I reached Champion League for first time

in Splinterlandslast year


It was quite a journey to reach champ league, today I finally leveled up my "main" summoner - GF Pyre to lv 5, which opens few new options how to play and I already cubed one opponent...

New lv of Pyre however wasn't what brought me to champ league and I would like to show two overlooked but awesome cards that got me there with silver level collection with big holes:

Enchanted Defender

I don't get why this card is still under the radar even after release of equalizer rule. There is no better low mana tank for equalizer matches. Not even close at silver level. This monster eats exploding dwarves for breakfast. And equalizer isn't Enchanted Defender's only habitat. Lost or Weak magic? Feel free to use him anytime you want. Do you expect opponent to play sneak or snipe monsters? Guess which back-tank is a king here? And for little league matches this is really powerful 4 drop. Just don't allow your Enchanted Defender to be hit by magic and he will butcher many enemies, quite often with more than double of his mana cost.

Delwyn Dragonscale

This is only common summoner in game and it might give him bit of bad rep as "budget backup" summoner, while Delwyn have amazing surprise value potential. When we don't count Arius he is only non-water summoner capable of boosting magic damage. What does this mean? You will preferably play him when water splinter is not allowed, because that's where opponents drops their guards when it comes to defending versus magic. And Fire or Death splinters can put together very dangerous magic based composition when opponent doesn't expect it at all. Delwyn needs to be used sparingly and ideally against good opponents to have this effect.

Give them a try, they require somewhat skilled player, but can be really powerful when used well.


Let also celebrate my first time reaching Champion League with giveaway - random comment starting with letter C will win Zalran Efreet - legendary card from my favorite splinter. Entries ends & drawing 3 days after posting.

Btw. I am posting exclusively on Hive, with splinterlands migrating I see no reason to post also to Steem blockchain database.

Thank you for reading and good luck in the @splinterlands.


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C is for cookie, that's.... about as much of that song as I want to put in anyone's head.

For now...

Del is my go-to for highest summoner in my deck. He's cheap (ya, costs a few more power to use..) and he's been easier than most to level up. I think the reason the defender is so low under the radar is that he is not all that easy to collect, compared to other cards and rewards. My better half has one that she LOVES to use. She's been building it for a while, and it has helped her hit Champ 3 a few times now.

Congrats on your reaching champion @kreur! I have also reached Champion on my delegated account and it isn't easy to go up from there. I wish you best of luck! I agree with you on enchanted defender but not too much on Delwyn since he is mana costly.


Delwyn needs mid to high-ish mana minimum, but can do wonders when used in right time and place.

Hey, congrats on your achievement reaching the Champion tier!
I know how it feels for the first time, both overwhelming and exciting at the same time!
Keep doing your best, I believe will meet in the battlefield, my friend!

congrats and even i managed to reach champion 3 last season with silver level cards and will try for gold level cards to compete

Congratulations !! I use delwyn quite a bit as it works very well with the black dragon (which I was delegated to me) I currently finished in gold 2, hopefully this season you end up in champion 1 !!!

I wanted to comment before but it wouldn't let me hive, due to lack of resources

Champion III, nice. I have just started and happy to see the progress of you guys and get more inspired and to be there one day :)

Best wishes for your battles and season end rewards :)

There was 6 people qualified for giveaway and you got lucky today, congratulations! Zalran Efreet should be already on your account.


Thank you for selecting me for the card giveaway.

These giveaways are of great help for beginners like me and a big Thank You from bottom of the heart.

Have a Good Day.

Thx, just checked that you are brand new player, progression is faster than you think :)
Btw if you are not sure about some things in game feel free to check my newbie tutorial, especially progression and strategy sections might be useful.

Thank you, I will surely go thru that, there are so many helping hands in this community.

Have a good day.

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