All I Want for Christmas is 6 Max Level Chaos Summoners

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It's almost that time. 4 days from now we'll be able to finally start opening Chaos Legion packs! Of course, I only have one pre-sale pack but I'm excited nonetheless.

I've had the chance to go through all the summoners and cards and can say the game is going to change quite dramatically in the coming weeks. Every summoner looks good but some look almost overpowered. Today I want to do a quick tier listing of how the summoners stand currently.

As someone who is basically building teams from scratch, I need to make some educated decisions on the splinters I buy and grow initially. Currently, I plan to take buy at least 2 full splinters for the silver league. Of course, this could change depending on prices.

All the info I'm providing is based on running a max-level silver league team. So I'll be summoning monsters at 5 4 3 2 levels.

Anyways let's get onto the tier list...



I am so happy that death summoner looks great. The -1 magic and -1 health are insane and basically outclasses the other -1 magic summoner Bortus. Magic is incredibly powerful and having an effective counter for it is extremely important. Combing this card with void monsters will devastate magic-based teams.


Quix the Devious is another S Tier card. -1 ranged and -1 speed should be a great counter for Yodin based teams. This card is an improved version of Death's -1 archer and I'm so glad I didn't invest in that card earlier in the year.



Melee-only matches will be no problem with Tarsa. This +1 melee and +1 health summoner has 2 amazing abilities and basically replaces 2 other fire summoners. The only issue I see with this card is that fire now only has 2 viable summoners, Tarsa and Yodin. Also, she is extremely vulnerable to Mylor-based teams.


Replacing Alric, Obsidian is the new +1 magic card. This ability is so powerful it went from a 3 mana to a 4 mana card. New Players will be spamming earth with magic all season long. While it is incredibly strong, this card may be easily countered with Thaddius and Bortus.

B Tier


Life is going ranged? While that seems odd, General Sloan with +1 ranged damage should be a great card in my arsenal. I haven't had a deep dive into life's new cards yet, but there are some devastating archers on the team. Unfortunately ranged teams can be easily countered once the tank goes down. Quix is a great choice to counter Sloan and should make quick work of any Life team.

Originally set as a +2 armor card, Kelya Frendul has already been altered and is now +1 speed +1 armor. This is a huge improvement but still feels lackluster. While armor is a decent ability, it is easily negated by magic-based monsters. + 1 speed is great though and I'll have to see how she synergizes with the other monsters before making a decision on this card.

Older Summoners I'll Still Use

As someone who doesn't own any of the older summoners, I'm forced to rent cards. While these summoners do offer great abilities, I'll still be renting out cards every day to compete and make it through my daily quest.

Death - Mimosa Nightshade is a must
Earth - Mylor is still going to be a nightmare to melee teams
Fire- Yodin is essential renting material
Water - Bortus and -1 magic still has a place in my lineups
Life - Chanseus is still going to be great.


Every one of these summoners will eventually find a place in my roster. I am extremely excited to build out a death and earth deck as soon as possible. The dragon summoner is also at the top of my list but I won't be building a dragon team out the gate since all the cards are legendary.

Next up we'll work on the fire, life, and water. I honestly think all these summoners have their use.

Thanks for Reading

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope it was informative and helps you make better teams in Splinterlands!

Which summoners are you going to ask Santa for this Holiday season?

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