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Hey Splinter Fam!

Another season has come and gone and Chaos Legion's is still full of surprises. Got lucky with some daily rewards this season. Pulled a Carnage Titan from a pack, from a daily. Quite the daily reward!


This season I've made even more connections than the last season and am wiser from it. Streaming has been a joy and I love meeting new people, hearing their opinion's and giving back on stream when I can. Love you guys!


The community remains AMAZING!

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How The Season Went

I took the plunge this season. We threw some money down on the table and are we're decently invested into the game. Initially joining in as a SPS investor, we're into cards now BABY!

Water, Death & Life! Think my splinters are getting pretty well rounded as far as chaos goes and really digging playing the new powered up card abilities. Diemonshark is bae.

Power and Rating.PNG

Officially in Silver 2! Got a few rentals but we're solid over 70k power now! Neglected to screenshot before rewards but we managed around 2600 rating this season and rented in Gold III for those tasty extra chests.

"Next season might be the time to invest in some permanent power." -Quote from last EoS post :D

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EoS Chests

Look at those beauties? What will it be!?

EOS Chests.PNG

EOS Rewards.PNG

Not Tee bad! Better than a kick in the teeth! Got Oshannus last EoS rewards so I guess I'm due for some average pulls for a bit. 😅

We gave out an additional random card on Twitch for those that tuned in.
Catch me 10:30AM EST Mon-Fri and other RaNdOm times 😉

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Now for what we've all been waiting for! The giveaway!

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By stream request, we got Gargoya Devil up for grabs from EoS rewards!


To participate 💬 comment Gargoya Devil on this post to join the giveaway!
Put your IGN in your comment if it's not the same as your Hive username.
ONE post per user. Multiple comments will disqualify you.

Join me on Twitch 10:30AM EST Mon-Fri & other RaNdOm times for more SPL content & giveaways.

Up doots, 📢 Reposts and 💸 Tips NOT required but MUCH appreciated ❤️

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  • Winner will be drawn in 1 week (5/6/22).

I will use https://snackaholic.github.io/hivefortune/en/ to choose a winner with the settings: "Consider Comments" and "Remove Bots"

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The Future

I plan to continue to grow. CP, BCX, knowledge, friends, battles played, followers and giving back to the community. Stay tuned for more! Appreciate all your support and we'll see ya out there!

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Heellooo again @teerandom , and nice to Splinterlands you! 😀 Sorry for not having been able to stay more on your today's stream, I was multitasking and had to jump on something else, lol.

You've for sure been very inspired in converting yourself from an SPS investor into a cards maniac, haha. Seeing how the Splinterlands Team has been recruiting these last months, coming from a group of around 4 devs to like 20 devs now, the Chaos Legion cards value only can rise between now and within a year.

Gargoya Devil - my ign is: @ijatz-la-hojita

Keep up with the awesome Communitary social service, tee!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response @ijatz! 😁

I really do appreciate you taking time to write it and for stopping by the stream!

I agree, the team is slowly getting bigger and we keep seeing more improvements and well planned executions of them. Cards are going to be very valuable in the future, for sure. Can't wait for Modern format!



Congrats to this seasons winner! @tjdemigod



Congrats bud!

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Be sure to follow for more Giveaways and find me on twitch.tv/teerandom for moar Giveaways, Splinterlands & RaNdOm content.

Gargoya Devil @flummi97
Nice season!

Gargoya Devil
ign: tjdemigod

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ign: maplelicious

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Please add me.

Count me in for the giveaway
IGN: dub-c

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ign: lordanquek

Gargoya Devil

Gargoya Devil
ign: sl-peakmonsters

I was lucky enough to get a Harklaw this season but those legendary cards are quite rare.

Gargoya Devil @jfang003

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That is lucky! I hope my daily quest luck turns around soon or is a big win next EoS!

Nothing motivates me to rank up more than seeing insane end of season rewards! I just hit Silver before the end of season and was amazed by the fact that I started getting two chests for daily rewards lol, what other crazy secrets do high ranks hold?! :O
Gargoya Devil - @emitv

Hahaha, @emitv, you've just expressed my own thoughts! I'm on the threshold of Silver III, thanks for informing me that my daily rewards will double 😄.

A friend who began playing SL when it had just launched, @newenx, was explaining some time ago that during the whole SL first epoch all rewards were cards - no "2 credits" or "a Legendary potion" chest opening experience: pure daily cards.

Haha right!? Seeing more chests just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like mini daily packs! 😄

Gargoya Devil

count me in



Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!! Gargoya Devil

IGN: @luizeba


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Thanks for the opportunity!!
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