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Today I can share a battle with a rarely used monster for me: the Gem Meteor. As a mid mana range attack monster with scattershot, he has a very limited use case for me. But lets look if I can find a way to set him up.

The Ruleset


Mid mana with target practice and earthquake, quite a interesting one. I am not sure if the snipe ability overwrites the scattershot: Time to give it a try.

The Lineup

+1 armorattack and +1 speedOne of the best CL summoners, the speedbuff is awsome and fits so well with the water team.
Trample + EnrageMy main tank and with the enrage, he will gets very fast and hard to hit.
Some Range attacks for only 4 mana, as my tank was quite expensive.
TriageThe Triage is so good when every monster on the enemy team as snipe.
ScattershotI wasnt clear at the beginning, if the rulesets overwrites the scattershot or not. Let's see it in the game.
Snipe + Flyingthe only Flying monster for my team, but quite a good one!

The enemy Lineup


My opponent went for the crazy Summoner which gives every monster flying - so no earthquake for him. The rest of the team also looks quite powerful with the deeplurker and the axemaster. Only the tank is not that great - lets take advantage of this.

The Battle

Link to the Battle

Round 1


First shot for the Gem, first kill on the fiend. Thats nice. Still not clear if this was the scattershot or the snipe ability. I also get rid of the armor from the enemy tank and the Axemaster looks hurtable as well.

Round 2


I killed the tank and the Axemaster got one hit from my Pelacor Bandit, not much health left for this guy. My Gem Meteor hits the tank with quite a decent amount of hitpoints, so scattershot is still alive. Lesson learned...

Round 3


My Trample killed two monsters and my Gem Meteor was able to finish the Axemaster of. Goood job team!

The Rewards



I was hoping that I can rid of the Scattershot with this ruleset, but this does not work. So I am still searching for a way where I can use the Gem Meteor well. This game was won by my Diemonshark, as this trample in combination with the Enrage is quite awsome! The Earthquake doesnt matter here as I got 1 shield from my Kelya and the battle wasnt that long.


Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

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