5,000 $HIVE bounty to prove SplinterSkins πŸ”₯🧠🐳 Energy airdrop integrity

in Splinterlands β€’ last year

Building trust as a new project is challenging. Over time, as we deliver more for the Splinterlands community, our results will speak for themselves.

In the meantime, we're offering up to 5,000 $HIVE in bounties to prove that our initial πŸ”₯🧠🐳 Energy airdrop to Splinterlands skin buyers was error-free, and exactly as we said it was. We describe how we made the airdrop list in this post, plus the details of how we got our data how you can verify it for yourself!

Every Splinterlands skin purchaser was eligible for the airdrop, in direct proportion to the amount of skins they purchased:
βšͺ For every Common Skin, the airdrop was 1 million πŸ”₯ Furious Energy
πŸ”΅ For every Rare Skin, the airdrop was 2 million 🧠 Big-Brain Energy
🟣 For every Epic Skin, the airdrop was 3 million 🐳 Whale Energy
🟠 For every Legendary Skin, the airdrop was 4 million 🐳 Whale Energy

Skin in the Game

Why did we airdrop to Splinterlands Skin buyers?

"Players who enjoy the game and play for fun, players with good aesthetic taste, and the most dedicated – these are the people who buy skins."

Splinterlands Skins are special because they provide no gameplay or earnings benefit, which means players bought them out of good taste, a joy for art, or a love for the game. Skins are the only... πŸ‘‰ Read the rest on our website, SplinterSkins.com

The Bounties

  • πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° If you prove an error that would have affected the airdrop by 5% or more, you'll receive the full 5,000 $HIVE bounty
  • πŸ’°πŸ’° If you prove an error that would have affected the airdrop by 1% or more, you'll receive a partial bounty of 1,000 $HIVE
  • πŸ’° If you prove an error that would have affected the airdrop by 0.5% or more, you'll receive a partial bounty of 500 $HIVE

The first person to successfully prove an error and provide evidence in the comments of this post will receive the bounty. An error includes any way that the reality of the blockchain data for skin purchasers as we obtained it doesn't match up with our airdrop list, or with our actual airdrop distribution itself, which you can see by looking at our account on the blockchain.

Any distributions we haven't already disclosed in our previous posts, such as our tokenomics post, would also count as an error. As you verify the data, keep in mind our airdrop snapshot date of 4/22/2022, and be sure to exclude any purchases after that date.

How to verify our data?

Verifying our data is easy because we explain exactly how to do it in our first-ever post. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions, and happy verifying! πŸ“ˆ

Useful SplinterSkins Links

πŸ‘‰ SplinterSkins.com - Learn all about us https://splinterskins.com/
πŸ‘‰ Tokenomics https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@splinterskins/energy-trinity-tokenomics-explained
πŸ‘‰ Art and NFTs https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@splinterskins/splinterskins-art-drop-custom-nfts
πŸ‘‰ Initial Airdrop (ended) https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@splinterskins/energy-airdrop-announcement-for-every-splinterlands-skin-buyer

SplinterSkins does not purport itself to have any affiliation with Splinterlands, or any employees, developers or partners thereof. None of this content is financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, investment advice, or any other type of advice. Furious Energy (FURY), Big-Brain Energy (BRAIN), and Whale Energy (WHALE) are not investments or securities, and they carry no expectation of profit. This is not a solicitation to invest, or any other type of solicitation. This content exclusively represents the opinions of the author(s).

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Hi, I'm pretty sure that there are several errors. As proof I will send something via encrypted memo.

Edit: I checked about 20 accounts with a Python script and got exact the same data as in the google cheat. Seems like there are no errors in the google sheet.

Hi @quekery, thanks for verifying that our airdrop was error-free!

You were the first person to do so, so we sent you a 50 $HIVE airdrop verification bounty πŸ₯³

Saying it airdrop when it was "claimdrop" is actually not proper use of word airdrop.
If it was airdrop, I should be automatically dropped of my tokens.

Hi @r1s2g3, you bring up a good point. It was a mix of both a claimdrop and an airdrop, because it was given to users who commented to prove they were active, but there was no claim transaction needed. The tokens were indeed airdropped directly into the wallets of every user who fulfilled the requirements of purchasing a skin and commenting.

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