What's Your MUST HAVE Splinterlands Card?

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What's Your Favorite Splinterlands Card(s)?

You guys you guys you guys! I have been SWAMPED with work so I haven't written you all, but I'm not too busy to miss out on playing Splinterlands. HA! I seem to have reached addiction points I'm afraid. Oh my goodness! ANDDDD... to make matters worse, I'm on a shopping spree for Splinterlands Cards! HA! It's just so much fun, isn't it?



Reasons I'm Buying

The prices are incredible for cards right now and have been for a time, so NOW is the moment to purchase them. You want them of course to level up your set, but also to increase that collection power! I finally figured out the bidding system on Peakmonsters. Admittedly, I hadn't really tried to mass bid prior until now anyways because I wasn't after collection power that much, but now I've got extra incentive for the cards because of the new reward system. I'll explain why it's affected me in this incredible way in another post (because there's actually fascinating psychology behind it that I LOVE chatting about with people), but what I need to please know at this time from you all is this -- WHAT IS YOUR MUST HAVE Splinterlands card(s)?


My Go-To Card(s)

For me it's the Djinn OShaunnus, or I thought it was, until I got back into the game and now I'm obsessing over Alric, all the Fiends for zero mana and any healers I can find. (Fire really needs healers guys... wow I cannot win to save my LIFE with that splinter! YIKES!)

djinnoshannus (2).jpg

I'm finding I want more and more (and more), so I need to watch myself, but I wanted to come ask you all, JUST IN CASE I'm missing that perfect card that I need to add to my collection? Can you help a desperate girl out? HA HA!



Curious About Your Answers

I'm looking forward to your answers! Please share with me your favorites and why you love them if you have a moment to do so. I really appreciate it!! Have WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!


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Right now, I'm kind of a fan of Grandmaster Rathe. He combines so well with a lot of the older cards like Silvershield Paladin. If you suspect your opponent is going to use magic casters, Rathe can dominate them.

EEEEEKKK! Yessss when that card came out I was thinking to myself THAT is a massively amazing card. :) I don't have it yet, but it will be on my wishlist for the future. Right now I just use that old Mother with her plus one health haha... ;) Can't think of her name but that card cracks me up. Thanks so much for letting me know your favorite, Gregory!! :) Have a great end of season!!

I am just starting my move from Level 2 to level 3 summoners. I found with the new modern format all I see are level 4 summoners against me any more. 45% win rate in Modern vs 62% in Wild.

Seems like speed is everything. Kelya is twice the price of any other Chaos Legions summoners.

Fineas Rage is 5 speed, Reach in Fire.
Venator Kenjo Legendary Neutral. Reflection Shield which make it immune to blast damage. My goto second card in any blast ruleset.

Oh thank you so much! I also got the sense that speed is the name of the game these days! Very good to know about Fineas. :) It's deceptive because when you look at the card the visual shows no stats. Went and grabbed one so thank you!! :) And wow yes the Kenjoy looks amazing but is more expensive so I'll hold off on it, but what a great card! I'll keep that in mind thank you!! :) And thank you for the pizza, Steve!! Good luck with the end of the season!

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Happy Hive Birthday @rosiew

Thank you so much, @arcange !! It's hard to believe a year has flown by here! I LOVE it more than ever!! :) Have a great week!

Have a nice week too @rosiew 🌹

Bila for me!

She's awesome, and most of my wins in LIFE happen with her in my line up.

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Oh my goodness I'm going to have to keep my eyes out for her now because Matt Clarke said the same!! She looks BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful card!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Jonny! I really appreciate the help!! :) Good luck with your end of season!

Fire is all about hitting so hard and fast, that few if any, opposing cards remain alive, to do any damage.
Where we're going, we don't need healers.

For me, it's Bila the Radiant.

If the ruleset is Reverse Speed or Healed out (life leech) or Blast (extra life leech) or Knockout (stun) or Opportunity (low starting life, divine shield) she's my first thought.

Rathe has helped recently. Put her somewhere she's unlikely to get poisoned, throw in some repair and she can live long enough to become an absolute monster :)


If I get Blast + Healed out in the same match, I summon her with Archmage Arius and bring in Black Dragon too. Double blasting life leech answers a lot of questions :)

WOWWWWWW.... she's a BEAUTIFUL card!! (No wonder you play her! ;) VERY COOL! I hadn't seen her before now. Gosh I wish I had been around like ages ago! Ok she's one to watch for sure. Thank you!! She is invincible it seems!

My goodness I have so much to learn. HAHAHA... I had zero idea when I wrote this post I would get all these varied answers! It makes me smile because it means Matt has done an exceptionally good job of balancing the game. :) If life and the crypto markets could be balanced as well as the cards, well then... we'd be set for life wouldn't we? HAHA

Thanks for voting and writing to me, Matt! Been thinking of you a lot these weeks because I was in Australia and I wanted to meet you so much but there was no possibility for it, but I'm hopeful I'll return again someday. It seems to have stolen my heart, which is difficult considering I'm totally in LOVE with Kansas/America.

Have a wonderful weekend! By the way, are you into footy? I'm OBSESSED!!!! I got to go to a game!! :) It was a lot of fun! :) Hope you're doing well, Matt! Thank you for always being so helpful and encouraging for me in my Splinterlands' journey. You really don't know how much of an impact you've made in my life. So thank you! :)

Glad you enjoyed your stay. We have two main codes of footy. NSW and QLD like NRL (Rugby), and the rest of the country likes (AFL) Aussie Rules.
I'm in Adelaide, on the Southern coast.
(Black arrow)


So we're all about Aussie rules here; but if you stayed in Sydney/Brisbane there's a good chance it was a rugby match.

If you had a great time, it was probably Aussie rules ;)

Oh it's 1000% AFL all the way. :) And I went to both Sydney and Brisbane but I follow the Brisbane Lions (hides under desk). Don't throw your scarf at me! HAHAHA :) Last night was sad. They were ahead the whole match.... UGH. Let's not talk about it. :)

Nice :)
We're a Port Power household. Brisbane were on track for a 4th consecutive Premiership before Port beat them in 2004. Great match. Its a pretty fantastic sport.

She takes so much damage over the course of this match, but she's still there to protect Dr Blight at the end.


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