My Entry for this Week's "Share Your Battle Challenge" - MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN

in Splinterlands2 years ago

What's up everyone 👋

Again submitting my entry for this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge 🙌

Now with my Mycelic Slipspawn , my favorite tank in Earth Splinter.

My Battle

In this battle here is where I used my common lineup in earth Splinter.
Battle Link



A 27 Mana Cap battle disabling the use of Dragon splinters with the Holy Protection rules, this gives every monster the Divine shield. Divine shield makes monsters ignore the first attack thay will hit them✨
Just a tip, knowing this ruleset gives an extra life for commonly filler monsters such as furious chicken is nice

My Lineup

Unlike my past shared battles, today's battle I used 6 monsters haha because the mana cap is 27.

IMG_20220909_145631.jpgThe best summoner I can think of using considering the ruleset is obsidian, also because I plan to use several magic monsters
IMG_20220909_142922.jpgOf course for my tank, I placed Mycelic Slipspawn with its Taunt ability,health points, and also its magic attack that is not bad for a tank
IMG_20220909_142954.jpgOn the 2nd line is Furious Chicken, so when push comes to shove I will avoid two attacks because of the divine shield.
IMG_20220909_143020.jpgThird position is my first healer, Goblin Psychic. This is where you'll get a gist of my strategy, a dependable tank and healers on its back
IMG_20220909_143052.jpgNext is another healer , Wood Nymph. So now Mycelic Slipspawn can gain 5 health points healed each round. And also these healers have damage too
IMG_20220909_143120.jpgKhmer Princess a magic attack monster that only costs me 2 mana, so yeah considering my defense, it is quite convenient to have many low mana monsters
IMG_20220909_143200.jpgon the back is Xenith Archer who also costs only 2 mana is another monster that is a good choice.

Battle Results


My strategy won against UHWGO20146382 ! Whooo quite the name bud hahaha, GGWP 💪


His/Her strategy is quite troublesome since he/she used Thadius which like cancels my summoner Obsidian with -Health to my summoners. But I still win because his/her tank monsters are not that effective specialy the thorns,which don't affect magic or range attacks.

I have used this strategy for so many battles and it's really good, but like every other strategies it also have weakness, it's week against burst monsters , because the monster I'm using have low speed points so when it is burst from the start and Mycelic Slipspawn is killed then it's over for the other monsters. But it's still quite good.

Do I like Mycelic Slipspawn? YES , I like Mycelic Slipspawn because like what I've said it's dependable and a good tank when it is paired with other monsters with sustaining abilities. It is a good card.

So that will be all for my Battle Challenge. How about you guys ? What's your strategy using Mycelic Slipspawn?

Thank you for reading, and please tell me what I can improve in my strategy or this post.

Thanks a lot, Bye 👋


Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Using it as a tank waooo.

Yeah hahaha, thanksss


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Thanks again Man🙌

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