diamond II league :-(

I admit defeat!!!

A good boxer knows when to throw in the towel!

I decided to stay in the Diamond III league until I open packs again and level up my Summoners. I think that makes more sense in the near future.

As a quest reward I got a Chaos Legion Pack :-))


What more could you want??? :-) You have to be lucky ;-)

In the 40 session reward boxes was nothing special in it but still everything usable. All in all I am satisfied :-)

I am also quite satisfied with my sessions in Diamond III for the moment. When I see that now the Max.Level Summoners are coming towards me, I know that it will be nothing with my Level 5 Summoners. I can't really fight them.

Not yet :-)

So I rather play a little bit calmer into the Diamond III and save this final fight for the Diamond II league at the end of the session.

And how did your session go? Did you reach your goals? Write something about your session in the comments!

So, then I wish you a nice evening and still have fun fighting!

@jamesbattler sends his regards

And do not forget!

!!! The whole life is a miracle !!!




Hallo liebe @splinterlands Gamer

Die Session ist vorbei!

Nach einem langen über den Tag verteiltem, erbittertem Kampf habe ich dann doch leider nicht die Diamond II Liga erreicht :-(

Ich gebe mich geschlagen!!!

Ein guter Boxer weiß wann er das Handtuch werfen muss!

Ich habe mich jetzt auch erst ein mal entschieden in der Diamond III Liga zu bleiben bis ich dann wieder Packs öffne und meine Summoners hoch gelevelt habe. Ich glaube das macht in nächster Zeit erst mal mehr Sinn.

Als Quest-Belohnung gab es aber dann dafür noch ein mal ein Chaos Legion Pack :-))

(Bild s. oben)

Was will man mehr??? :-) Glück muss man haben ;-)

In den 40 Session-Reward Kisten war jetzt leiden Nichts bewegendes drin aber trotzdem alles brauchbar. Insgesamt bin ich damit zufrieden :-)

Ich bin mit meine Sessions in Diamond III für den Moment auch ganz zufrieden. Wenn ich sehe, das jetzt dann die Max.Level Summoners einem entgegen kommen, weiß ich das das Nichts wird mit meine Level 5 Summoners. Gegen die komme ich nicht wirklich an.

Noch nicht :-)

Da spiele ich mich dann doch lieber ein wenig ruhiger in die Diamond III und spare mir dann diesen Endkampf um die Diamond II Liga am Ende der Session.

Und wie ist eure Session so gelaufen? Habt ihr eure Ziele erreicht? Schreibt doch in den Kommentaren was zu eure Session!

So, dann wünsche ich euch noch einen schönen Abend und noch viel Spaß beim kämpfen!

Liebe Grüße von @jamesbattler

Und nicht vergessen!

!!! Das ganze Leben ist ein Wunder !!!


Very much lucky that won a chaos legion pack as a quest reward, !LUV.

I decided to stay in the Diamond III league until I open packs again and level up my Summoners.

Looks like this (to be at least in the Diamond III League) is what it takes to get real rewards (cards) nowadays in Splinterlands. But even these cards are common and close to worthless/useless in battles. I received similar cards in some of the previous seasons in the Bronze I League and in the Silver III League. But not in this season.

And how did your session go? Did you reach your goals? Write something about your session in the comments!

I took a break from playing Splinterlands on 2022.02.06, because nowadays it is not worth it to play it in the lower leagues. I finished the season in the Bronze III League, and I have not received any cards in the season end "rewards". This was my worst Splinterlands season since I play Splinterlands (since 2018.12.30).

Yes, I know, the earnings were really better in the past 😒
But I do not play only for the money 😉
I'm sorry for you if it's no longer fun for you at the moment and
I hope I can comfort you a little with my vote 😇

Yes. Unfortunately it is no longer fun, and nowadays there are little to no rewards either. 10 (or even worse) losing streaks, etc. At least in the lower (in the Bronze and in the Silver III) Leagues. I rather play a fun, enjoyable, entertaining game without real monetary rewards instead of this.

Thank you for the upvote.


Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Cool and rehived :-)

Danke 😎

A Chaos Pack a day, keeps the doctor away :D

And when the doctor is away, you are welcome to stay 😅


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