Splinterlands Art Contest Week 234!

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Splinterlands Art Contest Week 234!


This is the weekly art contest for Splinterlands fanart and Splinterlands inspired original artwork. We love to see your creations that are inspired by the game and our amazing cards and characters. We have some awesome players and artists in our community and it's inspirational to see the influence of Splinterlands on all the content created for our contests.

We offer the potential for some great curation upvotes from the official Splinterlands account from our diligent curators as well as some wonderful prizes for the selected winners. You don't have to have cards or play the game to participate. You also don't have to be a professional artist to participate! We do try to honor the effort that everyone puts into giving this contest their best try.

Due to some ongoing issues regarding plagiarism and multi-account usage we have recently updated some of our rules and guidelines and being a bit more strict on some of our expectations is necessary.

We encourage everyone to give this contest an opportunity to encourage their own creativity and participation. Here is how to make sure your entry is valid!
Please read our updated terms and conditions of participation in this contest.

Creations which may include, but aren't limited to:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Digital Art
  • Comics
  • Logos
  • Blog Dividers
  • Blog Footers
  • New Card Ideas
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Sculpture
  • Needlework
  • Dolls
  • Computer Generated Art
  • Cited and Sourced Mashups

Rules for Submission

  • Post your creation on your own Hive account in any community you like - the winning packs will be sent to the account you submit to this contest

  • Entries must be the participants own original art. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. All inspiration or unoriginal source material must be cited and sourced. Using art from any other source than your own original creative process, unless cited and sourced, will result in you being muted in the Splinterlands Community and being excluded from any and all curation or participation in future contests.

  • Creativity will be factored into the possibility of curation or being a winner in the contest. Simply copying or tracing the cards and the exact Splinterland art that already exists will factor into your chances.

  • Please describe what card or character you are using as your inspiration and show some steps of your artistic creative process! If you are making an original character tell us. If you are using a card or character for your art tell us which one.

  • One entry per person or account per Weekly Art Contest. Curation is only available twice per seven days. This includes all other Splinterlands contests. So, drop your entry wisely.

  • Anyone found using more than one account to enter the contest will be muted in the community and banned from all curation and the possibility for participation in future contests.

  • Link your post's URL in the comments of this contest post.

  • Do not embed your link.

  • Include a picture with your link in the comments

  • Upvotes are not guaranteed and are up to the curator's discretion. Creativity and Effort are two main factors in deciding curation values.

  • As mentioned before, just copying or tracing the card characters and recoloring them will be minimally rewarded or not at all.

  • Photoshopped collages without actual art will be considered less original creatively speaking and curated not as much as crafted art.

  • Not including your progress steps will exclude you from winning or being curated. Not citing and sourcing any inspirational sources that are not your own original content will result in a ban from future participation and being muted in the Splinterlands community.

  • Prizes will be sent out a few days after the contest results are announced

The Deadline for the Weekly Art Contest is Saturday, at 5:00 PM CST

  • Did you miss the deadline or enter too late? No worries... you can just add your entry by submitting your comment with your URL link and attached image of your art the next day in the comment section of the next Weekly Splinterlands Art Contest Post. As long as it's still within the payout period of posting... it's considered a valid entry, even if you have the wrong weekly contest number in your title.

10 Booster Packs will be split between the winners!!!

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Each week's first-place winner will also have their art featured on the official Splinterlands Instagram account.

You can follow our Instagram HERE

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Winners from Week 233!

First Place!

ArtistPost Link


Second Place!

ArtistPost Link


Third Place!


Fourth Place!


Fifth Place!

ArtistPost Link
@bratakaQueen Of Crows


Sixth Place!

ArtistPost Link


Seventh Place!

ArtistPost Link
@kojartDjinn Muirat


Take some time to go and check out and support this weeks winners. For your chance to win keep up the great work and be inspired in your creativity. If you didn't win this week then join the contest next week with your best efforts.

