Grand Magus Flauwy - Splinterlands Art Contest! Week 176

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Florian Delle Legendary Summoner.png

Legendary Dragon Summoner Flauwy. This is an original art character submission to Splinterlands Art Contest.


The Creation of Grand Magus Flauwy Artwork

Greetings everyone! It is me again Steven.
Today, I'd like to share to you my Art entry of the weekly contest in Splinterlands. You could join the Contest by clicking this LINK HERE.

The contest states that you can create arts based on the cards or you can create something entirely new!

This time I am making my own creation just for fun. My art is inspired with some physical features of my friend Flauwy. The Lore is fully not related to him and just a product of wild imagination.

This Grand Magus or Grand Magician Flauwy is known to his high intelligence and tons of magic spells. His specialty is lightning magic that can stun various of monsters and any sort of enemy. People admire him for his greatness. But not all of them adore him. Some people are skeptic and afraid of what his abilities are capable of. He became the sword and shield in every war that the kingdom faced.

Because of being a lovable husband, he did all of these not only to protect the kingdom but also for his wife to live safely in the palace. Flauwy already know that with this kind of power, it may also attract the evil eyes who will be feeling jealous and wanting the things that he has. He thought that it would be best for him and his wife if they will be living in the king's palace.

At night while everyone is sleeping including Flauwy. Everything is dark. A creature is lurking in the shadows with a pair of big yellow eyes. It jumped directly to the direction where Flauwy is lying in deep sleep. As the creature approaches to him, Flauwy senses this intimate bloodlust and thinks that a monster manages to enter his room.

Without a second thought, he releases his furious stunning lightning spell towards the evil monster and it ended it's life. Then the moon shines through the window of his room revealing the face of that said monster.

As the light approaches that monster, Flauwy's eyes went teary as he sees his beautiful wife lying on the floor. His mind went blank wondering why. His intelligence got zero for that moment and he quickly run towards his wife. Screaming and crying out loud with the anger towards himself.

The power that has been used to protect his wife, is the one that also killed her. He felt uneasy as he discovered a linear of magic towards his wife. He found out that she has been controlled by a familiar magic that he has seen before.

It is a magic that his fellow magicians and subordinates used to tamed and control monsters.

Flauwy won't care anymore and kill all of the magicians in the palace whether they are guilty or not. He cast the judgement upon his hands. The king heard of that act and ordered his men to capture Flauwy immediately. But no one can withstand the power that Flauwy unleashed and boosted by his anger. Everything is wreck and Flauwy vanished from the scene.

People did not expect that to happen. But no one knows the whereabout of Flauwy. Others say that he is now one of the Chaos Legion but it's just a rumor that no one can proved yet. (end of lore)

Editor's note: Phew! Man sorry for that tragic story don't take it seriously.

Legendary Dragon Summoner Flauwy Card

Florian Card.png

Card border owned by Splinterlands


I will teach you some basic technique that I learned in my drawing process (for beginners only). So come on and let's dive into the Digital Art Making Process.

Materials and Software

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
HUION H640P graphic tablet
ASUS X415 Laptop


Digital Art Creation Process


First, I did a sketch with the used of a paper and a pencil just to have a general look of what I will be creating. I also been thinking to vectorized this sketch through Adobe Illustrator but I change my mind and resketch it in Adobe Photoshop. Though, maybe I will do some vector art someday.

Here are the results of the sketches. I also added color to the sketch to have an idea of what the finish product will be.

Rough Sketch.png
Pencil Sketch
Rough Sketch
Sketch w/ Color

Click on the images to view enlarge

After I have my sketch, we will be outlining the sketch. Let's proceed to the next step. I Hope you're having fun so far.



Alright! Here I saved my sketch that is done in Photoshop and open it in Adobe Illustrator. Bring down the opacity then hit new layer for our outline. Even though we are only using our mouse we can create outlines here in Illustrator. Just hit (P) on your keyboard, it's a shortcut to your Pen Tool (+) and (-) for adding and subtracting points in the line strokes. So, all you have to do is point click hover to the next place where you want your next point and click, that's how you form a line. If you want to curved your line just point click hover to the next point click hold then drag until you achieved the curved line you want.

