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Hi there! It looks like my new animations enticed you to read. Hopefully my writing will be enough to make you stay. Welcome to my blog post! I am Shadow346- Guild Master of Illusions of the Grave on Splinterlands.

Today, I am participating in the Splinterlands Dragon Battle Challenge. The challenges are super easy and a great guaranteed way to earn Hive if you guys want to join. They are ran by the actual Splinterlands team and there is a new one every week. You can write your own blog to earn some Hive. If you want me to like your post, just let me know in the comment section below. I’d be happy to! Liking and sharing posts give posts better visibility!

Follow the link for more information:

Here's a cute dragon just for fun!

Watch my Battle on PC:

This summoner gives your entire team +1 shields. This can be essential to keeping your characters alive for longer, depending on your strategy. I do love using this card when I need a shield boost that applies to any team.

This character is undeniably a defensive dream. Djiin Chawla already comes with high health, but it also has shields AND thorns? Are you kidding me?

Melee characters beware! You will need to get rid of the shields first before even touching this character’s health. But this monster can certainly damage you without even trying- thanks to the thorns ability.

The thorns ability damages melee monsters when they successfully attack and administer damage. The way to get around the thorns ability is to shoot Djiin Chawla with magic or ranged attacks. If you don’t touch the thorns directly, you won’t be damaged.

I love this monster so much. It’s not unbeatable (no card should be) but it is an amazing asset to your card collection. It has won me so many victories!

I play Magic the Gathering and life steal is my usual strategy. In Splinterlands, life steal is called life leech. I thought it was so neat when Splinterlands introduced another life leech monster into the game! Life Sapper has low health at first, but that can quickly change if you manage to keep him alive. Every time he manages a hit, his health goes up by one.

Venari Bonesmith is my other life leech card, and he has a little more health than Life Sapper. He normally stays alive longer if both are on the same team together. Since he has 3 starting health, he normally can take one hit in the first round and live. Life Sapper can’t- unless the character only does 1 damage.

Pro tip: Shields help to keep both characters alive longer. Magic will bypass those shields though.

The Darkest Mage isn’t super powerful but it barely costs any mana. It is great to add to a team, especially if the focus of the team is on magic. Every little bit of help counts! I don't have much to say about it until it reaches the higher card levels. At level 3, this card receives the affliction ability. The monster with affliction can attack the opponent and have the chance to apply the affliction affect. This keeps the enemy card from healing. That's an AMAZING ability for such a low mana costing card! It's a great way to counter those overpowered constant healing teams!

With Djiin Chawla as my front-line character, I didn’t have to worry about Life Sapper getting to the front too soon. I bided my time and let Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith increase their health stat. At the same time, they dealt out magic blows that weakened the enemy team.

My team was primarily made of magic wielders who didn’t do a ton of damage. However, the enemy was apparently trying to completely fill their team. They used a few low mana cost monsters to act as shields for their better monsters. Considering three of the monsters on the enemy side only had 1 health, my low magic damage outputs didn’t matter much.

I saw one magic character on the enemy team who was able to ignore my shields, Ice pixie. But with such low damage, she couldn’t do much to Djiin Chawla. He was still well protected with his amazing amount of health.

It was the Deeplurker with the opportunity ability that I was most worried about- and I was correct to worry. If I didn’t have the shield granted to me by my summoner, Deep Lurker may have taken out Life Sapper in the first turn- unless it decided to take out Darkest Mage instead. Losing one of my life leech characters so early would have hurt my strategy.

But Life Sapper was able to do damage and raise his health that turn. This caused Darkest Mage to be the character with the lowest health and the target of future opportunity attacks. He became my decoy, so that my life leechers could have the chance to grow stronger. Thorns and magic made easy work of the Deep Lurker when it arrived at the front.

It was basically over from that point on. The archer could not attack in the frontline and the pixie just didn’t do enough damage. Even if Djiin Chawla died somehow, I still couldn’t have lost. Every turn, two of my characters would add one health with life leech. The pixie could only prevent one character from adding onto their health by damaging it by 1. The other life leecher would get extremely overpowered until finally taking Ice Pixie out.

Join Me Next Time as Well!

I hope you guys enjoyed my dragon battle challenge/mini tutorial! I would really appreciate it if you liked and/or commented to let me know what you thought. I will see you all in the next post!

Disclaimer: The animations were made using Canva and all images came from either the official Splinterlands photos or Canva.


awesome post!!!

i love the life leech characters! May I recommend looking into Ancient Lich! at 7 mana, its a big card but with 3 magic, it nets you 2 health per hit!

Thank you! I'm checking that card out for sure! 😁

That's a nice team you put out! It would be especially good with the fog condition, so no snipe monsters can attack your back line. I love to see the life leech monsters gaining in health as the battle progresses!

When I play Magic the Gathering, I have ended the game several times with more health than I started out! I made a weaker deck just to play with others because my main deck is too overpowered. I love that the team added life leech to the game!

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