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Dear Splinters,

How was your season end reward collection since Monday?

I pray that your adventure is full of exciting discovery and joyful moments.
This week the Social Media challenge targets exceptional battles review Splinters will decide to present to the community.

This initiative is super cool since I got many interesting battles to describe in this publication.



My combination that I found working perfectly since the last five season in the game is the double strike warrior in flank with a first tanker warrior.

Battle Ruleset

Counterspell: All Monsters have the Magic Reflect ability

Aim True: Attacks always hit their target

Tis but Scratches: All Monsters have the Cripple ability

Mana Cap


Team's constitution

--- Adversary Team---

MatriarchGrum Flameblade
Ferox DefenderMolten Ash Golem
Lava LauncherAsh MirageBerix Snakeye

The line from the other side of the board was in perfect line with the ruleset.
There was a weakness in this first barrier. The defense was not as strong as the Splinter fought it should be.

--- My Team Line Up ---

DeviousDjinn Chwala
Carnage TitanQueen Mycelia
Goblin PsychicSupply RunnerMycelic Slipspawn

Battle Link

My opinion on this battle

I must admit that my selection was not really following the ruleset of counterspell, which means that I was getting an extra damages from all the magic strikes delivered to the enemies warriors.
The hit in the arena was increasing seriously due to the range strikes showering each round. I save my team with this impressive combination of two dragon cards position one after the other. Chwala and Carnage Titan are the serious game in the arena. My strategy was to reduce range attacks and to offer thorn backfire to all melee damage.
It worked because the opposition played no magic cards on the line.

My opponent played the perfect game in the selection of range and melee warriors. His play could have been successful if I did not find a way to reduce his range firing power. I have learned a lot from the opposite side of the board. In Splinterlands battlefield anything can happen.


Summoners from both teams were critical in the process that lead to the victory. Elements of surprise in my performance in the arena added to the skills of all the friendly Warriors on the board. Can you imagine the outcome of this battle without Quix summoner?

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⊱✿⊰ Spanish ⊱✿⊰

¿Cómo ha ido tu colección de recompensas de fin de temporada desde el lunes?

Rezo para que tu aventura esté llena de descubrimientos emocionantes y momentos alegres.
Esta semana, el Social Media Challenge se centra en las batallas excepcionales que Splinters decide presentar a la comunidad.

Esta iniciativa es genial ya que tengo muchas batallas interesantes para describir en esta publicación.



Mi combinación que he encontrado que funciona perfectamente durante las últimas cinco temporadas del juego es el guerrero de ataque de doble flanco con un primer guerrero tanque.

Reglas de batalla

Contrahechizo: Todos los monstruos tienen la habilidad Magic Reflect.

Apunta bien: los ataques siempre dan en el blanco

Son sólo rasguños: todos los monstruos tienen la habilidad Lisiar

Gorra de maná


Constitución del equipo

--- Equipo contrario---

MatriarchGrum Flameblade
Ferox DefenderMolten Ash Golem
Lava LauncherAsh MirageBerix Snakeye

La línea al otro lado del tablero estaba perfectamente dentro de las reglas.
Había una debilidad en esta primera barrera. La defensa no era tan fuerte como debería haber sido Splinter.

--- Composición de mi equipo ---

DeviousDjinn Chwala
Carnage TitanQueen Mycelia
Goblin PsychicSupply RunnerMycelic Slipspawn

Enlace de batalla

Mi opinión sobre esta batalla

Tengo que admitir que mi selección realmente no siguió las reglas del contrahechizo, lo que significa que recibí daño adicional de todos los golpes mágicos infligidos a los guerreros enemigos.
Los golpes en la arena estaban aumentando seriamente debido a los ataques a distancia que llegaban a cada paso. Salvo a mi equipo con esta impresionante combinación de dos cartas de dragón colocadas una tras otra. Chwala y Carnage Titan son el juego serio en la arena. Mi estrategia era reducir los ataques a distancia y provocar efectos contraproducentes en todo el daño cuerpo a cuerpo.
Funcionó porque la oposición no jugó ninguna carta mágica en la línea.

Mi oponente jugó el juego perfecto al seleccionar guerreros cuerpo a cuerpo y a distancia. Su juego podría haber tenido éxito si no lo hubiera hecho.

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Warm regards

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==Disclaimer:== This Article's purpose is only educational and has no intention to make fun of any players of Splinterlands in the community. My publications relay valid information based on my personal experiences for your edutainment.

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