Our curators work hard to make sure that your efforts are rewarded. We love to see your effort and participation here in the contest. Engaging and supporting your fellow Splinterland Hive users is an important aspect of what builds this community. We look forward to seeing all of your engagement and original creative content here in the community.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Congratulations everyone, this is so well deserved. I love your work so much @yanes94 @brataka @catrynart @alexa.art @chopiliart 👏 👏

Thank You so @leeendah 🤗🌷🥰

Thankssss!!! 😘😘😘

Dear friends and hive community🤗😃🥰 I cannot express how excited and grateful I am to have been named the first place winner in the Splinterlands art contest!!!! 🥰♥️🤗It has been an amazing experience to participate in this contest and to see the creativity and talent of so many talented artists in this great community. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners, and also to all the participants in both the digital and physical art categories, their works were truly impressive and deserving of recognition. Your creations have been inspirational and moved me, they have been a true sample of the creative and community spirit of this great platform. Thanks to the entire Splinterlands team for organizing this contest and giving us artists a great window to share our passion. This has been a great boost to my growth, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Again, congratulations to all the winners, and I look forward to continuing to see more awesome art in future Splinterlands contests. Congratulations and my respects to the winners! ⭐😍@chopiliart⭐😍@hadley4⭐😍@yanes94⭐😍@brataka⭐😍@alexa.art⭐😍@kojart⭐👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✨🤗

I can tell you as curator and one of the judges for over a year now... this was the toughest round to select winners. We could have had 14 or more winners and a three way tie for first place. However, you earned this win and your art, along with many others, has steadily improved. Thanks for your thoughtful and meaningful comment!

Always grateful @castleberry ♥️! I really detail so many pieces and they are great. One question, don't you have a chance to expand the list of winners? At least 10 spots?

I will have to talk to the bosses to see. That might not be a bad idea... but that might lessen the rewards among the winners to expand the list. I will mention it and see what they say. Thanks for asking and for all your hard quality work. Cheers

Thanks @castleberry! Although it would be super excellent also not to decrease such rewards by increasing the number of winners, but rather add them, it would be a good incentive and support for the participants who give their great effort to be part of the excellent list of winners that the great splinterlands team selects, it is an idea of great debate🫂🤗 💞great greetings to you thanking the support always.

Woooow honey your growth has been beautiful and I can only tell you to continue creating incredible masterpieces... Your first place is definitely well deserved as well as the other guys and the best of all is that in the list we were all Venezuelans. 🤭💖💖


Wow what a nice news! A list of Venezuelan artists!🥰♥️

congratulations on the win, you deserve to win. Great work of art :)

the champ is in the buuiiildding, congratulations girl, your artwork was scary... im not gonna lie, but its amazing with the details and lighting.

Thank you so much I really appreciate you sharing🤗🥰.

Thank you for choosing my work and Congrats to all the winners, @alexa.art @brataka @kojart @hadley @yanes94✨♥️ congratulations @catrynart for your first place ✨🥰

Congratulations to you too! For your beautiful mermaid! I love it. Thank you so much @chopiliart🤗🌷♥️

Gracias BB congratulations también 😃

you really earned it , congratulations.

Gracias y felicidades cariño quedó muy bella tu sirena. 💖💖💖

Congratulations to all the winners for such excellent work @alexa.art @brataka @kojart @hadley @yanes94 @chopiliart especially @catrynart her design is really scary.😆😆😆



Woooow pero que cuerpa... con una cuerpa así dejaría que me tires ese rayo.

Jajaja tendré que meterme al gymnasio entonces 🤣🤣

@victartex those muscles are so threatening , damn you sure do know your anatomy well, awesome work

thunder of god

Thank you very much team, it is an honor to be in this list with great artists.

Beautiful artworks as always congratulations!!

@catrynart @chopiliart 😍 @hadley4 @kojart @brataka

My entry this week is here!



Thank you very much @alexa.art many congratulations to you too and for your excellent art. Best of success for this week, I love this card as you represented it, great job. 😍🤗✨⭐

Damn!, my confidence level went down when i saw this painting, the lighting is so smooth and soft and beautiful and .....
you know what, since its you im not surprised at all, well-done my friend.

Wow awesome

Many congratulations @yanes94 a great job and more than deserved that place in the Top🤩; and congratulations to the others selected, excellent variety this week👍 .

I leave here my entry for this new week ✍🏽:



Awwww thanksss dear... Nice piece, good luck for this week. 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

Congratulations to my friend @yanes94 without a doubt she is the best of all, her ideas and level are extraordinary...

I leave you my input:


water caller.png

Awwwwww thank you my love... Nice your participation for this week I am very sure you will be in the top. 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

Congrats to all the winners, I think this week's art is great. Congratulations to my love @brataka. And many congrats to @catrynart beautiful first place :D I loved it. Also congrats to my friend @kojart ;3 .