I traced the sketch that I made. Be sure that the lines are closed to make an easy masking. And here is the result.

Tracing Sketch
Finished Outlines

Click on the images to view enlarge

Alright! We're done with the outlines. Now let's proceed to the next step.


Base Colors

I open the Outlined File in the Photoshop again because this is where I will color the character. In the layer change the name to Sketch so that we can identify it easily. Then simply select the magic wand tool. Click anywhere outside the Sketch. That portion of broken lines are selected by the magic wand. Hit Control + Shift + i on your keyboard to invert the selection. Then Add New Layer and name it Base Colors and simply brush any color for the base or Alt + Backspace/Delete. This is how it looks like.

Magic Wand_1.png
Magic Wand_Base.png
Magic Wand Selection
Invert Selection Add Base Color

After I set a base layer next thing I did is turn on the Lock Transparent Pixels in the layers panel. Then brush some flat colors adding local colors to each parts of the character. Here is the Final Base Color result.

Base Color.png

That looks nice already happy with the character build up so far.

We're almost there guys! Keep going! Let's go to the next step.


Shadows and Highlights

This is how I set up my shadows and highlights, I do it layer by layer for each part of the character. The face, hands, hair, mantle, cape and other details. I just turned on the lock transparent pixels in every layer and add some dark colors for shadows and light colors for highlights. You could also used the hue and saturation option to adjust the color.


I think that's already good for me I'm happy with the result. Now let's add some depth to the character. Let's go to the next step.


Final Step
Adding Lightning Magic and Background

For the last step, I added this lightning magic that the character is casting and forming it into circular shape. To do that effect just apply Overlay and Color Dodge Blending Mode for the layer. For the background it's just an abstract scribbled with brush and apply Motion Blur to that layer.


That's it! Wohoooo we're done!




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Hoooo! that was fun. You made it to the end of this post. I really appreciate your time and attention and I hope you learned something today.
'Till the next post see yah!
Thank you very much!

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This is the coolest Grand Magus anyone has ever drawn of me. How do you know me so well? !1UP 100

Thank you very much Flo! I know you for the beard and hair I think hahaha and genius!

Cool, you will be one of the 6 with your own summoner? It looks... legendary! :)

No, this is just fanart.

Ok, still very cool.

Yup yup this is fun fanart I might continue doing so haha

You got some mad skills! Love it!

Thank you very much for loving art fam!

Wohooo, new one came! Absolutely perfect! !PIZZA

I did a drawing for this week for the Lira the dark and the paladin, it might become so dark 😅 And I started working on Clip Paint Tutorials! I'm not that young but drawing properly was always a dream for me, Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh wow! I love your energy man! You're great!
Really? When wait lemme check sometimes I always got bugs on peakD that doesn't show recent post.
Thank you for your time in viewing my artwork :)

Thanks, splinterlands fam energy is a really good push I think and seeing your extraordinary work!

Here it is, I hope you like it

It's epic man.. I just drop a comment. Keep it coming keep on sharing

Will @flauwy use this as a new splinterlands card? Is he one of the 5 most pack purchased players maybe? That would be cool!

That would be awesome but I doubt about that one.

Bro this is epic, New card? Haha

Hahaha would be great if it is! Thank you very much for stopping by

return of the comback!

Uy braaaad!! ahahaha damn dugaya nimo balik gud Post na!

Lagi medyo Struggle gamay Good, pero ikaw pud mai naka balik na dyud ka :) congratz :)

Aww, this is beautiful! You have a very good talent, I like the shadows and the lines, the whole character was beautiful! ♥

Woaahh! Thank you very much for stopping by man. You're very awesome at art too!

Aww thanks! We're here to support each other, you're also hard at art ♥

Thank you for the support man! Very much appreciated

Wow! I love how you added the lightning magic as a finishing touch. Great artwork and really good post!

Thank you very much for your awesome feedback! You are an amazing artist I have known too!

