Exclusive interview with WeirdBeard, Splinterlands E-sports/Tournament Manager

SplinterlandsHQ was very excited to have a chance to sit down with Splinterlands E-sports/Tournament Manager WeirdBeard! @WalkingKeys and I (@Gank) interviewed WeirdBeard this week to get an understanding of all the big changes happening and what the long-term goals are for Splinterlands with tournaments and E-sports.

Here is the link to the interview:

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Hello @WalkingKeys and @Gank!
First of all Congratulations for @gank for the 20000th Win... it is a really impressive milestone, specially most of the battles have been in Champion...
I do have one question.... Do you know by any chance does the Brawls wins are counted as well, or the Profile section is showing just the Season battles?
As congratulations for the YT Channel!