Without more to say; here is my entry. much success.

Iidri Fyre.jpg


Thank you dear @oscariart, a total surprise.... Love your entry this week much success!!!🤗😍👏🏼

Ladies and gentlemen we have a new winner, the names @oscariart lol, lovely work as always @oscariart, good luck this week.

mind blowing 😍

Thank you

most welcome

I love it @jiji😍😁

@jijisaurart love the shading, but is he licking his tongue, hope he didn't just finish sucking someone's blood , lol well-done.

hahaha! Thanks, Vic! Good luck to all of the entries! 🥰

you welcome jiji, and thanks also.

many thanks jiji♥

Congratulations to this week's winners ✨🌿🖤.
I'm leaving my entry for the contest:


i love your style so much, its so nice, and soft, well done and good luck @oscurocactus

Thank you very much friend, glad you like it ✨🌿🖤

damn, ....that's all i can say there's no way to compliment the artwork, its just too good, lol good luck @chopiliart

I love it! 😍

the deatails is so nice, and i love the lighting , good work and good luck.

Thanks Victor

you're welcome.

This week's artwork has inspired me a lot. 😁

Here is my entry. Good luck to everyone


Hermosa entrada @kojart! Me encanta ♥️

Congrats to the winners and all the entries. Here is my entry for this week : The Scabo Chemist



hello @splinterlands here I come back with my new proposal for the weekly contest, this time a character brought from Chinese mythology, I hope you like it


ive always love the monkey king character @damoclesart, lovely illustration by the way

monkey king its one of my favorite mytological charactes :)

yeah same here, he as one of the most cheerful , playful and reckless characteristics in any movie his being portrayed

This is my entry for the week / Mimosa Nightshade

Felicidades a todos los ganadores!😍


shes so cute, lovely work.

Congratulations to all the participants and the winner
This is my Entry for the week ❤️
I drew Radiated Scorcher

Congratulations to each of the winners for their hard work and dedication in creating their artwork. Your creations are truly impressive and demonstrate the incredible talent that exists in the Splinterlands community.

Here is my entry for this week 😊



@oscurocactus i feel like you should have your own tv animation series, cause i love this so much.

Congratulations guys and here is my entry for this week!




the artist with the soft style, @solumviz i love you style so much so smooth and clean, great work and good luck.

Thanks man 😁👍.

you welcome man, lovely work as always

Hope those wings are working lol lovely work @atlantiss, good luck

He just looks scared, but do not worry the wings are functional. Thank you @victoradebiyiart!

Greetings to all of you! here tonight 🌜I share my participation this week. Wishing the best of success to all. 🙌👍
75 sin título31.jpg

yeah she's back with another win again, the magnificent,@catrynart, lovely work as always, great job, and good luck.

Thank you @victoradebiyiart greetings 🤗👋🏼

uuuh love the lighting here, and the art style reminds me of those studio Ghibli characters, great work @shineko009

Thank you! 💜 I'm still learning new things but I'm glad you appreciate my work 😊 !PIZZA

Felicitaciones a los ganadores... Bellísimas obras.... Aquí mi participación...


i looove the background, really goes well with the character, great work and good luck @limitlessz

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Congrats to all the winners! This is my entry for this week

Posted using Splintertalk

this-is-so- cuuuute, i love thi style so much, great work.

you guys are always delivering massive works, Congratulations to the winners, Good luck to everybody else, @oscari art @alexa.art @oscari.art @brataka @hadley4 @yanes94 how do you guys always get on the Leader board. lovely works you guys.
Here's my entry for this weeks contest https://hive.blog/hive-158694/@victoradebiyiart/splinterlands-art-contest-week-234-temple-priest
temple priest.jpg

Thank you very much @victoradebiyiart I do my best and try to improve every day! greetings, I love your fan art!

Thanksss!!! 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

hello friends this is my drawing for this week, hope you like it



Siempre veo cosas impresionantes en esta comunidad y hoy con gusto presento mi participación.




$PIZZA slices delivered:
@shineko009(1/5) tipped @victoradebiyiart (x1)

Felicitaciones a todos. Excelentes creaciones.

Mi entrada para esta semana:


Congrats to all the winners :)
this is my piece for this week's contest, thanks!


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