This is big! Great work, I like the pose and shading with the light from below for the face.
Why do you ink with illustrator?

Ohh! Thank you for stopping by man! That's a very awesome feedback. Hmm well I find it easy traced when I used illustrator. It's just my own preference though :)

i loved it :O

Sasuke: Thank you very much bro!

great job!


HAHA The sparkle! Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much! Oh I love to join thy server, clicking on it.

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Thank you very much Bob Bro!


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Thank you very much! Oh another server alright!

This is awesome!

Thank you very much for stopping by man! You're awesome too!

This art is truly magnificent, I don't think Grand Magnus can be more perfect than this! Truly unbelievable! Do make a video tutorial of your magnificent drawings so that we can all learn from you!

Wow man thank you very much for the words I am truly grateful to that. I don't know if I may able to do video tutorial but it's great to consider :)

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Thank you very much!

Loved it. This inspires me to post

Thank you very much for the love man! Yes you should do it.

@japex1226 this is epic stuff.

I see @flauwy is impressed.

Good luck.


Hoho Thank you very much for stopping by man! He love cool arts I bet he likes it.

Great artwork Steven! Are the skills on the card real or they are just an example?

Thank you very much man! It's all just made up for fun I'm sorry it's not part of Splinterlands card

You got me for a while. I thought maybe Flauwy was one of the 6 with his own summoner. That would have been the best summoner in the game by far, lol. But of course Matt sets the skills and he wouldn't have agreed to something like that.

Hahahha I thought so too this is OP knowing it's a legendary dragon just playing with the skill set XD

Wow this is AMAZING!!!

Thank you very much for your time in viewing my artwork! Amazing is the word that describes you man.

Amazing stuff

Thank you very much for stopping by man!

This is really awesome with a stun and immune ability perfect for the dragon splinter nice job mate.

Thank you very much for stopping by. I'm always having trouble with that poison ruleset must have to give immune to all splinter

All I can say is, NAPAKA-ANGAS!! Haha. I see that CARTEL text very awesome. Thank you for sharing sensie I learned a lot every time I read your post. 💪💪💪

Salamat ng marami mas maangas ka bro! Sana matalo nyo na si Big Mom at Kaido haha. Nakajoin kana ng 1UP discord? Ayos doon masaya. Keep learning pa tayo 🤟🤟🤟

HAHAHA. Si Kaido nalang Sensie!

Magjojoin po ako sir. 😁😁😁

This is soooo cool. SO... when's the ELAmental come into play hmmm? (I had to haha) Outstanding work as always.

Haha this is all made up bro.. I'm afraid I may not be creative enough, but you love splinterlands I may work for it too. If you accept anything I put into it though I not really good at writing, it's just my little creative way. Thank you very much for stopping by!

Eres súper bueno!!!!

Thank you very much for your time sir!

espectacular !!!

Thank you very much for stopping by man! Truly appreciate it.

Grand Magus @flauwy?! Great! 😋👏🏻

Thank you very much man! Yup it's his new discord profile I saw :)

😍 Wohoooo Amazing. really loveable 😍

You're amazing too bro! Thank you very much!

ooh bro your art is always fantastic!

Back at you bro! You're art are always epic! Cheers to that. Thank you very much for stopping by.

Owwww man This is awesome, I hope You win and this one to be nft ^_^

Thank you very much bro! You are awesome too! I think one nft per person I have been picked already long time ago. I think the very first that was minted.

ow I see, just one nft per person, I hope You can get more than one bro ^_^

That would be great bro. It's fun to see everyone gets the opportunity to be champion ^_^

Wow, I am worn out after reading all that. Great graphics.

Ho ho thank you very much for reading! I am truly grateful for your time and attention.


You got mad skills! And your artwork always inspire me to draw more!

Thank you very much fam! I greatly appreciate that and yeah! You should keep your art coming you have great skills too!

Thank you so much for the kind words


Thank you very much!

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Mystically enchanting ❤️Really good work! Amazing
Beautiful incredible😍 piece.

Thank you very much for your time in viewing my process!