Splinterlands-art-contest-Gelatinous Cube.

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I,m @shameul. Now i,m sketch a character of splinterlands game, Gelatinous Cube.

Gelatinous Cube


The Materials that i want to needed
1.White paper
2.signature pen
3.Color pen.

Drawing process


I, m start to sketching the picture. It was like big ice. I,m sketch the ice. The Ice size was 4 size and the ice was melting.



I,m Sketch The skeleton of the head, Sword, shield, skeleton teeth , skeleton bones. Everything is in the ice.



I,m painting The skeleton of the head, Sword, shield, skeleton teeth , skeleton bones to use green,deep blue color.



I,m painting ice to use light blue color. Gelatinous Cub painting was over.


Real source link


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Thank you


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