Secret battle mage challenge: Broken arrow

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If you're a season player that ultimately use range attacking monsters for most of your season play on the arena this week secret challenge ruleset isn't best in your favour as one need to look for alternative monster for the combat lineup. Melee attacking monsters are one of my favourite though but range attacking monsters with double attacking are one of my most used strategies in the arena this week range monster will not be used for battle which mean one need to capitalise on magic and melee monsters.

Broken arrow ruleset a player will only focus their lineup up strategy on two unit attacking monsters that's been said this ruleset isn't for the week as an opponent can't be easily predicted summoners can come up with deadly melee and magic monster which mean one must be extra careful with their lineup monster.


In this battle ruleset I used combine summoners earth and a fire element monster while my opponent came up with earth element monster below is the battle link.

Battle link


Battle ruleset


Broken arrow ruleset is quite straightforward which doesn't allow use of range attacking monsters also units with two types of attack that includes range will not be allowed in this ruleset, any melee units monster with opportunity, sneak or magic reflection monster can be used in this ruleset as simple as this ruleset looks it can be very dangerous and hard to predict for counter an opponent using monsters with thorn ability can be an added advantage to players although in this ruleset using all magic lineup monsters is very important to counter an opponent attack.

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Battle detail


For this battle ruleset 22 cost mana cap was given for each player to come up with their lineup monster since the battle mana are a bit low one needs to strategise and come up with good lineup unit that can keep up against an opponent although for this ruleset my opponent managed to beat my strategy with their offensive attack.


Battle lineup


MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN my first lineup monster as tank is a taunt monster with it's ability to take all opponent attack in the first few rounds make this monster a bit awesome it can ad well attack opponent lineup tank from any position with it -2 damage attack and good speed.


REGAL PERYTON my next lineup monster is another earth monster with magic attack it has flying ability with 25% chance of evading melee and range monsters without flying ability it good speed can easily stand melee and range attacks.


GOBLIN SORCERER my third lineup monster is a sneak attacking magic monster from earth element it can attack an opponent lineup from backline.


ANT MINERS my backline monster is a scavenging monster it gain plus one health anytime a monster is eliminated from the battle arena.


Battle strategy

My strategy for this battle was to use magic monsters to take out my opponent with my tank as taunt to distract my opponent monsters will will be launching other supporting attacks with second line monster while my sneak magic attacking monster will also be taking out my opponent monsters from behind my scavenging monster will gain additional health which can be used to take out my opponent at the last lap of the battle.

Did my strategy work this time not really my opponent device a more tactical approach for this ruleset than mine and took out my monsters by surprise I guess not adding a healing repair monster ruin my tactics.


Battle arena


The battle was a quick wrap only four rounds ended the battle my opponent came up with unit monsters with some good ability that limited my monsters from attacking with their maximum power that was a good strategy though.


Round 1 battle round started with four against six although it's not about number but strategy and good lineup the first round went well no monster was eliminated.


Round 2 second round my tank was eliminated which shows the battle will not be going down well! With my second line monster also eliminated.


Round 3 at round three my opponent tank got eliminated which shows there is little chance for my survival.


Round 4 its now one against four no chance my opponent will take the glory this maybe will do better next time with more lineup.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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