Were here everyone welcome to Chaos Legion!

What a story to spice up CL's official launch! The excitement and energy are like New Year to me!

Little and even scary! the story of war and the wizarding world is a bad thing for me if you read it at night. what a great story! and very much different from the game The Empire that I liked in 2015. 👍

When we will have it published as a book? :) Wont' be surprised if it become a bestseller :))

This was amazing I can't wait for for the release of chaos legions. I also really like that you guys included a 3speak audio into your content creation process. It makes things far more convenient. Thanks. I am really glad for splinterlands as it introduced me to hive and actively made me learn more about crypto.

Man!! Can't wait to draw fan arts!!! <3

Already opened my 2 packs

Awesome writing from an awesome team. Who is pumped?!


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I have a good feeling this is going to get really, really good.

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Awesome lore

This is really cool understanding the lore of splinterlands!

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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say how awesome this is. Watching this on YouTube literally gave me goosebumps!

Keep up the amazing work!

Most Epic Post to date! Thank You! !PIZZA