My Splinterland Card Drawing #3. 3 DAYS LEFT

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Now that the second drawing has concluded I am shortening the drawing dawn to four days. I also want to let you know that I will be doing an extra card giveaway at the end of May for either a LEGENDARY or a GOLD FOIL CARD, not quite sure which on yet. It will be more difficult than just entering your IGN, I will let you know that it is going to be a ?. The first person that can figure out what word is associated with the question mark will get a random card and an extra entry into the drawing.(HINT: JIM CAREY) Congratulations on the to the winners of drawing #2.

The cards are sent.

Screenshot (118).png

Now on to the drawing.

I have decided to start giving to the community by holding a card raffle every five days starting off,(Now down to every four days) then decreasing every two raffles, until it is every day.

It will consist of a first, second and third place, randomly selected. The hive that is earned will be used for future contests for more expensive cards. The more followers, upvotes and comments, the better the drawing gets. I have added where you can get extra entries into the drawing not required but very appreciated.

To be entered:
*Comment bellow and like.
*Add your in-game name in comment.
*Repost= extra entry(more than ten followers)
*Mining in the comment with !HBIT= extra entry
*Please follow=extra entry and it you take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place you get an extra random card, not required but very appreciated.


                                         First Place


                                         Second Place


                                         Third Place




I love the Ettin Spearman!
Ign - monster.farmer

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Lets go! Count me in!
Great giveaways and posts bro. Keep it up!

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